#1003 – Happy Moo Year

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Happy New Bullshit (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
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I know the place stay quiet lately, I don’t plan to let it die and be sure my love for Rosalina never stop growing (as the fear of my family and friends) but whatever. Reason is I’m now running two more projects one sfw linked to video games and one NSFW linked for cosplay (maybe you already heard about one of those). Main problem is they are all time and energy consuming so a reasoned person would take the decision to focus on one and pause the others but on my side… Well… Passion want me running all of them together ^^’

Also was curious how were going the website stats in 2021 (Took me 4 years stop using the term blog btw) and haven’t really dropped much finally so knowing people keep coming for the sake of that magnificent Rosalina on indecent yuri scenes a part of me feel I have to work harder for them. Also noticed a DDOS attack on January 22th as you can slightly notice on the left graph. I hope one day this will be cause the project being famous °w°


And this new update don’t come without reason; today we are celebrating Chinese new year and celebrations can’t be perfect without have Rosalina dressed as a cute cowgirl. As you may already know 2021 is the year of the cow bringing so much opportunities for pretty and sexy Moo girls illustrations and even real models cosplays. Anyway it’s nice to have ideas but without the help of artists nothing happen so let’s thanks Lunakiri for her supprot and hard work on this illustration… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

So much talking and (unfortunately) edits during the process of this illustration but the result worth it, first point was during the sketch process I requested Lunakiri to give Rosalina a nice sexy pose and also the biggest breasts she could manage cause can’t be a perfect sexy Moo girl without the mega milk breasts. Actually Rosalina breasts are twice bigger than they were on first sketch but part of me feel they can be much more bigger so maybe in the future I’ll find an artist that will allow me to get back with another sexy cowgirl Rosalina but this time having super mega milky breasts but for now we already have soft and skeshy breasts to enjoy… Oh yeah \(^o^)/

Second detail that you sure haven’t miss, Lunakiri came with two hairstyle that looked awesome and was super kind to accept draw both versions cause honestly choose one was too hardcore. I have an unwavering love for Rosalina since her first appearance on Mario Galaxy in 2007 so her original hairstyle is something important to me even if the ponytail became official on Mario 3D world when Rosalina get the fire plant power-up. Anyway the ponytail really gives Rosalina a magnificent and entertaining look from the sketch o I know on the final version it would be a really powerfull touch on that gorgeous princess and it does °w°

There was anyway less fun parts on the discussions during the creation process, one was about Rosalina legs being hidden on the sketch and it made Lunakiri a bit pissed that I haven’t insisted on that detail, this also moved to a misunderstanding cause after she said I’ll start over with a new pose I though she was going for a full redo and didn’t wanted go on that saying she must keep it and her insisting with I will redo it. several times. Finally this was just a change on the bottom part instead of full illustration redo so we did keep the powerfull spirit from the sketch and prevent Lunakiri waste hours on it. I feel bad for Lunakiri working quite hard on the illustration and don’t deserve such unpleasant debates and her patience with me, the edits took time but after that it was totally perfect so thanks sooo much <3

Last point was about Rosalina gloves; Lunakiri wanted them black cause “don’t like how you lose the hand in the pants, on my side I wanted to keep the gloves with cow prints but on more serious side anyone with any sense of aesthetics would not overlay 2 of the same pattern but finally I insisted to take the risk since the printed bra is the important bit for the theme. I hope you also like it that way guys. And no more long boring text, it’s time to give a last big hug to Lunakiri and thanks her for her hard work and join Rosalina to celebrate this new year (If only ^^’)…

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  1. Jess

    Hey, do you still plan to post on the Patreon? It seems to have been a while since you last posted on there (November 2020), just unsure if there’s a hiatus or something similar. Kind regards.

    1. Harmonie_Rosalina (Post author)

      Hello Jessica, my love for Rosalina will be eternal (or at last as long I can use a keyboard I don’t plan the website to stop). Made a post today here and on patreon to explain about the reasons. Also haven’t tell but my little sister got a heart surgery last week so we have a few weeks of emotional roller-coaster and this was way more exhausting that I expected. Anyway all goes well and she’s recovering now so… Yeah ^^

      1. Jess

        Ahh, that sounds very stressful. I’m glad to hear they’re recovering and that you’re doing alright as well. Hope I didn’t come off nosy or aggressive, just wanted to check is all.


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