#917 – Under Agent-K protection

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princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai gun
Monday come with its weekly security report; it’s interesting to train a little geography and for last week it’s Ukraine that got the most ip block counts. Also Those attacks looks small so I don’t think I need to worry, I’ll just consider this spam giving me more visits and traffic for Alexa ranking count °w°
And today event is my mother “celebrating” her 50th birthday, sure important date and number that we have to celebrate but not too much too cause she don’t like this huge number feeling old. Not easy to find what to answer that, best way is make this day the best possible to only keep good memories of it ^^


And today time to introduce you Garlberts that I had the chance to discovered during Mazzacho‘s multi-stream, two great artists streaming at once so it was a great surprise and I how have a new kind and pervert artist to follow. I first got the chance get a request with Garlberts‘s OC named agent-K requested my Mazzacho cause was to busy with work at this time to be enough reactive on the chat and I’m so happy with the result… °w°
There isn’t so much information about agent-K since Garlberts created her only 2 days ago so her design and bio can still evolve with time, for now what I got as information is “her name is K right now but that’s likely gonna change. She’s like a weird space cop bounty hunter. Obvi she got big tits and she loves a big gooey mess“. I must admit from this description I was really interested by the “gooey mess” part, especially having messy as my main fetish anyway I wont have power to make decision on the two other illustration coming from Garlberts since they will be March and April patreon raffle reward.
So as you can imagine, there is more Rosalina illustrations by Garlberts coming in the future and you can already have a tease of the next illustration with today patreon bonus. Anyway if you can’t wait to see more them just have a look a the places linked below to enjoy many naughty pieces and doodles on twitter or you can even join Garlberts’s discord to not miss any news and be part of his great fanbase and community… ^__^

Artist: Garlberts / Request
Discord: www.discord.gg/3SpxFxt
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Garlberts
Twitter: www.twitter.com/GaralbartNSFW
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