#863 – Pretty princess and sophisticated lady

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nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn POV pussy spreading lingerie busty
And after a huge thanks to all my lovely patron for their support, time to announce DarkEcoFreak as winner of September patreon raffle (summer over soon, it goes so fast). As previously told, chosen artist for this month is the-4got10-one who already drew the Rosalina and Palutena illustration you can see on the left.
Anyway some negative things too, I’m sad some patrons leaved, I was so close to the first step to get two raffles winner a month but can’t force people to join or stay so it can happen that way but wont stop me do my best… ^^


And close to 7 years later, Lulu from Final Fantasy is back with Rosalina on a commission to Kibazoku, I’m really surprised I got no more of this duo since Lulu is on my top 10 favourites girls and each time I see the ref I have of her (on the left) I feel like want her to join Rosalina anyway she have a pretty complex design so no easy find a great artist (and keep the budget alive). I really love Kibazoku‘s style being teased by some naughty piece he did then the day he opened commission and my budget was ready I finally took my chance. I requested a duo with Lulu suggesting a nice blue lingerie set to Rosalina asking to add high heels and it was all set to looks powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I never had the chance play Final Fantasy X so was looking on wiki to know about Lulu’s story and personality, Lulu is a stern lady compared to Rosalina looking more sweet and innocent but both are really protective ladies so they must have much more in common than you can imagine. So much thing they can talk about but for Kibazoku illustration they sure goes way more naughty, I love that kiss being so romantic and the action turning way more explicit at some points; great lingerie, big toy, lot of juice and naughty action, there is no way don’t appreciate all efforts Kibazoku on this piece… ^^
I love to show wip that show more about the artist work and process but also some extra things, here I love so much the first sketch Kibazoku sent me cause the see-through effect on Rosalina like she’s a slime girl and for me that love messy I regret a bit it’s cannot be true but give me some ideas. Also haven’t told Kibazoku that I never ask Luma to be involved in NSFW pieces since those cute baby stars need keep their innocent so great thing he added a Moogle in the background (he looks well made anyway). °w°
And let’s conclude with two bonus stories linked to this illustration, the first is searching for a great ref with Lulu I saw lot of bestiality stuff with her (don’t know why tbh), it’s what gave me the mod for some Rosalina and doggy art but I also saw an artist who designed a really hot latex outfit that I should manage on Lulu if she meet Rosalina again in the future. Second is about the artist Mazzacho that looking at the WIP thought it was a banana instead of dildo, he pretty much liked this idea and gave us the idea go for a food porn illustration but not with Lulu this time, and it’s all I can say for now (suspense!)… ^__^

Artist: Kibazoku / 30$ commission
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