#785 – First meeting with Erio

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With december come Christmas and snow (in France), it’s also the last month of the year but for now it’s time to announce Tallon won this month patreon raffle and will be able decide of the next duo with Rosalina. I mostly have a naughty idea with dominated Rosalina in mind but can’t decide what girl add for this duo so let see what Tallon will imagine ^__^
I also wish good luck to all that will have to prepare Christmas gifts, it’s already a big challenge but better start earlier and you’ll be quiet. My side everything is ready but no time to relax, I have to manage some Christmas theme pieces for the projet. Just would you prefer those illustration to be safe or kinky?


And after two Valerie illustrations (see them here), here is a 3rd illustration from B-side7715 in less than a month this time being the November patreon raffle reward for DarkEcoFreak. A new girl come in this duo with Rosalina and Erio touwa from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko series, first time B-side7715 and I heard about her but it remind me Rory Mercury from Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri with a name that I still wonder how people can remember (and why it need to be that long)… O_o
If you are curious about Erio, you can see her wiki page here the character was set and DarkEcoFreak sent me the pose you can see on left asking for ‘Rosalina being the one on top and Erio touwa being on the bottom‘. A really sweet and sensual pose perfect for B-side7715, it was also decided to have the two girls look at each other instead of the camera like in the reference for a more intimate and sensual scene… °w°
The first sketch from B-side7715 was really powerfull, as high heels lover Erio feet were perfect in that pose, as for Rosalina the sort dress and sweet curves had nothing explicit but added a great sexy touch without lost that sweet princess cuteness. I was wondering why Rosalina on top but I guess it’s the best since she’s more mature lady than Erio, also told B-side7715 I like Rosalina smile on the sketch suit her so nicely like she’s ready to show what kind of fun two ladies can have… ^__^

Once the final version came from B-side7715, it was really well made with really dark colours that increase even more the intimate side but not enough to have us miss this tender moment. I must tell I was a bit sad B-side7715 removed Rosalina smile from the sketch but it’s something that must be hard with realistic lips that way and the illustration is still so wonderfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
At first I was wondering if could publish this piece on the SFW blog, it’s sure sexy but B-side7715 art is kinda safe so was a big dilemma. I asked a friend advice and she told me something safe is what you can use as background at work, was an awesome advice and this one is sure too much for work. Anyway there was no doubt after looking again at the illustration, I noticed a love juice touch between Rosalina legs so no doubt about NSFW. I never expected that kind of detail from B-side7715as pervert it was a powerfull surprise… XD
I must admit the budget is really bad actually so need stop a bit with commission but no doubt you’ll see more from B-side7715 coming in the future, I really admire his style and motivation to practice hard and increase his level. You can see it looking at B-side7715‘s gallery and why not consider a commission to get your own illustration (also his prices are really good for now) or buy a tee-shirt with his design (really), personally I love the D.va one… ^^

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