#1005 – Princess at Overwatch academy

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie ponytail

And I’m writing this post enjoying Mazzacho‘s company from his stream on Picarto here). Tonight plan is going to get some quick illustrations with Rosalina and Lady Alcina Dimitrescu from Resident Evil. I have to admit I wasn’t really in a mood that I HAD to get this pairing until I saw Marie Bunnie’s fantastic cosplay of that tall vampire on this tweet. Looking gorgeous with perfect curves and also high heels °w°

And remember everyone that being a supporter on patreon give you exclusive content and for a limited time the ability to request any idea to be draw by Mazzacho as long it respect both artist and this project standards. I must admit the only rule is no men and extreme fetish (as gore, vore, scat…) but Mazzacho is quite open so can surprise you and what he can do. So if you have a crazy idea involving that gorgeous princess it’s time to make it shine °w°


And today I’m happy to introduce Sashimi Chan, I commissioned this great Japanese artist for a duo with Rosalina and D.va being member of the Overwatch academy. There is some skins I really love from Overwatch and the Academy D.va is one of my favorite so I had to manage it someday and I did. surprisingly I goes with soemethign pretty sweet and soft for a schoolgirl duo when you know how much people can fantasize about this kind of teenager uniform. Anyway Sashimi Chan‘s style was so promising for this duo and following the artist style/spirit there was no way to go into something too explicit or indecent.

I’ll never be tired to say the mix between cuteness and sexiness is something really powerfull and if you take a look at Sashimi Chan‘s gallery then no doubt he can create something gorgeous following that spirit. Both girls looking adorable and an skirt up just enough to tease Rosalina’s pretty lace panties, no way you are in heaven. Anyway this commission bring back some old demons; it was all made in a row and Sashimi Chan was really kind making some screenshots during the process but he drew Peach instead of Rosalina. Remind me the old time at cons when I was called Peach being cosplayed as Rosalina and seems even now I still have to continue my quest to make the world know about Rosalina (and the difference between blue and pink) ^^’

Of course this story have a happy end since Sashimi Chan edited the illustration to show Rosalina by changing the hairstyle, now it looks perfect and at some point I wont a bonus alternative version so no way to complain. I hope you guys like this piece and if you want to see more don’t miss visit Sashimi Chan‘s page and gallery that have more than a thousand illustration (and damn, there’s a lot of gorgeous pieces). You can also support him on patreon or help his youtube channel to start if you enjoy see about speedpainting and process. Don’t forget than being a drawing you have a cool artist and hours of work so giving a few minutes to show some support and feedback is always good… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#1002 – Mazzacho’s celebration

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy magazine celebration milestone princess Rosalina nintendo sexy magazine celebration milestone princess Rosalina nintendo sexy magazine celebration milestone

2021 is here and it’s time to wish good luck to everybody for this new year. I would like to stay positive and hope all the best but 2020 was quite rough on my side for several reasons and those are still around like Corona-chan for example but other things that I’m sorry but can’t talk about. Anyway once again 2021 is here so I can’t just continue myself on that way, for some people the 1st is just another day but let’s use it as excuse to bring back some energy and give a big spank to all those bad habits and troubles that keep hold me… Oh yeah… °w°

Not sure about what else to say, for now this new year is just starting and hopefully can’t go worse so let’s do our best improve it but still, never stop be careful with what outside so take care of you and people you love ^^


Another change of plan since the previous publication cause artists never stop surprises me as Mazzacho did after the 1.000th illustration release, don’t worry the KDA illustration will come next (if another unexpected event come until). So after linking the 1.000th milestone where he was featured, Mazzacho decided create something that I discovered while he started to stream the illustration with a lovely Rosalina pin-up siting on a huge 1000th. The only unfair point is being at work while he was streaming so cannot fully enjoy his live but there was regular wips shared on Mazzacho’s discord group to be sure don’t miss the progress and evolution… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Be sure that Mazzacho have an heart as bit as he’s talented (careful I’m talking really seriously here) and I was quite wondering if we would make something by himself to celebrate the 1.000th illustration for the project, honestly according his super busy schedule with work and family adding the time need a full drawing I expected like a sweet doodle but I did underestimate his power. Still being serious there is dozen of Rosalina illustrations by Mazzacho that need to be published, many sexy doodles and pretty sketches that deserve love and attention so stay tuned °w°

Last bonus is a magazine style rendering that is pretty cool that remind me about Mazzacho maybe a day we’ll get the magazine printed but I would keep all copy for myself (^^’). Theres sure more coming but if you can’t wait for more, you can find a lot (with bonus) on Mazzacho’s patreon page so don’t mind have a (pervert) sneak peak.

Artist: Mazzacho / gift
Discord: discord.gg/YxHg49Q
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
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#998 – Making friends at Overwatch academy

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai crossover overwatch diva d.va academy schoolgirl sexy ecchi Peach nintendo sexy ecchi hentai crossover overwatch diva d.va academy schoolgirl sexy ecchi

Make the selection for the summer Rosalina outfit was way more challenging than expected, I was searching on several places and was never save from being amazed by artists skills and creativity anyway to make something decent I had to make a small selection and this wasn’t easy decision time. Another problem was about SFW/NSFW, the easier i of course to show the SFW versions that can easily be used in more kinky scenes anyway there was some illustration that added details to outfit like a bikini to the summer outfit in Mario Kart Tour. Whatever decision was made so be ready cause it’s now time to vote on patreon… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

And talking about news we can’t miss Corona-Chan that is still ragging around the world, in France the number of cases is going up again but (for now) it’s still not enough to be called a second wave. Government made new rules with more places that you have obligation wear the mask but honestly there still so much people acting stupidly and after 3 months of lockdown and 2 more wearing the mask all the time I can it’s getting harder to have people keep it, especially with summer heat that make it even more uncomfortable O_o


After bikini time with the Waveracer skin (on the left), D.va (from Overwatch) is back with Rosalina with an illustration based on her Academy skin so every schoolgirl uniform will enjoy this new illustration commissioned to Sashlmlsan.

My favourite Overwatch character in Symmetra that have a really cool design and I have the chance to get her drew by Lunakiri who did a incredible job on the outfit folds an shading, Symmetra is still my favourite based on the champions classic design but with time there was many cool skins created. I was really hyped with the Academy and Waveracer look on D.va (even more having an excuse for Lumakini with the second one) and I’m glad I managed have both on the project. I know the main objective is have Rosalina meet as much different ladies as possible so D.va coming 3 times can be a lot but I guess I’m done now (until more gorgeous skins from Blizzard) and I still hope you enjoyed this duo and the great work made by Sashlmlsan on this last one but also artists who worked hard on the other pieces… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

The idea was to dress Rosalina in the same outfit as D.va like they are in the same Academy instead of ask Sashlmlsan to use another design or colour shape on Rosalina and break this harmony (also you don’t get the importance of this word until you know that Harmonie is Rosalina’s French name). Also this time it was decided to get a soft illustration with light sexiness, the result is still super gorgeous looking and since Sashlmlsan is on deviantart it’s easier to share on that place with no censoring needed and risk of reports °o°

After we finished talking about the commission idea, Sashlmlsan made all work from sketch to colouring sending me all at once when she was done and there was a “special surprise” when I noticed she drew D.va with Peach instead of Rosalina. This sure was really confusing since I got the wrong girl and also to see that 10 years after Rosalina’s first appearance there is still people that mistaken her with Peach. I told Sashlmlsan about my concern feeling bad cause the illustration was already finished and still well made and she offered me to make an edit with Rosalina, as you can see with the final version all perfectly, one on hand I get the Rosalina and D.va illustration I was dreaming about and on the other hand I have a cool alternative bonus version for Peach lovers… °w°

Artist: Sashlmlsan / 40$ commission
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#979 – Sweet demon lover

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Summer bubble-cum (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario crossover filia skullgirl cute chibi heart valentine

It was announced to be “Shiny ladies” as next publication but there was change of plan getting the opportunity of a romantic illustration to post on Valentine day. I also delayed the publication to come in time for this day even if for some peoples it’s not a super amazing day (I’m single at this time so know the feeling). There’s some considering V-day as a commercial event that isn’t needed for people to show their love, quite true for sure but I guess this logic came as excuse for people frustrated of not spending this one with their beloved. Anyway everyday deserve to be a great day so Happy Valentine day and… Week-end soon \(^o^)/

Once again I’m sorry for Mazzacho that will have wait a little more before his drawing can shine on this place but no worries my friend, there’s no reason I can forget you and that illustration will come for sure ^__^


And today come a romantic illustration with Filia from Skullgirls for the spirit of Valentine day, this one came in pretty unexpected way after I helped Lunakiri to get a bottle of Advil (it’s so hard lately that some people can allow themselves some basic medication stuff), as thanks so offered me to create a chibi illustration of my choice. To help me decide, Lunakiri linked me a folder with base poses references for chibis and I found a lovely one that could make a sweet piece for Valentine, I quickly goes sending it before get my attention on others ideas that would make it so hard to choose… °o°

The pose was picked and locked so second step was decide who will be Rosalina’s lover on this drawing, it’s on this part there was too much ideas and indecision in my mind so I asked Lunakiri if she can give me an idea whatever the direction and she said how about an angel+devil look? Rosa + Filia from Skullgirls?. I really loved the idea of angel and demon duo that sounds classic but always so magic (totally suits Rosalina) and Lunakiri sure know about her chibi style better than mean so suggesting Filia then I had no doubts the character would fit perfectly the drawing. Also she was a character that Lunakiri chosen (so obliviously like her) and who never met Rosalina so it was just perfect way to get a new lady for the project while keep fun and freedom for the artist… °w°

There was also the point of giving Rosalina her casual dress or give her a white outfit to work even better on the angel look, my side I wanted be sure people recognize Rosalina so Lunakiri offered to keep the same dress, make it lighter coloured, and add in a luma or two, sounded perfect to me. Considering the background and atmosphere, it first was decided to Lumas on Rosalina side only there wasn’t anything linked to Filia that could on her side there was some extra curious Lumas added during the sketch process. Later we found that Filia’s hair can take any shape or form but we found nothing from that ability we could use as great addition for the illustration so kept going with the initial Lumas idea (not big deal, Lumas are the cutest creature ever). ^^

The final illustration looks really amazing and pretty, not too much time to work on it anyway Lunakiri promised she would finish the illustration in time and did it, not the first time she work on an illustration with deadline for the project and always managed to finish in time, thanks so much for your great work. There’s just one bad new considering Lunakiri started record the process to make a speed-drawing video but there was an accident that damaged the sketch, not much but a mark with no idea where it come from, at first Lunakiri wanted to fully redo but didn’t wanted her waste to much time. Finally this mark isn’t visible on the final illustration using a darker colour on Filia hairs to hide it but there wont be video about coming in the future, bit annoying but could have been worse so let’s not complain and enjoy this adorable scene ^__^

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#977 – Blinded experience

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Nessa exploring a new world (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

I was invited by a friend to join him yesterday on a trip for a cosplay shooting in the snow and I made the mistake to accept (half joking, it was good time), anyway the main problems were that I first don’t like cold at all and on second side all cosplay I do are really light so way better for a warm summer than deadly winter. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to change myself due to the cold but after so long way in read and walking in the snow would have been stupid fail at this time so I did it and survived… \(^o^)/

More sad part is compared to me my friend have absolutely no skills taking photography so I managed alone make a few before I needed put my regular clothes back due to my fingers that hurts so much, on his side my friend got a great shooting and many cool photos so sounds bit like a waste honestly. This made me super busy yesterday and for today the plan was on publish this post and find a good artist for February patreon raffle… Stay tuned for the announcement °w°


And today a special piece that join the collection, a little weird and sure original but this drawing from Lunakiri is the result of a new experience/challenge so did; blind drawing. This started with video she sent me to show about this challenge with a man drawing sangoku and being crazy it’s also super hilarious thenLunakiri wanted to try on this challenge and offered me to pick Rosalina to go with. I must admit looking at this destroyed Sangoku a the end of the video I was a little scary for Rosalina but this sounded so cool and fun that I cannot refuse getting something really special to show here °o°

On a powerfull side Lunakiri managed to clean enough space in her camera to record the full process and create a video as you can see, I would like to talk about it and comment but would be hard without some spoil. On the sad side I could just say Lunakiri unfortunately didn’t dressed as Rosalina like in the video she sent me where the artist managed get Sangoku outfit. On a more serious topic I wanted to keep the surprise of the result from this experience so so see about the final illustration you can watch the video or directly click on the right illustration to reveal the drawing and spoil yourself… Your call guys ^__^

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#966 – Seductive biker princess

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario sexy pinup biker suit

Still waiting for KittehSkye final suggestion for this month raffle that will be draw by Nakanakaiii, it fact it’s only about the situation that I need details since the character was already decided and approved by the artist. So if no changes I can tell Rosalina will join Abigail Williams from Fate series.

I got more information about the previous attack on the website (a brute force login one btw), according the report last week attack was made from Ukraine, I guess it’s the first time I got one from that country, should get a map and pin each continent that launch an attack. Of course it’s nothing important compared to some really huge attack to critical websites but it makes days a bit more spicy ^^


Today come a new surprise illustration from KaraTilli that he was secretly working on as same time of the Eevee crossover series, talking about that series let me show you the best one ever: the Rosalina-Eevee fusion that deserve love on the original post (here). The eevee project was a daily crossover made every day during a month (that finally stopped after 22 days) and between two “expected eevee illustrations I got the surprise see an unexpected biker Rosalina pinup coming… *o*

It sure was a big surprise and powerfull one for sure and I love it, also being trap addicted KaraTilli surprised me giving more curves to this perfect princess and I know it was part of making it even more perfect to me so I’m even more happy and thankfull with that gift (thanks sooo much <3). I unfortunately cannot tell more about the creation process receiving directly the final version but can tell KaraTilli made a last minute change adding the crown to Rosalina. She looks so incredible with a perfect silhouette that that tight suit sure adding a touch of sexiness for the most powerfull combo ever… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: KaraTilli / Gift
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
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#965 – Christmas is coming

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario christmas santa outfit pinup

Another attack on the site yesterday that was luckily a small one, still far to the one I got a year ago with around 90k connections in less than a minute and I guess this time is was just a small bot programmed to make 1.000 attempts before jump to the next website (according to the report I got). I’m still far to have to worry about an breach but still have to be careful. Honestly what annoy me the most is begin curious person I’m frustrated never know what the purpose of this attack, maybe to add some publicity, destroy the website asking money for the back-up or using it as host for phishing fake websites using the past existence of the website to get more “trust” about their links… No idea °o°

On most positive way it’s time fr a huge thanks for all my awesome patrons for their support (you rocks guys) and time to announce the winner to this month ticketing raffle (I have to precise or I get the monthly warning form patreon team since RNG raffles are forbidden). So the one getting the most ticket (before reset) is KittehSkye who can submit her favourite idea to be draw by Nakanakaiii who made the Kitties Rosalina and Rin duo. Also at this time let’s add an extra rule for a Christmas theme suggestion anyway it’s not an obligation ^^


And for today let’s keep Christmas spirit with a pretty traditional pinup made by Merethide two years ago. Initially it was an illustration the artist made by her own so no request or commission for that one, it’s buying the original drawing during a convention I got the right to also post it on the project. Reason the illustration come that late is two year ago I didn’t owned it and Christmas was over when I bought it. As for Christmas 2018 there was too much illustration waiting for too long that they got priority to this pinup that made me hold this one for another year in the folder (that’s so stupid I know)… ^^’

And now time to shine for the illustration but unfortunately not for Merethide that still remain silent since the beginning of the year after she became mother, her Tipeee page (a french equivalent of patreon) didn’t get update since January 2018. There’s anyway a little hope since Merethide took part to the “25h de la BD” event last month (25-hours-of-comic), the objective is to create a 12 pages comic (cover and credit included) in only 25 hours with a specific theme gave when the event start to be sure people don’t cheat starting before. No more update since that event but who know, let’s be optimistic for 2020 and see of she come with more time and motivation for arting, after all Merethide still own me a surprise box I ordered (and payed) but for this part I’m not totally sure there’s still a chance I get it a day ^^’

Artist: Merethide
Website (French): www.merethide.com
Tipeee (French): www.tipeee.com/merethide
Facebook (French): www.facebook.com/Merethide
Deviantart (English): www.merethide.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (English): www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Mere
One year ago: #744 – Naughty schoolgirl’s favorite toys
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#960 – Beach sunset

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario luma sunset sea beach pretty relaxing

Still waiting for Jessica decision for the illustration by PlanZ34, anyway I know she’s fine and alive but just super busy (enough to make me think she work as director for the C.I.A.). Anyway it’s fine cause I commissioned PlanZ34 for another illustration totally NSFW and well, maybe a bit crazy situation (you know me) ^^’

Also have to think at something for Christmas, I know Lunakiri is ready draw something in that theme but I really can’t get something cool and original for Christmas scene so if you have some idea, it’s time to share °w°


An talking about Lunakiri, she’s the one behind this illustration, she worked on a traditional illustration of Rosalina and some of her Lumas enjoying the magnificent light of a warm sunset on a planet she may be the only to know. It makes me thing that everybody have secret places like in forest, beach or along a river and on her side Rosalina secret places are entire planets around the universe, she always know where spend the best holidays ever but as protector of the galaxy and adoptive mother of the entire Luma race I guess she can’t easily find free time to rest so even this short time enjoying this pretty sunset must be so precious and relaxing.

I really like the atmosphere in this illustration, Lunakiri managed something really pretty and peacefull, Rosalina pose, expression and really calm, the sunset in background for pretty and warm colors. With some imagination you can even hear the sounds of the sea and Lumas all still giving a relaxing feeling. It’s totally the illustration you can make a poster the admire during a yoga session (maybe start of a business plan for Lunakiri) XD

Artist: Lunakiri / Gift
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Lunakiri
One year ago: #822 – Tribute to Emmanuelle
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#957 – Real princess look

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princess Rosalina nintendo pretty bust princess

Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday are over for this year (guess which event made me the more crazy ;p) anyway to time to rest with celebration since now come the winner of November (ticketing) raffle. I start with a big hug to everybody coming to support me this month then congrats to Jessica winning this month. As for the artist I chosen one you discovered on the project just a week ago; it’s PlanZ34 who made the duo with Strawberry for Rosalina’s birthday that come with the mission make Jessica (safe or kinky) dream comes true… °w°

Also about the raffle, I messaged dsok135 to get some updated about the October raffle illustration and he said “been sick for a week or two but should be continuing to work on your drawing soon“. I hope everything will going fine now or I’ll start think that raffle illustrations are cursed with delay O_o


Now it’s time to present this new piece for the project and today come an illustration made by the adorable KaraTilli who used one of my cosplay photo as reference to draw this portrait, it was a so powerfull and lovely surprise. As you can see it really keep the spirit of the original photo where I was looking away for a mysterious and didn’t noticed that the crown was slowly falling during this shooting, I didn’t managed to redo those photos with crown at the right place cause they looked pretty and natural giving a nice cuteness touch to the set… ^^

Maybe this drawing make me notice even better I should really consider to get a new wig for my Rosalina cosplay when I look at the hair lock, seems it time for the wig to retire after more than 8 years wearing it to show Rosalina cuteness to the world during cons. Back to this illustration I love how sweet KaraTilli‘s illustration looks and another so amazing point is the feeling when you do something that an artist feel inspiriting to create a piece of art, I’m sure still far to be a start but that little tribute really mean a lot <3

If you take a look to KaraTilli‘s page on deviantart you can see he made another really adorable chibi Rosalina that totally deserve get a dedicated post here but also it’s actually the only drawing on his gallery. He’s sure a really amazing person with incredible positive and supportive vibe but also a lazy talented artist that really need love, support and a little pressure to make great stuff. I did my best to push KaraTilli to draw more and it worked for a moment but still not enough so I need you to drop more comments on him page to get it back to arting an release more of his work. Maybe I should steal his drive and leak the content inside but he sure will know it’s me… O_o

Artist: KaraTilli / Gift
One year ago: #822 – Tribute to Emmanuelle
Next to come: Rosalina Secretary doodle (ecchi)
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#954 – Officially the cutest witch

Have an happy and spooky Halloween

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princess Rosalina nintendo kart tour halloween witch

I finally admitted some parts of my project cannot keep going and yesterday I finally erased the SFW page of the website killing a part of my baby I managed to care for 10 years (honestly I still feel more sad than proud at this time). Actually the main url was the SFW page and most of the project content is NSFW so this was kind of broken considering traffic and visitors. It’s when I was told I cannot get the SFW illustration for Halloween that I took this decision and finally the illustration was made, kind of “ironical denouement” to not be too negative ^^’

There is still lot of work to fix links on posts/pages and also some parts that were damaged during the migration, also there is a huge work to do to keep the blog efficient since all links on other websites are now broken (as for patreon as example). On a more positive note I also managed to activate a SSL certificate for the website and the blog is now on https, nothing will change for visitors but this should give me better ranking on google. In fact most of the work on this project is invisible for visitors but important to keep the project running, I4ll get lot of work this week-end on that point so wish me good luck °o°


And here is the SFW illustration I was talking about; a pretty Rosalina witch added on Mario kart Tour for Halloween Tour 2019 as a separate playable character that was announced pretty close to Halloween so I didn’t expected find an artist to draw her in time. Against all odds this finally sounded possible when Lunakiri offered me to draw a traditional illustration with Rosalina in her witch outfit, I was super happy and excited having the chance come with something recent and actual with the project. All sounded so perfect and After Lunakiri sent me the first sketch (on the left) I know the most important was to be reactive with the post to get everything perfect °w°

Anyway things goes more complicated when Lunakiri told me “Sadly, I may not be able to get that done in time […] I’m having a really hard time with getting the sketch to work. It’s at this moment knowing there wont have content for the SFW page that I admitted there was a real problem and this place have no reason to keep existing, this leaded to the deletion of the SFW page originally named “Rosalina & Girl” and the transfer on the /NSFW website to the main url. Emotive part of me keep torturing me but the logic one say this was a good decision to take, never expected it would come that suddenly from an illustration by Lunakiri, I could say life is full of surprise but once again logic side say the main reason should be more my broken mind… ^^’

Next day was also filled with an unexpected surprise getting the finished version from Lunakiri, I was wondering if the fact she cannot do it was a joke saying I thought she cannot do it and the answer was “I didn’t think I’d be able to“. I sure was really excited get this magnificent Rosalina to show in time for Rosalina but it also disturbed me even more considering I finally received the SFW illustration I didn’t expected to come after deleting the SFW page wondering where to post it. Of course the illustration is here but will always go on place with an adult warning so cannot show it on places safe for everyone since there will have no post I can link to get traffic here and promote the project… why things are always so complicated guys? T_T

Artist: Lunakiri / Gift
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Lunakiri
One year ago: #822 – Tribute to Emmanuelle
Next to come: Birthday time \(^o^)/
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#926 – Sweet Rosalina remake

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PATREON BONUS: Old abandoned doodles (NSFW sketches for 1$+ patrons)

Still waiting I already got the character but still waiting for Jessica idea to start the May raffle illustration, I know how hard it is to pick an idea when there is so many that pop in your mind and just hope she haven’t forget about it. Anyway there’s no deadline and need to hurry so everything fine, I still have great pieces in stock and coming for the project and I hope you’ll like them… °w°
Also working of the blog, I did exported all posts to make some general edits and when importing them back there is some parts of the code broken in all posts, now need repair all one by one (and important back the previous file don’t fix it, I tried) T_T


Today let’s me present Daikirikun who recently contacted me offering and kindly offered to participate to the project, I’m already so honored when artist like the project and offer to participate without I need find them from a spamming session (I know it’s not nice). whatever what is interesting her is Daikirikun‘s idea to redraw an illustration for 2016 to give it a nice and fresh look, you can see on the right the original one by dcb2art if you are curious, one being traditional and the new one in digital art style, which one is your favourite guys?
No use to tell both illustration looks really different, of course traditional keep something interesting that let you see about the artist technique and create a unique physical piece anyway Daikirikun get really more shin and pastel colours with great shading that turn it absolutely pretty with a perfect summer atmosphere. I really like that dress design that I personally consider as a swimsuit even if the outfit was “inspired by Kotobukiya’s Alisa bosconovitch figure by Shunya Yamashita” (on the right). It’s interesting to see a piece can inspire a new one that will also inspire a new one creating a chain or art with time and maybe there will be an artist that will use Daikirikun‘s illustration as reference or inspiration in the future, who know… °o°
Once again it’s a big thanks to Daikirikun who helped the project grow with another adorable illustration and was really fun to make research to find the true origin of this outfit design. If you want to see more don’t hesitate to take a look to the places listed below where you can find more by Daikirikun, so much lovely or cool piece and even more Rosalina art like the summer jump illustration on the left… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#923 – Jinxed duo

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PATREON BONUS: Peach and Rosalina scissoring (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

Nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover league of legends jinx cute
Times fly and May already here so it’s time to announce Jessica as winner of this month raffle on patreon getting an illustration from Sixmi34. He was intended to work on March reward but got his DeviantArt account suspended a month so no way contact him, now we are connected on discord so he can’t escape… °w°
Also warm days are back as convention and cosplay stuff, this Sunday will be first of the year and first ever for my little sister going as Rosalina tennis being protected by a well armed 2B (myself) and 9S (little brother). I’ll sure be so happy but dressed as 2B wont be easy run behind her with 20cm heels boots and blind eyes so I’m enthusiastic but little stressed too cause I’m not really homogeneous with these crazy mangas and animes addicts… ^^’


And here come another sweet sweet duo with Rosalina and Jinx from league of legends made by Mad-Red-RidingHood that identify herself at this character a lot (and I can tell you it’s pretty accurate). Rosalina with a so adorable look and Jinx little more serious but so friendly, when you know how crazy is the original character it’s not often I see a Jinx that look enough sweet to (hopefully) let you alive after you give her a hug. I hope you guys also like the lovely feeling from this drawing… ^__^
I sure really love this illustration that cute looks so adorable but bit sad Mad-Red-RidingHood made Rosalina’s hair lock on the wrong side, she also already worked on the character so know her but I know that princess hairstyle is kinda tricky and make you go wrong with some poses to not get her face completely hidden. Anyway what surprise me the most is about the illustration style, at some point it looks like a collage that was flipped but I wasn’t able find any illustration that could be used as reference so it must be a true drawing. Makes me love and admire and love even more that illustration and feel sorry to Mad-Red-RidingHood since I doubted of her illustration… I’m sorry… U_u
Sad part, there was no updates on her page for a long time and when I asked if everything fine then Mad-Red-RidingHood told me she left DeviantArt cause of the fake people in there. I personally hear many person having problems or dramas on that place and many people are into quit that place (and being applauded). I’m only in that place to search for more artists but seems not only the moderators start to be a problem there. Now I’m curious is there isany other d.a. users having troubles lately? °o°

Artist: Mad-Red-RidingHood / Request
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#920 – Easter show has started

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PATREON BONUS: Easter show alternative version (for 5$+ patrons)
princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi animated gif easter bunny dancing bouncing breasts

Of course it’s time to wish you wonderfull Easter being fun, tasty and even kinky, and a hug to all my Spanish friends that have really boring and annoying tradition their side with the saint week. Photo on the left is sure humorous but you can see it’s quite another spirit than our tasty eggs and cute bunnies… ^^’
Talking about Easter, In France we have Monday off to celebrate it and I though we were lucky until know English people get both Friday and Sunday off. Anyway considering U.S. people have no day off it’s still nice and also makes me curious. How you guys celebrate Easter your side? Would be interesting see the difference between each countries °o°


At first I received the sketchy animation you can see on the left as birthday gift and the-4got10-one promised me to finish it a day, anyway I already received some great illustration as gift from him and I know the insane work behind and illustration so it sounded too much (anyway I sure was so amazed and honored by this gift). Finally I told the-4got10-one I’ll go for a proper commission to finish this illustration at its right and fair price even if it would be pain for the budget. As you can see it was pretty much expensive considering my actual budget but I wanted keep my promise and the final piece really worth it… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Working on the illustration, the animation move was already set from the beginning and there was just two edits made during the process, first one was on the breast move and you can see the second version the-4got10-one sent me on the left.The bouncing is still a bit off in my opinion but manage anatomy in animation is not easy task and at some point the exaggerated bouncing make it even more sexy. The second edit was a little mistake that the-4got10-one noticed in time just before start coloring telling me “I was about to color it but then I realized that I forgot to give her the bunny ears“, I feel stupid I missed it my side but no doubt we now have a perfect princess bunny ready for the show… ^__^
I really love the result, the-4got10-one made a really sexy and well made animation, breasts bouncing is quite a challenge but the result is pretty smooth and mixing cuteness and sexiness in so nicely way… Also I told the-4got10-one there was no need to rush or deadline but managed one his time being used to having time limits and was got time since we finally get it in time for Easter. Also the-4got10-one get his inspiration from the artist Diives that is quiet an amazing reference so if he keep practice that way no doubt epic stuff is coming… °w°
My only regret is the-4got10-one posted on D.A. without watermark saying “I want others to see all of Rosalina” so it make my efforts promote my page totally useless side since people will just go share his version without watermark and I lost a powerful way to advertise my project with this animation. Also as you can imagine animated stuff need a lot of work so are also more pricey and made a nice hole in my budget, I was so happy get an amazing animation to promote my page and finally get it’s power lost. Also ironically I decided to get the second version with background to be patreon only to get a chance compensate this mistake but I feel being forcefull putting Rosalina art being a paywall and I totally don’t like that feeling… Bwaaaa… T_T

Artist: the-4got10-one / 50$ commission
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#918 – Chibi dress-up

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PATREON BONUS: Independent HD versions (for 2$+ patrons)

princess rosalina Nintendo cute chibi casual dress tennis biker catgirl neko gymnastic
And congrat to Tallon who won April patreon raffle and can request an illustration from Garlberts that made the Rosalina and Agent-K illustration you can see on the left… Let see what idea he will have for Rosalina °o°
Also I finally got something ready for Easter and be sure there is insane level (admitting it also broke this month budget) so I hope you guys are hyped for this and will love see some Easter bunny Rosalina… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


And there is a new illustration by Lunakiri who created so adorable chibis and I really wanted get something that style from her for the project to show this part of her art and also get something cute to post here. Since chibi are kinda tricky for duo and interactions I asked to go for a little series based of Rosalina game outfits. It’s also something I could use to decorate the page in the future if I find a great way to use them… °w°
Thinking about the illustration there was 5 different outfits that came in my mind to requested to Lunakiri; classic, biker, tennis, gymnastic and catgirl that all turned so pretty in this style. Considering she was able to draw 3 chibis per page Lunakiri what could be the 6th chibi and I wanted able to find anything. It’s thinking at it again that I noticed there was other costumes I forgot to consider like Tanooki, fire dress and even Hammer Rosalina. I must admit I’m not fan of the fire dress myself since they changed her hairstyle for a ponytail that I know many people like (Samus addict I see you) anyway for me the true and original Rosalina I was in love playing Mario Galaxy will always be the best one ever… °w°
As you can see with the sketches on the left, Lunakiri made a first try with the classic, catgirl and gymnastic but wasn’t happy with them so tried tried another way and as you can can see the second attempt really ended so beautifull. All totally adorable with nice details and pose so if you ask me about my favorite I couldn’t answer. Gymnastic is dynamic, the classic dress have a great shape adding a more sexy touch, catgirl is calling for hugs, tennis staring as you ready for challenge and the tight biker suit… All have their way to be magic ^__^
I got separated scan in HD for each chibi that goes as patreon reward, it’s always nice to enjoy higher resolution were appear more details and the artist work then you can try investigate to see about the techniques used even if the easier way is to look at Lunakiri’s speedpainting videos on her youtube page. Also about the illustration itself, being made in traditional media the best version remain the original piece owned by Lunakiri, it’s the true one holding the artist soul and spirit that no one can copy/paste, magic of traditional art… °o°

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#911 – Kigurumi Rosalina

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PATREON BONUS: Daoko so wet as pretty (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

I guess Americans people can easily make some jokes about this publication numeral. A lot know 911 and 112 are the world’s standard emergency numbers, maybe you learned something. Only exception are for China, Australia and most of Oceania that use another one or even don’t have emergency number.
Also when you are into spend hours to manage the website editing posts in html be sure the most interesting part in wordpress is the part about attack report. Despite the spam comment I got (and that actually increased the website traffic), last week I had more blocked ip from U.S. than China, be sure it’s not common at all… ^^


Here is an Illustration I received before create Where is my pokemon? project, and that I missed to add one the page once it was created. Here is a cute traditional illustration with Rosalina wearing a Pikachu kigurumi created by an old friend named Lucie. Maybe the reason I haven’t considered it on the pokemon page is it’s a solo Rosalina and not a duo with a pokemon lady but whatever, now let’s add this one… °w°
As you can see with the name of the project, my dream is to pair Rosalina with a lot of other girls so solo could sounds disappointing but in fact I’m always so happy with a so ravishing Rosalina drawing to share. If you wonder why this idea from Lucie, simply because it was her cosplay at the time I requested a Rosalina illustration so for me this one is also a nice memory from our cosplay meetings.
Sad part is I lost contact with everybody Lucie included, at a moment she planned to do Rosalina cosplay and did it but I was never able see her dressed as Rosalina even in photos (I’m sure you can feel my frustration about this). It’s after that I considered cosplay Rosalina myself and it’s another frustration some months later that moved me to go seriously for it, looking at the actual situation so it could have be great thing finally. Anyway as if I now crossplay as Rosalina, meet another Rosalina cosplayer is always something so magic (and dramatic at same time since I know I’ll never meet her again)… Bwaaaaaaa… O_o

Artist: Lucie / Request
No places where to find this artist
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