#971 – Naughty teddy bear

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2020 – HAPPY NEW YEAR °w°
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2020 is starting and come the usual wishes for a wonderfull year, I do hope health and money for you as everyone wish each year but it don’t seems to works so much in general. Anyway let’s at last survive this new year and enjoy it the way we can… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

And another month going with the amazing support of my patrons, I know some of you are here since sooo long and never failed supporting the project and be sure it mean a lot to me. As you can see the RosalinaXGirl project is still running but I know you deserve don’t see it just going but growing and be part of something even more epic so let’s try for 2020. Also I’ll announce soon the winner of the ticketing raffle and talking about wishes, for 2020 I hope patreon wont put my account under review each time I say “raffle having to send the same answer each time to explain how it works (I even made a notepad to copy/paste each time) ^^’


Let’s Mazzacho be the first artist for in 2020, he did an insane support to the project and didn’t stopped create gorgeous Rosalina art so he totally deserve it. Also if Mazzacho continue that way I think there will be enough illustration to run the page for a full year (ok I exaggerate but maybe not that much) ^^

This piece started during a picarto stream, Mazzacho started to work on a gorgeous pin-up in latex with a giant teddy-bear and I got the surprise to discover the lady was Rosalina, even if they are dangerous to watch at work I’ll never miss a chance to enjoy those streams. No lie Rosalina’s suit is absolutely magic, first super hot for sure with those strippers heels and tight latex bodysuit any if you take time and watch closely there’s also a really hard work with details, shading and texture. Rosalina suit have lot of details with some extra straps/belts and you can notice the different part of the suit as example on the panty part that give an incredible realistic look and remind me the kind of gorgeous latex suit you can see on Twitter.

The bear looks pretty and fluffy and to me the more naughty in the scene is Rosalina but I was wrong cause did a mistake; in fact I made some screenshots during Mazzacho‘s stream to have a little step-by-step series that I unfortunately lost. It’s while searching those wips back that I discovered there was an alternative version that explain event more the “Naughty” attribute of this teddy bear and now Mazzacho‘s title goes totally accurate. I’m glad I figured about that mistake before the post so can show you both versions but also feel a bit stupid I missed it at first when Mazzacho posted it on his discord group (wasn’t enough attentive and thought he made a mistake posting the same illustration twice) ^^’

Once again thanks so much for this amazing piece and your support for the project my friend (seriously how you can still not be tired of Rosalina and me?). Also you guys are free to join on picarto and you can also commission Mazzacho while he stream, it’s 10$ for 1 hour session so pretty cheap and allow get some nice sketches or get an idea before maybe commission it to be fully colored… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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