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I’m looking about the multisite option on wordpress to create alternative sites and host other projects, I recently started a new one still linked to Rosalina (what else) but not the Rosalina x girl project itself. I must admit for now it’s not effective at all but let see how it will goes with time… ^__^
Also I had to change the publication order so the tennis trap illustration will be here next week. At last there is still a (naughty) post for you to enjoy… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


That character was in the wishlist for a long time but it was after see this illustration by Crimson-Karma that I was in the mod to get Rosalina and Melia Antiqua from Xenoblade Chronicle, I really love her outfit and hairstyle so being so ravishing and sexy at the same time I wanted her so much. I often get ideas or character in mind that come and leave after a moment anyway I got the opportunity commission kissmymutton at the same time I wanted Melia, I asked the artist is this duo would be ok and like today illustration, it was… \(^o^)/
Being a pervert coming with a NSFW reference for Melia the final illustration could hardly be SFW and it’s a really hot pose I sent to kissmymutton as reference. Rosalina being pleasured by Melia on a scene that looks both hot and sensual, first there is some fingering an love juice, moving back some sweet attention to the breast and finally Rosalina face more adorable closing her eyes and offering her body to her new friend. Both girl wearing a fancy dress and high heels for Rosalina, I’m glad kissmymutton was able show heels even with this point of view… °w°
I must admit this illustration isn’t representative of kissmymutton‘s art, she’s fine with hentai art and human characters but if you’ll see more cute furry characters in general. You can also consider commissions that start really cheap with a single pin-up but increase if you come with more complex scenes, all links bellow but Facebook is really the place kissmymutton is the most active, as example there is no new publications since a year on Deviantart… O_o

Artist: Kissmymutton / Cost: 30$ commission
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kissmymutton
Deviantart: www.kissmymutton.deviantart.com
Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/kissmymutton
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