#864 – Squatting nurse

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nintendo mario princess rosalina nurse ecchi sexy squatting
Sometimes I got inspiration for an intro with an idea I keep in mind all the day and once I sit from on the computer on the evening to note it then the idea is gone, if only the frustration didn’t increase when the idea come back the moment I’m on toilets and leave again when I left them… Bwaaaaa… O_o
Also got message from patreon telling me some of my public post don’t respect their rules about nudity, I asked what posts are concerned and they just told me blur more (how helpfull)… ^^’


And a new really sexy Rosalina nurse illustration I won from a YCH ran by Tyn0te, “your character here” for those that don’t know. The idea is simple, you have a pose decided by the artist (on the left) then it work as direct sale and auction then the winner can decide what character he was to see. Of course not a surprise telling you I requested Tyn0te to draw Rosalina is a sexy nurse suit wearing labo coat, black lingerie and high heels, I can’t decide about the pose but my clothing fetishes are here… °w°

Nothing random here, I really love that kind of pose and the nurse suit is from an illustration made by jjfrenchie that I want to do myself and do a nurse Rosalina cosplay but sorry for you guys, it wont be posted here. Tyn0te did a great job with this illustration, I love the busty side and nipple showing through the coat anyway on the other side I must see that the feet were way more promising on the reference than result. Anyway I know feet is a pain for many artists and high heels are also really more difficult to manage than you thing with their shape and perspective but Tyn0te did his best and Rosalina still looks pretty sexy… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
If you like Tyn0te‘s art you can visit his deviantart and also his tumblr with some really naughty illustrations, I love sooo much the Kali Belladonna illustration he did with so naughty face and action (on the left) but there is another really cool piece like one with Weiss schnee from RWBY with some lingerie and fingering action (just search on tumblr). Of course Tyn0te is still open for commission with even more powerfull style with 4 months of practice since this Rosalina piece, anyway the best it to visit his page to see about his actual level and price-list… ^^

Artist: Tyn0te / 5$ YCH commission
Tumblr: www.tyn0te.tumblr.com
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/tyn0te
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  1. Tynote

    Wow, Thanks for promoting my work.
    yah Along with Devientart and tumblr, I also do sexy dirty drawings and commissions on WHentai.com If you haven’t herd of it check it out, We have pretty good hentai artist over there with cheap reasonable prices.
    My link, https://tynote.whentai.com/


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