#923 – Jinxed duo

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PATREON BONUS: Peach and Rosalina scissoring (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

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Times fly and May already here so it’s time to announce Jessica as winner of this month raffle on patreon getting an illustration from Sixmi34. He was intended to work on March reward but got his DeviantArt account suspended a month so no way contact him, now we are connected on discord so he can’t escape… °w°
Also warm days are back as convention and cosplay stuff, this Sunday will be first of the year and first ever for my little sister going as Rosalina tennis being protected by a well armed 2B (myself) and 9S (little brother). I’ll sure be so happy but dressed as 2B wont be easy run behind her with 20cm heels boots and blind eyes so I’m enthusiastic but little stressed too cause I’m not really homogeneous with these crazy mangas and animes addicts… ^^’


And here come another sweet sweet duo with Rosalina and Jinx from league of legends made by Mad-Red-RidingHood that identify herself at this character a lot (and I can tell you it’s pretty accurate). Rosalina with a so adorable look and Jinx little more serious but so friendly, when you know how crazy is the original character it’s not often I see a Jinx that look enough sweet to (hopefully) let you alive after you give her a hug. I hope you guys also like the lovely feeling from this drawing… ^__^
I sure really love this illustration that cute looks so adorable but bit sad Mad-Red-RidingHood made Rosalina’s hair lock on the wrong side, she also already worked on the character so know her but I know that princess hairstyle is kinda tricky and make you go wrong with some poses to not get her face completely hidden. Anyway what surprise me the most is about the illustration style, at some point it looks like a collage that was flipped but I wasn’t able find any illustration that could be used as reference so it must be a true drawing. Makes me love and admire and love even more that illustration and feel sorry to Mad-Red-RidingHood since I doubted of her illustration… I’m sorry… U_u
Sad part, there was no updates on her page for a long time and when I asked if everything fine then Mad-Red-RidingHood told me she left DeviantArt cause of the fake people in there. I personally hear many person having problems or dramas on that place and many people are into quit that place (and being applauded). I’m only in that place to search for more artists but seems not only the moderators start to be a problem there. Now I’m curious is there isany other d.a. users having troubles lately? °o°

Artist: Mad-Red-RidingHood / Request
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