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Some of you are already thinking about Halloween for party, candy and disguise, in France it’s kinda dead to be honest, nobody going disguised on the street but it’s good opportunity for industry to sell candies and decorations. Anyway the more important event come after since it’s Rosalina birthday the next day on November 1st.
If things goes well there will have at last three illustration to celebrate this event and at last one already ready but super crazy, kinda used it as excuse to get draw one of my main but stupid fetish… ^^’


Today a new illustration by Mozu1 with a sexy Rosalina and Lumas, I must admit I consider those baby star as something really cute and adorable that must keep their innocence and don’t be involved in NSFW art. Anyway it’s not easy live with hundred of them around their mama without have them never see her naked, also not fun always hide that so perfect and sensual body. Anyway Mozu1 made the Lumas really cute and adorable all blushing that way seeing Rosalina being so sexy, like their reaction they sure don’t often see her that way… ^^
The fact Lumas are really innocent add a great mix into cuteness and sexiness and from that angle we also got this combo with Rosalina sweet face and perfect curved looking a on the bottom, Mozu1 really did an awesome job. As for other artists that draw Rosalina, as if they don’t do impressive level of detail and shading there is already awesome ideas and feeling from these illustrations and as Mozu1 they really need some love and support to continue that way and be even more powerfull with time.
Could sounds surprising but there is an HD version as patreon reward, The full version Mozu1 sent me is 5.400 x 5.800 pixel and be sure it’s a really huge size (enough for a huge poster). I’m sure some of you may not be interesting thinking there is no details to see and it’s true but if you are a bit curious and attentive the HD is really interesting. You’ll be able see about Mozu1 techniques with the lines he did but also erase tool circle that reveal le layer below. Just take some time discovering about the artist work and illustration structure… °w°
I guess Rosalina’s body may look a bit off on the anatomically side but I consider this as part of Mozu1 style, in fact the only error I could notice is the crown jewel as purple instead of red but a so small detail is far to be critical. Now if you want to see more, don’t hesitate take a look to Mozu1’s gallery on DeviantArt, there is so many style from cute Misato, fun neko version of Clover from Totally spies, ecchi Rosalina as you can see here and for more pervert there is some extra hot piece (that could be banned from a report)… °o°

Artist: Mozu1 / Request
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