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(November 11st) – Welcome in my collection … Yeah…

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Hi guys…
I’m not here to upload my art (I don’t draw) but to show all my collection and find great Artists for help me raise my Rosalina collection… I’m in love with this Nintendo character and want to have a huge collection of her with other female characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert… ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii, 3DS and WiiU as an unlockable character. Rosalina wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity… T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC. Sexy is great, but a little soft touch is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too… ;p

I’m always looking for new artists into commissions or (the best) request, I know free requests is not what pay artist bills but the wishlish have more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters isn’t very cheap… Anyway that’s the rule and I’ll do my best keep the project active and never give up… ^^

Actually: 1010 drawings (529 girls – 95 OC – 243 Solo – 40 Pokemons)
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don’t hesitate contact me… ^^

If you like this blog, don’t hesitate to comment, follow and share…

#983 – Nessa exploring a new world

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Step by Step process for 1$+ tier + HD version for 2$+ tiers (4 times bigger)
princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri tentacle mario Gooper Blooper crossover pokemon nessa bikini princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri tentacle mario Gooper Blooper crossover pokemon nessa

If you are curious, xxxbattery recently created his how website and online store:, right now most of the stuff in the store is love dolls and sex toys but he gonna add some inexpensive downloads like image-sets, comics, animation and eventually his video game.

All fresh and still under creation so there is now product added regularly like a Android 18 doll coming next and even some free stuff planned in the future like art, comics and even his game demo, if I remember right it’s about sex dolls that want to conquer the world. Don’t hesitate to take a look and don’t miss register the newsletter to keep in touch about upcoming updates, I promise xxxbattery wont spam you at all (or sell your datas to facebook and google) :p


Here come another illustration commission to the talented at the sometime of the duo with Callie briggs from Swat kats (that you can see on the left), there was a nice stream, naughty illustration on the way and commission open at a powerfull price so I cannot resist and asked for two slots. First slot I used (on the left) was Christmas related anyway I also wanted a piece by xxxbattery for something I love, Lumakini Rosalina. I really love the design of this bikini with Luma inspired bra, it suits that magnificent princess so perfectly giving her a so sexy as original look and still follow my rule of Lumas not being involved into porn scenes to keep the innocence and spirit of those adorable baby stars. xxxbattery was also fine with the design so no turn back… °w°

Swimsuit spirit and I got Pokemon Sword on switch not long ago so at this time I was in the mood to get Nessa from Pokemon Sword/shield to join Rosalina for something indecent of course (anyway when you watch xxxbattery streams you can see most of his art is so naughty and indecent (reason it’s even more powerfull). the idea for this illustration was the two girls being abused by the Gooper Blooper tentacles (from Mario sunshine game). Nessa discovering some new monsters from Rosalina’s world, kinda the equivalent as Tentacruel pokemon so who know if that feeling is really unknown for Nessa… ^^

I must admit the tentacle inspiration was also from the Piranha plant set xxxbattery made some years ago, the tentacles surrounding Rosalina and so incredibly sexy look in bodysuit fishnet makes it as one of my favourite drawing ever. I already asked some Piranha plant again with Rosalina but I think next time I have a new chance to commission xxxbattery he must be ready for some lingerie spirit… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #912 – Perverted tennis match animation
Next to come: Special wave for surfer princesses (NSFW)
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#919 – Bonded by master IA

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PATREON BONUS: Elora milking a kinky bunny (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess rosalina Nintendo ecchi hentai porn bondage vocaloid crossover IA mistress
Still waiting for Tallon answer about the illustration he want from Garlberts, I hope he’s fine and just busy maybe preparing Easter. Now I’m eager for chocolate, will be hard work on this post if I keep talking about sweet food… ^^’
And Easter publication are coming for next week so I hope you are hyped for some pretty, sexy and naughty bunny Rosalina, I’m also into the mod for Lumakini art related lately, they will be definitely perfect for Summer coming and maybe could be a theme for an upcoming patreon raffle, what do you think?


And here come the second illustration from Garlberts this time being the reward for March patreon raffle reward, I really like his duo with Agent-K (on the left) I got as request and wanted go with a proper commission. So I decided to commission Garlberts two illustration for March and April raffle rewards, the artist intended for March goes silent after being suspended and April was clsoe so was two short find 2 great artists. Now the artist was set (and paid) was time to start the illustration… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
So March winner was DarkEcoFreak who asked for “Rosie to be tied up […] naked though With the vocaloid IA acting as the mistress in this outfit but maybe without the white undershirt“, you can see on the left the Reference for IA and Garlberts was ok with the idea so everything fine. One positive thing with those raffles is the idea not being mine there is more freedom going for the artist, as example for this illustration Garlberts decided to pick another angle for the pose and give a better view on Rosalina tied body.
Little sketchy but really powerfull illustration, I really like the action and both girls looks damn sexy (DarkEcoFreak’s idea on removing IA skirt was pretty smart), my favourite part is Rosalina expression bit surprised and shy looking so adorable, she keep an innocent touch that let you imagine super cute moaning when IA will start play with her totally submissive pet. Anyway guys, if this piece get a sequel a day, what kind of action you would like IA to do on Rosalina? DarkEcoFreak told me it’s looking pretty good after saw it and you guys also like it, now stay tuned for the next Garlberts‘s illsutration coming… °o°

Artist: Garlberts / Request
One year ago: #824 – Fuck machine experience
Next to come: Easter show has started (Ecchi)
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#864 – Squatting nurse

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Patreon bonus: Kissing Bella (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina nurse ecchi sexy squatting
Sometimes I got inspiration for an intro with an idea I keep in mind all the day and once I sit from on the computer on the evening to note it then the idea is gone, if only the frustration didn’t increase when the idea come back the moment I’m on toilets and leave again when I left them… Bwaaaaa… O_o
Also got message from patreon telling me some of my public post don’t respect their rules about nudity, I asked what posts are concerned and they just told me blur more (how helpfull)… ^^’


And a new really sexy Rosalina nurse illustration I won from a YCH ran by Tyn0te, “your character here” for those that don’t know. The idea is simple, you have a pose decided by the artist (on the left) then it work as direct sale and auction then the winner can decide what character he was to see. Of course not a surprise telling you I requested Tyn0te to draw Rosalina is a sexy nurse suit wearing labo coat, black lingerie and high heels, I can’t decide about the pose but my clothing fetishes are here… °w°

Nothing random here, I really love that kind of pose and the nurse suit is from an illustration made by jjfrenchie that I want to do myself and do a nurse Rosalina cosplay but sorry for you guys, it wont be posted here. Tyn0te did a great job with this illustration, I love the busty side and nipple showing through the coat anyway on the other side I must see that the feet were way more promising on the reference than result. Anyway I know feet is a pain for many artists and high heels are also really more difficult to manage than you thing with their shape and perspective but Tyn0te did his best and Rosalina still looks pretty sexy… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
If you like Tyn0te‘s art you can visit his deviantart and also his tumblr with some really naughty illustrations, I love sooo much the Kali Belladonna illustration he did with so naughty face and action (on the left) but there is another really cool piece like one with Weiss schnee from RWBY with some lingerie and fingering action (just search on tumblr). Of course Tyn0te is still open for commission with even more powerfull style with 4 months of practice since this Rosalina piece, anyway the best it to visit his page to see about his actual level and price-list… ^^

Artist: Tyn0te / 5$ YCH commission
One year ago: #760 – Checking the level’s material
Next to come: Undressing Sonya (Ecchi)
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#785 – First meeting with Erio

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With december come Christmas and snow (in France), it’s also the last month of the year but for now it’s time to announce Tallon won this month patreon raffle and will be able decide of the next duo with Rosalina. I mostly have a naughty idea with dominated Rosalina in mind but can’t decide what girl add for this duo so let see what Tallon will imagine ^__^
I also wish good luck to all that will have to prepare Christmas gifts, it’s already a big challenge but better start earlier and you’ll be quiet. My side everything is ready but no time to relax, I have to manage some Christmas theme pieces for the projet. Just would you prefer those illustration to be safe or kinky?


And after two Valerie illustrations (see them here), here is a 3rd illustration from B-side7715 in less than a month this time being the November patreon raffle reward for DarkEcoFreak. A new girl come in this duo with Rosalina and Erio touwa from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko series, first time B-side7715 and I heard about her but it remind me Rory Mercury from Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri with a name that I still wonder how people can remember (and why it need to be that long)… O_o
If you are curious about Erio, you can see her wiki page here the character was set and DarkEcoFreak sent me the pose you can see on left asking for ‘Rosalina being the one on top and Erio touwa being on the bottom‘. A really sweet and sensual pose perfect for B-side7715, it was also decided to have the two girls look at each other instead of the camera like in the reference for a more intimate and sensual scene… °w°
The first sketch from B-side7715 was really powerfull, as high heels lover Erio feet were perfect in that pose, as for Rosalina the sort dress and sweet curves had nothing explicit but added a great sexy touch without lost that sweet princess cuteness. I was wondering why Rosalina on top but I guess it’s the best since she’s more mature lady than Erio, also told B-side7715 I like Rosalina smile on the sketch suit her so nicely like she’s ready to show what kind of fun two ladies can have… ^__^

Once the final version came from B-side7715, it was really well made with really dark colours that increase even more the intimate side but not enough to have us miss this tender moment. I must tell I was a bit sad B-side7715 removed Rosalina smile from the sketch but it’s something that must be hard with realistic lips that way and the illustration is still so wonderfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
At first I was wondering if could publish this piece on the SFW blog, it’s sure sexy but B-side7715 art is kinda safe so was a big dilemma. I asked a friend advice and she told me something safe is what you can use as background at work, was an awesome advice and this one is sure too much for work. Anyway there was no doubt after looking again at the illustration, I noticed a love juice touch between Rosalina legs so no doubt about NSFW. I never expected that kind of detail from B-side7715as pervert it was a powerfull surprise… XD
I must admit the budget is really bad actually so need stop a bit with commission but no doubt you’ll see more from B-side7715 coming in the future, I really admire his style and motivation to practice hard and increase his level. You can see it looking at B-side7715‘s gallery and why not consider a commission to get your own illustration (also his prices are really good for now) or buy a tee-shirt with his design (really), personally I love the one… ^^

One year ago: #674 – More juice for Halloween
Next to come: Kantai sexy student (Ecchi)
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#784 – Professor threesome

Previous: #783 – Undressing with Valerie NEXT POST COMING SOON

I found an illustration with Christmas, bondage and lingerie themes I want to use I was thinking about the artist to work on and what other character could be paired with Rosalina in this scene. After like an hour looking for ideas and ref still haven’t be able decide about this 2nd girl so I’ll cheat a little and the winner on December patreon raffle will decide what naughty santa girl will be with Rosalina, character and suit of your choice, keep in mind she’s be in dominative situation.
Also after the two Valerie illustration made by B-side7715 (last one on the left) there is the 3rd sketch that will remain abandoned available as patreon bonus if you are curious about the last scene and idea.


And here is another threesome by LadyBarbero where Rosalina meet professor Ivy and Wickes from Pokemon series, I don’t think they appeared together in the series but both wear a white lab coat and it’s this detail I asked LadyBarbero to keep in both ladies while they enjoy some time with Rosalina. Also as you can see this time it goes more explicit than with Tracer and Sombra (see it here) and I hope you enjoy the result guys… ^__^
Of course this sweet princess is far to be a scientist but seems she caught Ivy and Wickes doing some kind of special experiment and she saw too much that it was to late to let her escape and thanks to LadyBarbero‘s art skill we can see that. I love Rosalina face turning so adorable and innocent as if it must feel really intense getting her breasts sucked by Wickes and Ivy sharing a double dildo. No way how naughty goes my ideas, LadyBarbero was able keep some cuteness in this hot sandwich scene… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
With this commissions, LadyBarbero already managed it perfectly from the first sketch, only lab coat missing but was fixed quiclky, for now the budget is a bit down but I’ll sure manage get more by here in the future. Also if you wish get a powerfull piece, LadyBarbero opened cheap commissions with 9$ full body coloured + 7$ per extra char, so freaking nice deal that you can read more in the dedicated journal (here). Cost nothing to take a look and not that much get a great illustration… °w°

Artist: LadyBarbero / 16$ commission
One year ago: #680 – Ino kisses
Next to come: First meeting with Erio (Ecchi)
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#783 – Undressing with Valerie

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy pokemon crossover valerie mache yuri lesbian

And here is a new feature to support the project you can buy pack with the month exclusive art on shop page instead of of patreon. For now I’ll add the last monthly exclusive versions but why not also create pack with HD illustrations that you can now get only by supporting on patreon, any advices guys?
Also, there is illustration I missed to publish and came late but there is also illustration I posted and forget to track. I was planning to post Miki Hoshii according the queued list but impossible to find it on the waiting folder, fact if this one was already posted in August so moved to another folder… How stupid *face hitting desk*… T_T


Here is a new duo with Valerie that also come as the exclusive version of the month drew by the kind and talented B-side7715. There was another piece by him posted earlier and a third one coming at the end of the month so no way miss him. I told in the previous post with Valerie (see it here) that B-side7715 made 3 great sketches and this one is the 2nd I wanted him to complete, the 3rd will unfortunately remain as sketch but I hope you like this new piece. °w°
While talking about this commission with B-side7715, I had troubles choose between pantyhose or thigh-high for Valerie so we ended goes on a special illustration with A version with pantyhose and the second with thigh-high and undies that come as the exclusive of the month for my dear patreon supporters or that you can get on the shop page. Many artists do clothes/naked versions but I really prefer goes with lingerie and B-side7715 managed it so nicely, also as always, clothes really add a magical touch to a lady… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As you can notice from the on on the left B-side7715 kept the same background for both Valerie illustrations, it makes them like a part of a little series between Rosalina and Valerie that goes really more intimate if they continue undress but still being so lovely and sensual. B-side7715 already drew Rosalina many time and he’s really careful so from the firs sketch all I asked was a minor edit on Valerie heels and add a saliva touch like both just had a french kiss, the mix into cuteness and sexiness was already here and the result is so powerfull…
Next illustration by B-side7715 will be the reward for November patreon raffle with a character I never heard about and a series name I still wonder how peoples can remember it. Anyway if you feel impatient you can just see more from B-side7715 from links listed bellow and why not consider a commission. He don’t draw explicit stuff involving penetration but have the skills (and prices) to amaze us from cute or ecchi scenes… ^__^

One year ago: #674 – More juice for Halloween
Next to come: Professor threesome (Ecchi)
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#781 – Kokonoe and trap tennis Rosalina

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princess Rosalina nintendo tennis sexy crossover hentai adult porn Kokonoe Blazblue princess Rosalina nintendo tennis sexy crossover hentai adult porn Kokonoe Blazblue trap femboy crossdress

I know November is half done, I was really busy with Rosalina’s birthday and the blog migration to the /nsfw website anyway be sure I don’t forget my dear patreons and what they deserve. I’ll keep some mystery but there is a new duo coming that was decided by DarkEcoFreak who won November Patreon raffle. Congrat to him and huge thanks to all actual patreons for their support… n(-_-)n
More than a month left but most of you know it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas, about the blog I have the NSFW illustration ready and must find a SFW one for the main blog to give it an update at last, just I must admit I’m not good with SFW… ^^’


He goes silent since months and I made a last try to contact him, anyway time for a new illustration from that special deal I have (or had) with DigitallyDeviant. There is still one more in the queued but there is a chance the next illustration by DigitallyDeviant can also be his last for this project. His art is a little special and get rought or negative feedback but I really enjoyed that trap series both crazy and original… °w°
There is some part that looks unfinished in those illustrations but you really have the final versions here, it’s not that DigitallyDeviant was lazy but already spend so much time on this and you must know artists already have soooo many project in mind so he really wanted to switch to other things. This illustration was inspired by a damn sexy fanarts I like and though that would be a perfect reference for a duo with Kokonoe from Blazblue and Rosalina in her tennis suit, finally it’s DigitallyDeviant who accepted work on this duo and because our deal Rosalina got some special attributes… ^^’
As you can see, DigitallyDeviant managed a female and trap version for Rosalina, fact is the more right is the trap version having a crossplayer as model. Anyway there is a lot of other made for the project and you can find all trap Rosalina here.
Anyway this inspired me maybe to create a Rosalina x Trap series, meaning trap version of female characters like this version of Snow White you can see on the right and maybe Rosalina being as trap too. Anyway guys What is your opinion about a trap series? working like Where is my pokemon? project.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Deal
One year ago: #678 – Evil spreading
Next to come: Simply Rosalina (SFW)
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#780 – Between tracer and Sombra

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From the new site version, there is an edit you can see on the post with now a previous/next banner on top and a part in bottom about comment and next post coming. Both aren’t visible in the main site as if I consider add the previous/next banner, anyway for comments, next to come and one year ago there is not enough publications on this side to consider it usefull.
I also had to cut le link between soft and nsfw website to get adsense allowed again, google ads aren’t allowed on websites with adult content but give way more than juicyads without need pop-up so back with google… °w°


And after a huge wave of safe and sweet posts to add content I needed for the sfw website, naughty illustrations are back with a naughty trio by LadyBarbero. I already got a lot of female characters from that series but had to continue fill the list so Rosalina now enjoy some time with Tracer and Sombra From Overwatch, I still have Pharah, Widowmaker, Anna and Moira so far to be completed, anyway LadyBarbero helped me fill the list with two more ladies and you can see all Rosalina x Overwatch illustrations here.
I agree according to the character origines and stories, it’s a weird to see Tracer and Sombra together but adding Rosalina then LadyBarbero sure made something crazy. Anyway nothing impossible and with some imagination there is so many way Rosalina can come to this situation, maybe she just appeared in a middle or a battle or tried to help for the peace (seems it kinda worked). I wonder what could be LadyBarbero idea to explain this scene but on the artistic side no doubt she did an awesome job… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I’m sure seeing this illustration a lot wonder about alternative piece and unfortunately there is no naked version of this illustration from LadyBarbero, even as exclusive art for this month. Honestly it already looks gorgeous that way with some tight and sexy clothes, after all Tracer and Sombra are way more sexy with their outfits than naked in my opinion. As for Rosalina it’s LadyBarbero that imagined her outfit offering a great view and curves, a bit curious there in no pant but some panties is also really exciting, even more from that point of view… °w°
There is another trio from LadyBarbero coming in the future, you must keep an eye on her deviantart cause she often offer special commissions pack that are fucking cheap. As you can see you can go to commission her hentai but LadyBarbero is open to various style with commissions so feel free to ask in a comment or note instead of leave with a doubt… ^__^

Artist: LadyBarbero / Cost: 12$
One year ago: #677 – Clumsy Luma with Shantae stuff
Next to come: Trap tennis session with Kokonoe (NSFW)
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#778 – Fashionable romance with Valerie

Previous: #777 – Disturbing the mayor speech Next: #779 – Victorian dress design

It was impossible to get access to the site from 7am to 11:30am in France, this was cause two issues from the host OVH, the datacenter main and emergency power supply where down. Luckily everything back and no data lost, also this happened earlier in the morning for American people that may be all sleeping at this time.
I also had troubles earlier in the week with the website repeatly down for 30 seconds to a minute max, it happened really often at some time and it’s sure was really annoying when visiting or updating my side. I’ll keep an eye on it during the week-end and will send a report if continue that way… O_o


Took a long time after Misty and Cynthia to have a new pokemon character I love so much, Valerie is a ravishing lady with cool design mixing kimono outfit and lolita style for a suit that it’s sure totally impossible to wear but looks damn cool, she also have high heels so no way I can’t be addicted. Her outfit is a huge challenge and it’s B-side7715 that was enough kind and crazy to work on this duo. I had not specific idea in mind so offered him to give suggestions and I received 3 sketches from B-side7715 that were so cool that I commissioned him for another pieces to get at last two of them draw. ^^’
The pose was set and for both outfits, I asked B-side7715 to have Valerie keep her outfit I love so much and nothing specific for Rosalina since more of her body is hidden, as you can see Rosalina got a more casual suit, both ravishing and sexy with a busty touch. Some heels cause I wanted Valerie one be visible anyway my favourite part is how both have a so adorable an cute expression, so lovely and innocent in kind of romantic scene. I hope you all enjoy both sensuality and details in this illustration… °w°
Here is a little bonus paragraph for the NSFW post, there was some hesitation since from official art we don’t know if Valerie have pantyhose or thigh-high B-side7715 sketched both and I really love the panty under pantyhose effect and decided goes with it. I know each one his preference and being curious, don’t mind tell me with version would be your favourite in comments section. ^__^
B-side7715 drew a sensual scene but not that private since it’s show on giant screen so everybody may soon see a tender kiss between both ladies so captivated by each other that they slowly forget about the audience. Each one able imagine how this is going with Rosalina with Valerie. also if your imagination keep working and make you wish get a piece with that style, don’t hesitate take a look at B-side7715‘s commissions, could be adorable and nudity accepted but can’t goes more explicit.

One year ago: #674 – More juice for Halloween
Next to come: Victorian dress Design (SFW)
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#777 – Disturbing the mayor speech

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I noticed so many coincidences with this post, first that huge edit come with post #777. °o°
As you can notice, there is a huge edit coming with this post, the soft blog hosted on blogger now come at url and main site is moved to /nsfw, second coincidence is this edit happen cause Lunakiri that also do today illustration. I had consider this edit since she warned an artist on Deviantart that it’s not good link the project according to D.A. policy, the artist removed the blog link that is the only way I have promote the project.
I can’t tell Lunakiri was wrong and it’s the reason I made this edit but it’s always frustrating do something not because you want to. Now with the new multisite version that will be more complex to manage and need more time, so much pages to manage and update on both side but with different content or text so will need even more time that I can’t use looking for artists. I also did my best but with more than 800 posts and pages to fix there is many broken links that are still here, please tell me in comment if you find something.
I’ll tell you about all changes progressively in upcoming post to don’t overload this post and present today illustration. also the 3rd coincidence is Lunakiri is the new featured artist, she’s an awesome artist and deserves to be here since I created this page.


This illustration was a little delayed cause Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday post, not at the same time the game was released but time to enjoy a duo with Rosalina and Mayor Pauline from Mario Odissey made by Lunakiri. I hope you like this new sexy but impossible combo since it seems that Rosalina unfortunately don’t appear in Mario Odissey. It was enough make me consider get the Switch later but not manage get this duo, when I saw Pauline in the trailer it remembered me a reference post that would suit perfetly and for the busty side you can’t imagine how Lunakiri was perfect for the job… ^__^
At first I wanted Pauline breast to be visible but Lunakiri told me this was to hard to manage her coat, I have no wip to show you about that but I know she tried several times and always do her best follow my ideas whatever how stupid or crazy they are so when she told me it’s impossible to manage then it must be true. From the first sketch I finally received, it already looked good with the coat closed (I told you she’s good with busty things) but what amazed me the most was Pauline expression being so adorable and sensual. As Lunakiri said, ‘those lips are so fucking kissable‘ and I guess a princess already noticed it. °w°
There is also a thing I want to mention is the interesting colouring process Lunakiri used, instead directly use colours as you can usually see, she first painted all with grey shading that wil make the shading effect on the colours added at the end, not sure I’m the best explaining it but you can see Rosalina and Pauline head done in that grey shading on the WIP I received from Lunakiri, be sure she spent hours on this before be able add the colours.
I don’t know if Lunakiri will use that shading technique again but it was really interesting to see about and watch during livestreams. October and November are pretty hard for personal reasons but she’ll be back soon ready to amaze us so you can already follow her on place listed below and why not consider support her on patreon or ask for commission, she can do cute or sexy art and also simple animation that I hope make you discover about with a fondling piece… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 25$ commission
One year ago: #674 – More juice for Halloween
Next to come: Fashionable romance with Valerie (Ecchi)
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#773 – Happy Halloween 2017

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I expected release the blog huge update today but looking all all I have to do there is some content missing, at some points it may not be that long to prepare but I don’t get access at work, have lot of Java coding to do and with computer in living room, it’s hard get safe time to manage a NSFW project. U_u
Also the upcoming posts will be forced by actual events, Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday on the way… \(^o^)/


Time to show you you this illustration to celebrate Halloween made by Psicoero, it’s the only I could manage for this event so was wondering to get something safe first that can be posted on the soft blog but it was to hard to resist goes kinky. Always a huge challenge find a great idea but I’m happy with this one, I commissioned to Psicoero a pairing with Rosalina dressed as Mercy witch From Overwatch and Android 21 from Dragon Ball dressed at Wendy from Wendy’s, kinda like I go 4 characters at once that way… °w°
Thinking about this piece it was quick to find the pose I wanted, I send the one you can see on the left to Psicoero asking to follow it the most as he can, even with the mouth expression for Rosalina. I have this photo from years and love it so much, to pose, view, outfit, blonde girl and her naughty face turn it so damn hot. For Rosalina I wanted an outfit related to Halloween and Mercy was quite perfect then the most difficult was to find Android 21 outfit with something that we can recognize even if we don’t see that much. Finally Wendy dress was quite perfect with blue and red colours like Android 21 dress all all was ready to be send to Psicoero that found ‘this picture idea really interesting‘… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As always, Psicoero was really fast working on the illustration and I got the first wip in a few days. There was only two edits requested from the first sketch; the first was to have Rosalina expression follow the one from the girl in reference and second was to have Wendy dress appear on the bottom to make it easier to notice and recognize. I must admit I saw many clothes swap and was wondering about goes that way with Psicoero first but there was also a Halloween YCH that was so tempting and made me want see Rosalina as hot witch, I hope you like it that way guys… ^__^
I must admit I first considered tentacles and Psicoero was fine with it but due to complexity this had to count as full character so only Rosalina and tentacles (not the best on a yuri project). Anyway feel free to visit Psicoero‘s page for way more naughty art, he do great commission, work fast and update his page really often so you’ll sure get fun as little pervert. Maybe the only problem is he promote his discount on commissions with Nintendo girls in all post so when you search for Rosalina on HentaiFoundry, results are spammed with his entire gallery… T_T

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 40€ (45$) commission
One year ago: #667 – Feeling a peachy tongue
Next to come: Rosalina’s Birthday °w°
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#772 – Xenoblade romance

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I’m looking about the multisite option on wordpress to create alternative sites and host other projects, I recently started a new one still linked to Rosalina (what else) but not the Rosalina x girl project itself. I must admit for now it’s not effective at all but let see how it will goes with time… ^__^
Also I had to change the publication order so the tennis trap illustration will be here next week. At last there is still a (naughty) post for you to enjoy… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


That character was in the wishlist for a long time but it was after see this illustration by Crimson-Karma that I was in the mod to get Rosalina and Melia Antiqua from Xenoblade Chronicle, I really love her outfit and hairstyle so being so ravishing and sexy at the same time I wanted her so much. I often get ideas or character in mind that come and leave after a moment anyway I got the opportunity commission kissmymutton at the same time I wanted Melia, I asked the artist is this duo would be ok and like today illustration, it was… \(^o^)/
Being a pervert coming with a NSFW reference for Melia the final illustration could hardly be SFW and it’s a really hot pose I sent to kissmymutton as reference. Rosalina being pleasured by Melia on a scene that looks both hot and sensual, first there is some fingering an love juice, moving back some sweet attention to the breast and finally Rosalina face more adorable closing her eyes and offering her body to her new friend. Both girl wearing a fancy dress and high heels for Rosalina, I’m glad kissmymutton was able show heels even with this point of view… °w°
I must admit this illustration isn’t representative of kissmymutton‘s art, she’s fine with hentai art and human characters but if you’ll see more cute furry characters in general. You can also consider commissions that start really cheap with a single pin-up but increase if you come with more complex scenes, all links bellow but Facebook is really the place kissmymutton is the most active, as example there is no new publications since a year on Deviantart… O_o

Artist: Kissmymutton / Cost: 30$ commission
One year ago: #667 – Feeling a peachy tongue
Next to come: Kokonoe trap tennis (NSFW)
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#770 – Sexy (milking) evil nurses

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princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian demon nurse princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian demon nurse lactation milking

I was talking with an artist about this power they have to create all people dream about, they sure know this point really well but seems some also don’t have troubles abuse of this power for their own interest using people dreams and weaknesses. It’s so unfair but with how work the actual society, kinda logical at the same point. It remember me a little the game of truth that is (unfortunately) so true on many points… U_u
Many important appointments today with the last about my future apartment anyway I did too much late publications this month so whatever how tired I’ll be back home, this post have to be in time… Oh yeah… ^^’


I’m so proud for each new piece I can add to this project and even more when it’s from talented artists like Mazzacho that have the level of an artist I never expected be able commission so get so much art for him is magic. Fact is I can’t remember how this illustration started (a shame for someone that remember all single pieces since the beginning of the project) but here is it, today time for a sexy nurse duo with Rosalina and a random demon created by Mazzacho… I hope you like it guys… °w°
Sometimes my mind remind me this piece had to be no more than a sketch a first but with Mazzacho there is so much passion and inspiration that it’s hard for him to stop. It’s kinda the reason you’ll often see a timer running during his streams and even more Mazzacho continue draw after timer reached 0 an hour ago… XD

Both are sure really sexy and you can see this little demon haven’t just her smile as ravaging attribute, talking about her massive breasts that could give sweet milk, Mazzacho played a bit and did an excessive breast size version with milk bottle that I decided offer to all patreon member to apologies the lack of posts last month.
I hope you like the original piece and many bonus waiting for you on the RosalinaxGirl patreon and Mazzacho’s patreon, two wonderfull places where you can give support an get great rewards in return so just give it a try. And I’ll never stop to advise you subscribe on Mazzacho‘s picarto channel and see all the efforts and passion he put on his art, all links below so you can’t miss it… :p

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: 0$ (Gift)
One year ago: #663 – Angel Lapis lazuli
Next to come: Rosalina’s Butt (NSFW)
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#769 – Misty dress-up final

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princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian pokemon Misty sexy costume princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian pokemon Misty sexy costume princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian pokemon Misty sexy costume

I can’t say artist life is easy, draw need lot of time, motivation and inspiration (don’t forget how the muse is important). Not for artists to get all with life obligations but I still consider they are the best. They have the power to turn into reality all they dream about and all we dream about too, isn’t that the most dangerous power ever?
Still working on coding plugin for a Minecraft server at same time, my skills goes up and I start make interesting things but a huge plugin like the one that would manage jobs sounds fucking insane to code. I know I could use an existing one but it’s limited on what we are allow to edit… U_u


So here is the final version from the Misty dress-up poll event, you guys were able vote for your favorite outfit during a month to decide with one Mothclip would draw. I must admit it was fucking close until the last hour and finally the goldeen suit won this poll and you can enjoy the HD here. This suit is from the first Pokemon series season so only true fans know it, design is inspired by pokemon Goldeen and Mothclip managed it on a really nice way. °w°
During the poll, there was 14 outfits available (including bondage option) I picked all of them not just to add more choice but really cause I loved each suits and would love see them on Misty. I sure wanted commission Mothclip to do all of them but the blog budget wasn’t that friendly with this option, anyway I managed have 6 outfit variations to be draw on Misty but only the one that won the poll goes public. If you wish to see the other pieces Mothclip did then you must consider support on patreon.
So to list all versions that Mothclip was commissioned to draw, there is Misty naked then casual suit, goldeen suit, swimsuit + bondage, see-through swimsuit and team Rocket, of course all way more sexy than the original. I must manage do poll again for to get people come participate and contribute on a different way to the project but for now I’ll continue manage a patreon exclusive per month. If you like how turn this piece then why not consider commission Mothclip to work on your own ideas… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Mothclip / 110$ commission (alternative included)
One year ago: #663 – Angel Lapis lazuli
Next to come: Sexy evil nurses (NSFW)
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