#973 – Rosalina in defiant pose

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Needing my patrons advice today, actually Fernando Lloretwon this month raffle but each time I win the slot he remain silent to my messages (I hope you are fine man). So there was some months without a patreon raffle reward illustration like it could be this January but it’s a waste of power to make my dear supporters to participate. So what would you suggest to use unclaimed illustration slot guys?. Like a pool about character/pose but feel free if you get some suggestions and inspirations on stuff you would have fun participating ^^

Also soon Miku concert in Paris, I don’t understand why they decided make it happen on Thursday and sounds pretty stupid to me put it in the middle of the week considering the kind of people going for the show. Also there is a huge strike in France with many trains being cancelled so luckily I go with bus but I’m sure will give troubles to many peoples too. For now let’s hope everything will be fine and must decide what cosplay to wear at the even between Miku or Rin (also here is my Miku cosplay) °w°


And Mazzacho make the show one more time (proud of my rhyme), also for those that think it would be too much of the same artist I totally don’t care about that point. I love so much Mazzacho‘s art, style and kindness and be sure I’ll never be tired of publish his Rosalina illustration here, in fact this opinion hide a fear about the point Mazzacho could end tired of drawing Rosalina a day. It’s something that unfortunately happened and with a person like me that life for Rosalina I’m sure many people could get so much of that princess talking to me ^^’

Back to the illustration, I go the surprise see Mazzacho work on it while joining one of his stream on Picarto and must admit the first thing I did was make a screenshot that finally work well as wip to illustrate the post. This was the idea of a “fast speed drawing, thiught it’ll be Rosalina in defiant pose” (now you got where this post title is from). Mazzacho also do that kind of session when he can allow him a some drawing time to relax from work and I guess sometimes it would need more than an hour to remove the insane work pressure (and frustration) but boss and clients aren’t the most friendly thing in the designer universe. Maybe I’m wrong (tell me if I am) but in my opinion graphic designers never get credit they deserve even being so amazing, talented and patient able to deal with crazy clients and create masterpiece, why society is so unfair with these powerfull persons?

Last part Mazzacho worked on was the shiny and latex effect on boots giving Rosalina an incredible look, even more considering my high heels addiction… I really love lingerie/see-though but can’t deny latex also offer something really powerfull. Anyway I guess the most fun and interesting part of the stream was when Mazzacho played with layers effects giving Rosalina so many variations, sometimes lighter, sometimes dark and even getting transparent like a sexy stripper ghost princess when low opacity allowing to see the stool through Rosalina leg… ^^

I want to share so much love and thanks to Mazzacho for everything he do, here you can see the Rosalina drawing so you must consider the time and effort to work on it, the stream he did run to share it to everyone and finally that powerfull kindness he have. Honestly never do bad stuff to Mazzacho cause he fucking don’t deserve it, share love (yes), share support (yes too) and don’t hesitate visit like bellow to see more about him… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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