#990 – Mess on my heels

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai high heels cum messy semen princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai high heels cum messy semen

10 years working on the project and there is still some words tricky to me lie “desperate” that I was used to write “desesperate, kinda remind me about being used to say “be turned” instead of “be tuned” and once again this mistake is from my French origin. The equivalent of desperate in French is desespéré so you can get the reason my mind made the transition from désespéré to desesperate. I hope this was understandable ^^

So once again even if it’s a stupid stuff, never hesitate give me feedback if you see grammatical mistakes to prevent then to come again and again for 10 more years even if it’s now suepr far from the nightmare that were the first posts I wrote starting the project on blogger (don’t be curious you may regret it guys) ;p


Must admit this illustration was planned for a long time but always delayed for the raffle and Easter illustrations that I had to publish in time (also the second Easter piece from Mazzacho came as total surprise just before I was supposed to publish this one). Didn’t wanted Garlberts to wait for too long and if you look at the previous posts, “Mess on my heels” was announced 3 times as the “next to come”, at last third announcement was finally right. So after a long time Garlberts and his messy spirit are back for another illustration, this actually is part of a trade we made with secret terms so there is some secrets as spicy as this illustration that will remain. Initially I was able to request was for a messy or soiled single Rosalina and to keep freedom to the artist I sent many ideas/reference and let him pick his favorite.

I love messy clothing anyway Garlberts haven’t forgot about my huge addiction for high heels and decided go on that way, make the surprise part even better and the final illustration still so powerfull. Of course you can imagine a yuri project is quite challenging when you want something that way since no men and cum are two rules hard to make work together even if futa can be a great alternative in general. This time let’s just be crazy and enjoy the actual illustration, no need to think where that cum come from and let’s just enjoy this improbable but so naughty messy scene, cum on heels is quite something so exciting and even if it may not be everyone tastes… Whatever this was my trade… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Garlberts / 25$ commission
One year ago: #921 – Elora milking a kinky bunny
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#989 – Rabbit princess wanna have fun

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi busty lingerie bunny bunnygirl easter mazzacho

Corona-chan adventure is still going insane and looking at what happen in USA it’s super crazy anyway no one really know what happen since many governments must lie about the real situation and number of cases as China did (and seems Russia situation is really more dramatic than what we know). Anyway don’t say there’s nothing we can do, be careful and stay safe to not get that shit and stay informed with serious informations, don’t listen at all those fake shitty informations we could find on facebook being share thousand of times U_u

Honestly at first I though people are mostly ignorants cause it’s something unprecedented and new for our society but I must admit that after telling many people the information they share is a fake or seeing everybody walking in the street like there’s no problems; seems they finally are just totally stupid. Anyway don’t follow them and be stupid guys, stay safe, well informed and careful being outside. °o°


Every bunny ears lover must be happy since thanks to Mazzacho Easter isn’t over on that place with even more bunny Rosalina, it was an unexpected illustration but super powerfull surprise. At first I contacted Mazzacho to ask his help with a problem on the bunny Rosalina and Saeko post having a problem with how the illustration display from the main page (it open on another page instead of the preview you actually get). Mazzacho is a talented artist but also professional website designer so he always have precious advices (thanks so much my friend).

Finally the display problem was caused by “google tag” plugin so it goes back to normal once I deactivated it (but lead to another problem having a plugin I can’t use now) anyway the link between that plugin problem and today illustration is Mazzacho was inspired to draw a bunny Rosalina after seeing the Easter illustration with Saeko investigating with me on the problem. Later on the day he was starting a livestream on picarto and you can guess what starting to appear on the sketch °w°

Talking about sketch, I’m sad I forgot save some wip to show about the evolution from the initial concept to the final version; as example Mazzacho placed a “wet” carrot on the bench that was sure used for some fun earlier but I suggested him this was broken the overall cuteness and sensual spirit of the illustration. Finally even is there is so many stuff linked to Easter, whatever how many tasty chocolate eggs in your basket, having a gorgeous bunny to celebrate Easter with you is always be the best part, of course being a magnificent and sexy bunny princess in lingerie make it so powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #920 – Easter show has started
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#987 – Galactic sized titties

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy hentai ecchi busty breasts

April is here and Easter will be pretty original in 2020, I hope you’ll have a chance to celebrate it and treat yourself with some tasty chocolate (let’s not waste a good reason to enjoy it). Also my side I sure wanna give a huge thanks to all supporting the project this month on patreon, you guys rock as much as I love chocolate XD

Also come the result of the ticketing raffle with a special rule for the reward, let’s first congrat Tallon Bearden that decide what he want to draw on an illustration by SomikoArts and now listen carefully; Tallon can ask a duo scene or a solo Rosalina pin-up with two outfit alternative of his choice. I know the spirit or the project is about yuri since the day I created it but having this alternative outfits option is rare so let’s offer it °w°


Time to discover a new artist with this really busty Rosalina made by Daerson, I meet him a day Garlberts was streaming and talking in the chat he told me he was also an artist and should get back to drawing more. You can imagine it’s the kid of opportunity I cannot miss so I asked Daerson if he would be interested take part to the RosalinaXGirl project and no need to tell about his answer considering the meaning of today publication… ^__^

I gave total freedom to Daerson (except the no men rule) and he decided to go with a Rosalina pin-up bust, not a yuri piece but would not be fair bring him into too complex project even to start (and being a free request only bastards can be exigent with the artist). Things got super fast since the next day after the stream, Daerson was “Finally done with the rough sketch and when I told Daerson that I was surprised and amazed about how fast he made the illustration, he told me I get the comment a lot about me being fast but eh this is just a rough sketch so doesn’t take me too long as long as I know where I’m going with the drawing. So as you can imagine he had a precise idea with the illustration from the start, it’s powerfull to see Rosalina was great source of inspiration… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Following the spirit of the sketch, you can be sure the final version also came really quickly, as you can see the major edit from the sketch was Rosalina tongue removed, so bad cause I liked that move pretty cute and sexy anyway about that point Daerson told me he screwed up with something with the placement of the tongue anyway Rosalina’s massive breasts are still here and I know it’s the point most will focus on. The result is super cool and a huge thanks to Daerson for his participation to the project. Feel free follow him on twitter and give him support to keep drawing an practice, as you can see Daerson already have a good level but still need lot of practice with anatomy (aka Rosalina’s nose) and perspective (aka the wand star), nothing that practice can’t beat so keep going my friend and keep having fun ^__^

Artist: Daerson / Request
One year ago: #918 – Chibi dress-up
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#982 – I’m a blue cowgirl v2

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Sweet kiss (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)
princess Rosalina nintendo solo ecchi sexy cowgirl

I got an answer from KoriBaer in charge of February illustration for patreon being actually really busy and at the moment it is a bit difficult. I don’t have more information and hope noting to bad but for now I guess KoriBaer need some time. She also added I’m still ready to make the pictures so let’s just be patient and send many ghost hugs ass we can. Also don’t worry, March artist and winner will be announced soon so stay tuned guys, also huge thanks to all supporters hoping you’ll enjoy the coming Rosalina illustration (and the bonus for sure)… Oh yeah \(^o^)/

Also as random information, February ended with 2 DDOS attacks against the website with luckily no effects, The main attack was from Bulgaria and smaller one from China that can still keep some annoying people active on the net even dealing with Corona-Virus. Though everyone panic about this virus that actually contaminated less than 0.007% of Chinese peoples so it’s not that insane as media want to show us °o°


Today, Lonely-cartoonist is back with a redo of his cowgirl Rosalina he made two years ago got the chance have a request from him and cannot resist ask for Rosalina in chaps (cowgirl in chaps is my favourite outfit ever). Recently I received an email from Lonely-cartoonist saying hello and giving me news also with an unexpected and powerfull surprise as attachment to his mail °w°

the objective with the project is to have many various illustration and not being an artist myself I never really considered anything like draw it again anyway it’s a really interesting concept to see about artist improvement and evolution in art even more for me that admire their creation power. So you can see the evolution on Lonely-cartoonist‘s art after two years. As you can see there is a different of level but also a change of technique process one line and shading, as example it’s interesting to see Lonely-cartoonist now use stronger lines when many artists tend to get them invisible. Also you can notice than the first version was full soft-shaded and on the second attempt there is a mix of soft-shaded on the light and cell-shaded for the darker areas, it’s not a technique you often see but can have a great potential to increase contrast on the illustration.

I asked Lonely-cartoonist if he did this in purpose of a draw it again challenge or just wanted to work redo his cowgirl Rosalina (maybe both) but still waiting for his answer so can’t tell about his motivation and objectives at this time. Whatever let’s just enjoy this marvelous Rosalina and interesting comparison and if you wanna see more just take a look at Lonely-cartoonist’s DeviantArt page for even more illustration and a place to support/follow him. Also once again, big thanks for this sexy surprise my friend… Oh yeah \(^o^)/

Last minute edit: I got a new mail from Lonely-cartoonist so can tell you more; he told me Truth is I like this project since you presented it and feel I must contribute and Honestly, I was curious to see how much my arting techniques improved […] Still not perfect but I’ll keep practice. Would be a dream if all artists like the project that much and want to contribute, it sounds so lovely and really mean a lot, thanks so much my friend for your support and good luck on training, not a secret that improvement need practice, practice and… practice ^__^

Artist: Lonely-cartoonist / Cost: Gift
One year ago: #910 – Surprise menu for Wendy
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#978 – Magic in Underground parking

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Special wave for surfer princesses (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustration on Mazzacho’s patreon (4 times bigger)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn ecchi latex fetish high heels

And there’s not the budget for a ceremony as the Oscars so I count on your imagination to give a magnificent and epic look to February raffle winner announcement, that I once again have to tell is based on a ticketing system so there is no RNG). Now we have the fireworks and formalities ready it’s time to announce DarkEcoFreak as winner getting an illustration by KoriBaer who’s all new on deviantart but so promising artist… °w°

I already announced the results to a few days ago since the artist was already chosen and waiting for the idea, the illustration will be a duo with “Io from Code Vein, and the artist can do what they’re comfortable with” and now I’m waiting for KoriBaer answer hopping the character sounds nice for her/him. Make me think I should ask about the gender or that wont be easy to write the post ^^’


It would be not use to present him after sooooo many illustrations he made for the project, Mazzacho is back with a new stunning Rosalina illustration made during a fast drawing session while he got the chance stream for a moment on Picarto to escape the insane pressure from work. If you ask me what I think about the really important amount of art from him that I published, let’s me tell that the picture on the right is the best to tell what my mind thing about Mazzacho‘s art, I agree it’s a bit selfish but aren’t true fans that way always wanting to get more and more from their idols and people they admire. Unfortunately the result isn’t always the best cause this support can finally be more boring than helpfull but when you are really a fan of something, it’s hard to make good decisions in general ^^

This illustration was made during a quick drawing session on picarto so it’s sketchy aspect is due to time limitation before Mazzacho have to get back to work and even being already super amazing just show a few part of his really power. This was a gift I got having the honor to see Rosalina being chosen for this illustration, also the scene comes from Mazzacho mind and fetish for skinny latex outfits that I can’t deny give an insanely sexy look to Rosalina, even more with so sexy and indecent heels (that I love so much). Even if sounds unusual outfit and place for Rosalina this scene isn’t that impossible and could be like a secret stage in New Donk City on Mario Galaxy game, I must admit a part of me want to play the game hoping this could be true ^^’

Also I would like to add Mazzacho work (mostly) as graphic design (and his able to make so much different tasks/jobs), maybe you haven’t noticed but there’s many jokes and meme existing about this job cause it’s really a crazy one (was hard choose just one to show here), not really on the job itself but most on what request customers thinking it’s so easy and quick to make changes in the middle of a process. And I wanted to say that because that’s also a problem on art with people don’t understanding the true amount of work and effort being an illustration also not giving artists the respect they deserve, luckily it’s not always that way but it’s still a bit crazy universe (And Mazzacho is both artist and graphic designer, let’s pray for him) ^^’

One year ago: #904 – Perfect seat for special fun
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#977 – Blinded experience

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Nessa exploring a new world (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

I was invited by a friend to join him yesterday on a trip for a cosplay shooting in the snow and I made the mistake to accept (half joking, it was good time), anyway the main problems were that I first don’t like cold at all and on second side all cosplay I do are really light so way better for a warm summer than deadly winter. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to change myself due to the cold but after so long way in read and walking in the snow would have been stupid fail at this time so I did it and survived… \(^o^)/

More sad part is compared to me my friend have absolutely no skills taking photography so I managed alone make a few before I needed put my regular clothes back due to my fingers that hurts so much, on his side my friend got a great shooting and many cool photos so sounds bit like a waste honestly. This made me super busy yesterday and for today the plan was on publish this post and find a good artist for February patreon raffle… Stay tuned for the announcement °w°


And today a special piece that join the collection, a little weird and sure original but this drawing from Lunakiri is the result of a new experience/challenge so did; blind drawing. This started with video she sent me to show about this challenge with a man drawing sangoku and being crazy it’s also super hilarious thenLunakiri wanted to try on this challenge and offered me to pick Rosalina to go with. I must admit looking at this destroyed Sangoku a the end of the video I was a little scary for Rosalina but this sounded so cool and fun that I cannot refuse getting something really special to show here °o°

On a powerfull side Lunakiri managed to clean enough space in her camera to record the full process and create a video as you can see, I would like to talk about it and comment but would be hard without some spoil. On the sad side I could just say Lunakiri unfortunately didn’t dressed as Rosalina like in the video she sent me where the artist managed get Sangoku outfit. On a more serious topic I wanted to keep the surprise of the result from this experience so so see about the final illustration you can watch the video or directly click on the right illustration to reveal the drawing and spoil yourself… Your call guys ^__^

One year ago: #902 – Pipe sitting cowgirl
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#973 – Rosalina in defiant pose

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HD version of this illustration (for 2$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn ecchi lingerie crossover Abigail Williams Fate

Needing my patrons advice today, actually Fernando Lloretwon this month raffle but each time I win the slot he remain silent to my messages (I hope you are fine man). So there was some months without a patreon raffle reward illustration like it could be this January but it’s a waste of power to make my dear supporters to participate. So what would you suggest to use unclaimed illustration slot guys?. Like a pool about character/pose but feel free if you get some suggestions and inspirations on stuff you would have fun participating ^^

Also soon Miku concert in Paris, I don’t understand why they decided make it happen on Thursday and sounds pretty stupid to me put it in the middle of the week considering the kind of people going for the show. Also there is a huge strike in France with many trains being cancelled so luckily I go with bus but I’m sure will give troubles to many peoples too. For now let’s hope everything will be fine and must decide what cosplay to wear at the even between Miku or Rin (also here is my Miku cosplay) °w°


And Mazzacho make the show one more time (proud of my rhyme), also for those that think it would be too much of the same artist I totally don’t care about that point. I love so much Mazzacho‘s art, style and kindness and be sure I’ll never be tired of publish his Rosalina illustration here, in fact this opinion hide a fear about the point Mazzacho could end tired of drawing Rosalina a day. It’s something that unfortunately happened and with a person like me that life for Rosalina I’m sure many people could get so much of that princess talking to me ^^’

Back to the illustration, I go the surprise see Mazzacho work on it while joining one of his stream on Picarto and must admit the first thing I did was make a screenshot that finally work well as wip to illustrate the post. This was the idea of a “fast speed drawing, thiught it’ll be Rosalina in defiant pose” (now you got where this post title is from). Mazzacho also do that kind of session when he can allow him a some drawing time to relax from work and I guess sometimes it would need more than an hour to remove the insane work pressure (and frustration) but boss and clients aren’t the most friendly thing in the designer universe. Maybe I’m wrong (tell me if I am) but in my opinion graphic designers never get credit they deserve even being so amazing, talented and patient able to deal with crazy clients and create masterpiece, why society is so unfair with these powerfull persons?

Last part Mazzacho worked on was the shiny and latex effect on boots giving Rosalina an incredible look, even more considering my high heels addiction… I really love lingerie/see-though but can’t deny latex also offer something really powerfull. Anyway I guess the most fun and interesting part of the stream was when Mazzacho played with layers effects giving Rosalina so many variations, sometimes lighter, sometimes dark and even getting transparent like a sexy stripper ghost princess when low opacity allowing to see the stool through Rosalina leg… ^^

I want to share so much love and thanks to Mazzacho for everything he do, here you can see the Rosalina drawing so you must consider the time and effort to work on it, the stream he did run to share it to everyone and finally that powerfull kindness he have. Honestly never do bad stuff to Mazzacho cause he fucking don’t deserve it, share love (yes), share support (yes too) and don’t hesitate visit like bellow to see more about him… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #894 – Femboy cutie
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#971 – Naughty teddy bear

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PATREON BONUS: The chamber of tentacles (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patreons)
+ Naughty teddy bear HD versions for 2$+ patreons (16 times bigger)
2020 – HAPPY NEW YEAR °w°
princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn latex sexy teddy bear princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn latex sexy teddy bear

2020 is starting and come the usual wishes for a wonderfull year, I do hope health and money for you as everyone wish each year but it don’t seems to works so much in general. Anyway let’s at last survive this new year and enjoy it the way we can… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

And another month going with the amazing support of my patrons, I know some of you are here since sooo long and never failed supporting the project and be sure it mean a lot to me. As you can see the RosalinaXGirl project is still running but I know you deserve don’t see it just going but growing and be part of something even more epic so let’s try for 2020. Also I’ll announce soon the winner of the ticketing raffle and talking about wishes, for 2020 I hope patreon wont put my account under review each time I say “raffle having to send the same answer each time to explain how it works (I even made a notepad to copy/paste each time) ^^’


Let’s Mazzacho be the first artist for in 2020, he did an insane support to the project and didn’t stopped create gorgeous Rosalina art so he totally deserve it. Also if Mazzacho continue that way I think there will be enough illustration to run the page for a full year (ok I exaggerate but maybe not that much) ^^

This piece started during a picarto stream, Mazzacho started to work on a gorgeous pin-up in latex with a giant teddy-bear and I got the surprise to discover the lady was Rosalina, even if they are dangerous to watch at work I’ll never miss a chance to enjoy those streams. No lie Rosalina’s suit is absolutely magic, first super hot for sure with those strippers heels and tight latex bodysuit any if you take time and watch closely there’s also a really hard work with details, shading and texture. Rosalina suit have lot of details with some extra straps/belts and you can notice the different part of the suit as example on the panty part that give an incredible realistic look and remind me the kind of gorgeous latex suit you can see on Twitter.

The bear looks pretty and fluffy and to me the more naughty in the scene is Rosalina but I was wrong cause did a mistake; in fact I made some screenshots during Mazzacho‘s stream to have a little step-by-step series that I unfortunately lost. It’s while searching those wips back that I discovered there was an alternative version that explain event more the “Naughty” attribute of this teddy bear and now Mazzacho‘s title goes totally accurate. I’m glad I figured about that mistake before the post so can show you both versions but also feel a bit stupid I missed it at first when Mazzacho posted it on his discord group (wasn’t enough attentive and thought he made a mistake posting the same illustration twice) ^^’

Once again thanks so much for this amazing piece and your support for the project my friend (seriously how you can still not be tired of Rosalina and me?). Also you guys are free to join on picarto and you can also commission Mazzacho while he stream, it’s 10$ for 1 hour session so pretty cheap and allow get some nice sketches or get an idea before maybe commission it to be fully colored… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #894 – Femboy cutie
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#968 – Busty Lumakini

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PATREON BONUS: Futa kitty and abused reindeer (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patreons)

Christmas soon and I do have an illustration that will be ready in time… Hopefully. I initially planned to post the illustration from December raffle next but will change a bit plans to get it for Christmas. Spending two days with family I wont have access to my computer to make the blog post so I’ll prepare everything this Monday and schedule it hopping all will work nicely on the blog and patreon… Suspense ^__^

I spent the week-end following two fiends that wanted to make a cosplay shooting under the snow (for someone that fear cold as much as me it’s totally suicidal) and the weather wasn’t friendly at all so we only got snow. Worse part is they want try again next week-end so I have less than a week to find a decent excuse to stay comfy and warm so feel free if you have some suggestions. Maybe food intoxication from Christmas dinner °o°


Today illustration is a little sketch I received as gift from the sweet AgentKrossi who made me the surprise of this little drawing after I talked whit him about my love for Rosalina (what a surprise) and the Lumakini that if you don’t know is a mix between Luma and bikini (that you can imagine from the reference on the left isn’t official at all). Interesting detail about the artist preference; AgentKrossi love really huge boobs and Rosalina’s breasts are the minimum he consider as acceptable. Just take a look at his gallery and you’ll see some ladies with really more crazy titties, there is also flattening illustration if you are into this fetish or just wanna discover the concept. ^^

AgentKrossi is also a sweet and erotic trap model, there is some photos on the gallery to discover this other side. Be sure being both model and artist need really lot of time and work but AgentKrossi is pretty lazy person at some persons (so do I admittedly) so feel free to share some love and nice comment to give some fuel and motivation to keep going, wouldn’t be fun to see another artist that give up U_u

One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
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#966 – Seductive biker princess

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PATREON BONUS: Princesses and Imp selfcest (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patreons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario sexy pinup biker suit

Still waiting for KittehSkye final suggestion for this month raffle that will be draw by Nakanakaiii, it fact it’s only about the situation that I need details since the character was already decided and approved by the artist. So if no changes I can tell Rosalina will join Abigail Williams from Fate series.

I got more information about the previous attack on the website (a brute force login one btw), according the report last week attack was made from Ukraine, I guess it’s the first time I got one from that country, should get a map and pin each continent that launch an attack. Of course it’s nothing important compared to some really huge attack to critical websites but it makes days a bit more spicy ^^


Today come a new surprise illustration from KaraTilli that he was secretly working on as same time of the Eevee crossover series, talking about that series let me show you the best one ever: the Rosalina-Eevee fusion that deserve love on the original post (here). The eevee project was a daily crossover made every day during a month (that finally stopped after 22 days) and between two “expected eevee illustrations I got the surprise see an unexpected biker Rosalina pinup coming… *o*

It sure was a big surprise and powerfull one for sure and I love it, also being trap addicted KaraTilli surprised me giving more curves to this perfect princess and I know it was part of making it even more perfect to me so I’m even more happy and thankfull with that gift (thanks sooo much <3). I unfortunately cannot tell more about the creation process receiving directly the final version but can tell KaraTilli made a last minute change adding the crown to Rosalina. She looks so incredible with a perfect silhouette that that tight suit sure adding a touch of sexiness for the most powerfull combo ever… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: KaraTilli / Gift
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
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#965 – Christmas is coming

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PATREON BONUS: Tentacle trapped with Miyamoto (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patreons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario christmas santa outfit pinup

Another attack on the site yesterday that was luckily a small one, still far to the one I got a year ago with around 90k connections in less than a minute and I guess this time is was just a small bot programmed to make 1.000 attempts before jump to the next website (according to the report I got). I’m still far to have to worry about an breach but still have to be careful. Honestly what annoy me the most is begin curious person I’m frustrated never know what the purpose of this attack, maybe to add some publicity, destroy the website asking money for the back-up or using it as host for phishing fake websites using the past existence of the website to get more “trust” about their links… No idea °o°

On most positive way it’s time fr a huge thanks for all my awesome patrons for their support (you rocks guys) and time to announce the winner to this month ticketing raffle (I have to precise or I get the monthly warning form patreon team since RNG raffles are forbidden). So the one getting the most ticket (before reset) is KittehSkye who can submit her favourite idea to be draw by Nakanakaiii who made the Kitties Rosalina and Rin duo. Also at this time let’s add an extra rule for a Christmas theme suggestion anyway it’s not an obligation ^^


And for today let’s keep Christmas spirit with a pretty traditional pinup made by Merethide two years ago. Initially it was an illustration the artist made by her own so no request or commission for that one, it’s buying the original drawing during a convention I got the right to also post it on the project. Reason the illustration come that late is two year ago I didn’t owned it and Christmas was over when I bought it. As for Christmas 2018 there was too much illustration waiting for too long that they got priority to this pinup that made me hold this one for another year in the folder (that’s so stupid I know)… ^^’

And now time to shine for the illustration but unfortunately not for Merethide that still remain silent since the beginning of the year after she became mother, her Tipeee page (a french equivalent of patreon) didn’t get update since January 2018. There’s anyway a little hope since Merethide took part to the “25h de la BD” event last month (25-hours-of-comic), the objective is to create a 12 pages comic (cover and credit included) in only 25 hours with a specific theme gave when the event start to be sure people don’t cheat starting before. No more update since that event but who know, let’s be optimistic for 2020 and see of she come with more time and motivation for arting, after all Merethide still own me a surprise box I ordered (and payed) but for this part I’m not totally sure there’s still a chance I get it a day ^^’

Artist: Merethide
Website (French):
Tipeee (French):
Facebook (French):
Deviantart (English):
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#960 – Beach sunset

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario luma sunset sea beach pretty relaxing

Still waiting for Jessica decision for the illustration by PlanZ34, anyway I know she’s fine and alive but just super busy (enough to make me think she work as director for the C.I.A.). Anyway it’s fine cause I commissioned PlanZ34 for another illustration totally NSFW and well, maybe a bit crazy situation (you know me) ^^’

Also have to think at something for Christmas, I know Lunakiri is ready draw something in that theme but I really can’t get something cool and original for Christmas scene so if you have some idea, it’s time to share °w°


An talking about Lunakiri, she’s the one behind this illustration, she worked on a traditional illustration of Rosalina and some of her Lumas enjoying the magnificent light of a warm sunset on a planet she may be the only to know. It makes me thing that everybody have secret places like in forest, beach or along a river and on her side Rosalina secret places are entire planets around the universe, she always know where spend the best holidays ever but as protector of the galaxy and adoptive mother of the entire Luma race I guess she can’t easily find free time to rest so even this short time enjoying this pretty sunset must be so precious and relaxing.

I really like the atmosphere in this illustration, Lunakiri managed something really pretty and peacefull, Rosalina pose, expression and really calm, the sunset in background for pretty and warm colors. With some imagination you can even hear the sounds of the sea and Lumas all still giving a relaxing feeling. It’s totally the illustration you can make a poster the admire during a yoga session (maybe start of a business plan for Lunakiri) XD

Artist: Lunakiri / Gift
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#958 – Rosalina Secretary doodle

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princess Rosalina nintendo pretty busty cleavage breasts secretary uniform princess

November 11th if off in France and this was a Monday this wear but finally the problem with extended weekend is you think you’ll have time to do lot of stuff and just end even more lazy than usual, I’m really sorry for the last post coming today. No worries anyway, I wasn’t totally unproductive and contacted some artists to start on new illustrations so stay tuned cause more Rosalina lewd is coming to the project °w°

Coincidence with today illustration, I got a warning from patreon about the trap orgy by Mazzacho I posted on September 4th 2016, don’t know why they took so long to react to this post that I’m pretty sure one one will now reach by scrolling on the main page. Maybe they updated their bot to detect more sensitive content, that’s the kind of update they never mention in their monthly newsletters ^^’


Of course Rosalina got many official outfits from Nintendo games and recently the witch costume for Halloween anyway it’s also nice to also goes a bit more original sometimes. After being a latex pin-up, gorgeous cow-girl or sexy bikini lady, here come a secretary Rosalina designed by Mazzacho perfectly mixing the proncess cuteness with a great cleavage bonus. This one was created during a sketch session on Mazzacho‘s picarto page when I got the surprise and honor to see Rosalina being the main subject of this session.. Oh yeah!!!

Can someone resist to this perfection?, An adorable face with cute glasses, a cleavage to admire her perfect breasts magnified by a lingerie touch from her blue bra and this continue with a delicious shape and stunning long legs in pantyhose to finish with some pretty heels. I also like the crown like a discrete aura to remind about her princess origins even if I have to admit her original crown is important part of her so the true design keep the best. Mazzacho managed the powerfull surprise of an alternative pose seeing Rosalina from back holding her heels, I must admit for an heels addict like me the holding heels touch is kinda effective on me ^^’

Due to his actual job and life you must be really careful and attentive with Mazzacho; he could be silent for a long time and them offer you a day filled with crazy livestreams so to be sure never miss updated I highly recommend you to follow his picarto page and join his discord group. Also patreon get as reward a wip of next illustration by Mazzacho who already released the final version on his patreon page if you would enjoy see a really sexy Rosalina in latex catsuit and stripper heels… °w°

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#957 – Real princess look

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princess Rosalina nintendo pretty bust princess

Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday are over for this year (guess which event made me the more crazy ;p) anyway to time to rest with celebration since now come the winner of November (ticketing) raffle. I start with a big hug to everybody coming to support me this month then congrats to Jessica winning this month. As for the artist I chosen one you discovered on the project just a week ago; it’s PlanZ34 who made the duo with Strawberry for Rosalina’s birthday that come with the mission make Jessica (safe or kinky) dream comes true… °w°

Also about the raffle, I messaged dsok135 to get some updated about the October raffle illustration and he said “been sick for a week or two but should be continuing to work on your drawing soon“. I hope everything will going fine now or I’ll start think that raffle illustrations are cursed with delay O_o


Now it’s time to present this new piece for the project and today come an illustration made by the adorable KaraTilli who used one of my cosplay photo as reference to draw this portrait, it was a so powerfull and lovely surprise. As you can see it really keep the spirit of the original photo where I was looking away for a mysterious and didn’t noticed that the crown was slowly falling during this shooting, I didn’t managed to redo those photos with crown at the right place cause they looked pretty and natural giving a nice cuteness touch to the set… ^^

Maybe this drawing make me notice even better I should really consider to get a new wig for my Rosalina cosplay when I look at the hair lock, seems it time for the wig to retire after more than 8 years wearing it to show Rosalina cuteness to the world during cons. Back to this illustration I love how sweet KaraTilli‘s illustration looks and another so amazing point is the feeling when you do something that an artist feel inspiriting to create a piece of art, I’m sure still far to be a start but that little tribute really mean a lot <3

If you take a look to KaraTilli‘s page on deviantart you can see he made another really adorable chibi Rosalina that totally deserve get a dedicated post here but also it’s actually the only drawing on his gallery. He’s sure a really amazing person with incredible positive and supportive vibe but also a lazy talented artist that really need love, support and a little pressure to make great stuff. I did my best to push KaraTilli to draw more and it worked for a moment but still not enough so I need you to drop more comments on him page to get it back to arting an release more of his work. Maybe I should steal his drive and leak the content inside but he sure will know it’s me… O_o

Artist: KaraTilli / Gift
One year ago: #822 – Tribute to Emmanuelle
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#954 – Officially the cutest witch

Have an happy and spooky Halloween

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princess Rosalina nintendo kart tour halloween witch

I finally admitted some parts of my project cannot keep going and yesterday I finally erased the SFW page of the website killing a part of my baby I managed to care for 10 years (honestly I still feel more sad than proud at this time). Actually the main url was the SFW page and most of the project content is NSFW so this was kind of broken considering traffic and visitors. It’s when I was told I cannot get the SFW illustration for Halloween that I took this decision and finally the illustration was made, kind of “ironical denouement” to not be too negative ^^’

There is still lot of work to fix links on posts/pages and also some parts that were damaged during the migration, also there is a huge work to do to keep the blog efficient since all links on other websites are now broken (as for patreon as example). On a more positive note I also managed to activate a SSL certificate for the website and the blog is now on https, nothing will change for visitors but this should give me better ranking on google. In fact most of the work on this project is invisible for visitors but important to keep the project running, I4ll get lot of work this week-end on that point so wish me good luck °o°


And here is the SFW illustration I was talking about; a pretty Rosalina witch added on Mario kart Tour for Halloween Tour 2019 as a separate playable character that was announced pretty close to Halloween so I didn’t expected find an artist to draw her in time. Against all odds this finally sounded possible when Lunakiri offered me to draw a traditional illustration with Rosalina in her witch outfit, I was super happy and excited having the chance come with something recent and actual with the project. All sounded so perfect and After Lunakiri sent me the first sketch (on the left) I know the most important was to be reactive with the post to get everything perfect °w°

Anyway things goes more complicated when Lunakiri told me “Sadly, I may not be able to get that done in time […] I’m having a really hard time with getting the sketch to work. It’s at this moment knowing there wont have content for the SFW page that I admitted there was a real problem and this place have no reason to keep existing, this leaded to the deletion of the SFW page originally named “Rosalina & Girl” and the transfer on the /NSFW website to the main url. Emotive part of me keep torturing me but the logic one say this was a good decision to take, never expected it would come that suddenly from an illustration by Lunakiri, I could say life is full of surprise but once again logic side say the main reason should be more my broken mind… ^^’

Next day was also filled with an unexpected surprise getting the finished version from Lunakiri, I was wondering if the fact she cannot do it was a joke saying I thought she cannot do it and the answer was “I didn’t think I’d be able to“. I sure was really excited get this magnificent Rosalina to show in time for Rosalina but it also disturbed me even more considering I finally received the SFW illustration I didn’t expected to come after deleting the SFW page wondering where to post it. Of course the illustration is here but will always go on place with an adult warning so cannot show it on places safe for everyone since there will have no post I can link to get traffic here and promote the project… why things are always so complicated guys? T_T

Artist: Lunakiri / Gift
One year ago: #822 – Tribute to Emmanuelle
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