#922 – Wiifit cunni training

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Yesterday came a huge mail from patreon that finally say they just change “adult” to “18+”, how incredible! personally I don’t see the need make a huge announcement just for that and add “There are no changes to our internal policies” and “There are no changes to our moderation practices“… Big update… ^^’
Also received the usual message from patreon staff telling me raffles are forbidden and once I explain about the ticketing system they say it’s fine. I really should prepare a model to copy/paste for the next times… XD


Everybody know what is important when you want start body training is to make it right and keep doing it with time so nothing better for Rosalina to keep her body healthy and with perfect curves than a new “ yoga session, of course since the first time those training have nothing to do with a classic yoga class but it’s still intense and even more enjoyable so there is no way to stop. Here come the 9th illustration with Rosalina and Wiifit trainer, this time made by BandiJones that is a huge cunnilingus fan (without surprise) but now really know how to manage that kind of scene in so perfect way… °w°
It’s sure a really exciting but also interesting illustration, I personally really love and admire the angle offering an unusual and amazing perceptive for to the one we are used to see, there is POV that is also interesting and not easy draw be here we got a great view on both ladies so BandiJones really picked the perfect angle. Also many great parts like Rosalinas’s expression blushing and nipping her wand making it feel really intense, I like the breasts out of dress and even more the high heels touch getting a great focus from the background accessories… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Since his previous illustration I posted with Samus (that you can see on the left), BandiJones got his NSFW tumblr page shut down but there is still many places to find him. I’m more use to follow him on HentaiFoudnry my side but they are pretty annoying with publication and decline ton of stuff so the best should really be Newgrounds and Pixiv where BandiJones is able post all his art without problem (and even no limit considering the pixiv content)… ^^’

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