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#773 – Happy Halloween 2017

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I expected release the blog huge update today but looking all all I have to do there is some content missing, at some points it may not be that long to prepare but I don’t get access at work, have lot of Java coding to do and with computer in living room, it’s hard get safe time to manage a NSFW project. U_u
Also the upcoming posts will be forced by actual events, Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday on the way… \(^o^)/


Time to show you you this illustration to celebrate Halloween made by Psicoero, it’s the only I could manage for this event so was wondering to get something safe first that can be posted on the soft blog but it was to hard to resist goes kinky. Always a huge challenge find a great idea but I’m happy with this one, I commissioned to Psicoero a pairing with Rosalina dressed as Mercy witch From Overwatch and Android 21 from Dragon Ball dressed at Wendy from Wendy’s, kinda like I go 4 characters at once that way… °w°
Thinking about this piece it was quick to find the pose I wanted, I send the one you can see on the left to Psicoero asking to follow it the most as he can, even with the mouth expression for Rosalina. I have this photo from years and love it so much, to pose, view, outfit, blonde girl and her naughty face turn it so damn hot. For Rosalina I wanted an outfit related to Halloween and Mercy was quite perfect then the most difficult was to find Android 21 outfit with something that we can recognize even if we don’t see that much. Finally Wendy dress was quite perfect with blue and red colours like Android 21 dress all all was ready to be send to Psicoero that found ‘this picture idea really interesting‘… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As always, Psicoero was really fast working on the illustration and I got the first wip in a few days. There was only two edits requested from the first sketch; the first was to have Rosalina expression follow the one from the girl in reference and second was to have Wendy dress appear on the bottom to make it easier to notice and recognize. I must admit I saw many clothes swap and was wondering about goes that way with Psicoero first but there was also a Halloween YCH that was so tempting and made me want see Rosalina as hot witch, I hope you like it that way guys… ^__^
I must admit I first considered tentacles and Psicoero was fine with it but due to complexity this had to count as full character so only Rosalina and tentacles (not the best on a yuri project). Anyway feel free to visit Psicoero‘s page for way more naughty art, he do great commission, work fast and update his page really often so you’ll sure get fun as little pervert. Maybe the only problem is he promote his discount on commissions with Nintendo girls in all post so when you search for Rosalina on HentaiFoundry, results are spammed with his entire gallery… T_T

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 40€ (45$) commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Gumroad: www.gumroad.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
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#649 – No Mercy for pretty (trap) princess

princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch mercy futa bukkake princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn overwatch mercy futa trap crossdress femboy bukkake

Thanks to Merethide and all that bought the last Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. Due to the quality and artist price it still haven’t finished to found itself, already have some ideas in mind for another chapter but I’ll need your support to make it happen. Feel free to get your copy here guys… Oh yeah… ^^
Was at a cosplay shooting to make some series with Rosalina tennis cosplay, some really cool and other a bit funny especially when Tom Sawyer started to fish some princess things but it ended with my racket in his face… Eh eh.


 Was long time my friend DigitallyDeviant had to wait but it will be 3 illustrations by him in a row on this Overwatch series. Starting today with Mercy using her secret healing ability on Rosalina. Not sure that cute princess was really in need no doubt she enjoyed that tasty proteined drink. Compared to Samus illustration (see it her), there is still a normal and trap version for Rosalina but DigitallyDeviant drew Mercy as futa in both case cause the illustration was oriented on the messy side, no clean version available and planned… °w°
According my deal with DigitallyDeviant, I first was his model with my Rosalina cosplay (then you wont see the original photo series) and he used his fav as reference for this illustration, at this time the trap version id the original and there is a female alternative to suit more to the true wonderfull Rosalina. As for Mercy it’s DigitallyDeviant that chosen to pick her for that hot duo.
Was close to forget that it’s the 2nd time I get Mercy from my project, You can see the trio with Mercy and Mei here but this time DigitallyDeviant gave us a clothed Mercy with little bonus. One more intense the other juicy but both so kinky and exciting then looking at the other, I must ask DigitallyDeviant Rosalina with those star heels. °w°
Mercy was the more complicated to draw for DigitallyDeviant, not just because of the wings but also since no references for the pose compared as Rosalina but she was perfect at the first time. The only edit if you looks at the sketch was for Rosalina hand but be sure this illustration was hours of work and always feel so honored when artist accept to participate and put so much efforts on my project. No more I can say cause there is many secrets behind this illustration, anyway I hope you like it and stay tuned for newt Overwatch piece, two more to come.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

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#601 – Helping Mercy and Mei to relax

600th illustration was here and now waiting for 700th or 400th lady with Rosalina. For now I’ll continue do my best to find the best posts I can and continue projects like Where is my pokemon?, the Gallery page, give more exclusive stuff to my patreon member and talking with an artists about comic so maybe a new chapter for Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. Stay turned. °w°
Also after some awesome but crazy high heels shoes I bought a biker Rosalina cosplay, the original creator is really tiny and it wont suit on me but a true Rosalina biker suit in latex will look so incredible for my collection. Also for now must take care of my wig but don’t have hairdressing skills so will be a pain to manage… O_o


Today I have two illustrations commissioned by JizzThunder that is kinda talented and skilled but finally only one is for the blog. At first commissioned him a duo and trio with Rosalina (what else) but he wasn’t interested add the watermark on the illustration cause that kind of publicity is kinda commercial use (and since I see Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic I can’t tell him he’s wrong but like what I spend/earn for this project, I finish spending more than 1.000$ each year. I do this project for fun and not for money but JizzThunder opinion is understandable so I decided to change the second illustration changing Rosalina by a lady that I love so much to turn it as more personal commission that won’t be linked to the blog since no Rosalina inside.
I don’t have time and money to pay some publicity for the blog and this watermark is the only way I have to make people discovering my project around the net and make this place alive. Finally I decided to let this second commission on the blog budget, it will destroy like two months budget and no choice to decrease quality for the next publication but in that way it’s a good lessons for the future and I must never forget ask the artist about watermark before start a commission. Finally JizzThunder made me a little surprise and added the watermark in the Rosalina and Tinkerbell illustration (that you can see on the right) but it’s not an illustration for the ‘Rosalina x Girl‘ project and can’t work so I prefer offer you the clean version without watermark.
Love how the duo turned and was powerfull looking at JizzThunder livestreams while he was working on it, colouring small parts to make each pixel looks perfect. On both illustration the result is awesome with so many details and cool ideas on characters or background. JizzThunder was able choose from all ladies from the series and finally he ‘was thinking Mercy and Mei, because 1) Tracer and Widowmaker are way over used and 2) I’ve wanted to draw Mercy for some time now, and Mei looks cute and cool’.
As for the pose for make all ladies looks great, Mercy was a huge challenge for JizzThunder cause since the character is recent and don’t have many official illustrations or fanarts it’s not easy find good references about the character. Love so much how all ladies turned, Mei so adorable face and chubby touch as exiting with that creamy pussy getting fingered, Mercy tasting some princess juice and keep an eye on that huge dildo on Rosalina ass. Finally Rosalina so sweet and sensual, she’s gorgeous and so hot but keep something innocent that make a powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness. Also asked JizzThunder to give her those high heels I love so much and the lingerie with see through effects and Luma decoration is sooo incredible… \(^o^)/

Artist: JizzThunder / Cost: 35$

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