#918 – Chibi dress-up

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princess rosalina Nintendo cute chibi casual dress tennis biker catgirl neko gymnastic
And congrat to Tallon who won April patreon raffle and can request an illustration from Garlberts that made the Rosalina and Agent-K illustration you can see on the left… Let see what idea he will have for Rosalina °o°
Also I finally got something ready for Easter and be sure there is insane level (admitting it also broke this month budget) so I hope you guys are hyped for this and will love see some Easter bunny Rosalina… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


And there is a new illustration by Lunakiri who created so adorable chibis and I really wanted get something that style from her for the project to show this part of her art and also get something cute to post here. Since chibi are kinda tricky for duo and interactions I asked to go for a little series based of Rosalina game outfits. It’s also something I could use to decorate the page in the future if I find a great way to use them… °w°
Thinking about the illustration there was 5 different outfits that came in my mind to requested to Lunakiri; classic, biker, tennis, gymnastic and catgirl that all turned so pretty in this style. Considering she was able to draw 3 chibis per page Lunakiri what could be the 6th chibi and I wanted able to find anything. It’s thinking at it again that I noticed there was other costumes I forgot to consider like Tanooki, fire dress and even Hammer Rosalina. I must admit I’m not fan of the fire dress myself since they changed her hairstyle for a ponytail that I know many people like (Samus addict I see you) anyway for me the true and original Rosalina I was in love playing Mario Galaxy will always be the best one ever… °w°
As you can see with the sketches on the left, Lunakiri made a first try with the classic, catgirl and gymnastic but wasn’t happy with them so tried tried another way and as you can can see the second attempt really ended so beautifull. All totally adorable with nice details and pose so if you ask me about my favorite I couldn’t answer. Gymnastic is dynamic, the classic dress have a great shape adding a more sexy touch, catgirl is calling for hugs, tennis staring as you ready for challenge and the tight biker suit… All have their way to be magic ^__^
I got separated scan in HD for each chibi that goes as patreon reward, it’s always nice to enjoy higher resolution were appear more details and the artist work then you can try investigate to see about the techniques used even if the easier way is to look at Lunakiri’s speedpainting videos on her youtube page. Also about the illustration itself, being made in traditional media the best version remain the original piece owned by Lunakiri, it’s the true one holding the artist soul and spirit that no one can copy/paste, magic of traditional art… °o°

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