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#783 – Undressing with Valerie

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And here is a new feature to support the project you can buy pack with the month exclusive art on shop page instead of of patreon. For now I’ll add the last monthly exclusive versions but why not also create pack with HD illustrations that you can now get only by supporting on patreon, any advices guys?
Also, there is illustration I missed to publish and came late but there is also illustration I posted and forget to track. I was planning to post Miki Hoshii according the queued list but impossible to find it on the waiting folder, fact if this one was already posted in August so moved to another folder… How stupid *face hitting desk*… T_T


Here is a new duo with Valerie that also come as the exclusive version of the month drew by the kind and talented B-side7715. There was another piece by him posted earlier and a third one coming at the end of the month so no way miss him. I told in the previous post with Valerie (see it here) that B-side7715 made 3 great sketches and this one is the 2nd I wanted him to complete, the 3rd will unfortunately remain as sketch but I hope you like this new piece. °w°
While talking about this commission with B-side7715, I had troubles choose between pantyhose or thigh-high for Valerie so we ended goes on a special illustration with A version with pantyhose and the second with thigh-high and undies that come as the exclusive of the month for my dear patreon supporters or that you can get on the shop page. Many artists do clothes/naked versions but I really prefer goes with lingerie and B-side7715 managed it so nicely, also as always, clothes really add a magical touch to a lady… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As you can notice from the on on the left B-side7715 kept the same background for both Valerie illustrations, it makes them like a part of a little series between Rosalina and Valerie that goes really more intimate if they continue undress but still being so lovely and sensual. B-side7715 already drew Rosalina many time and he’s really careful so from the firs sketch all I asked was a minor edit on Valerie heels and add a saliva touch like both just had a french kiss, the mix into cuteness and sexiness was already here and the result is so powerfull…
Next illustration by B-side7715 will be the reward for November patreon raffle with a character I never heard about and a series name I still wonder how peoples can remember it. Anyway if you feel impatient you can just see more from B-side7715 from links listed bellow and why not consider a commission. He don’t draw explicit stuff involving penetration but have the skills (and prices) to amaze us from cute or ecchi scenes… ^__^

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#778 – Fashionable romance with Valerie

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It was impossible to get access to the site from 7am to 11:30am in France, this was cause two issues from the host OVH, the datacenter main and emergency power supply where down. Luckily everything back and no data lost, also this happened earlier in the morning for American people that may be all sleeping at this time.
I also had troubles earlier in the week with the website repeatly down for 30 seconds to a minute max, it happened really often at some time and it’s sure was really annoying when visiting or updating my side. I’ll keep an eye on it during the week-end and will send a report if continue that way… O_o


Took a long time after Misty and Cynthia to have a new pokemon character I love so much, Valerie is a ravishing lady with cool design mixing kimono outfit and lolita style for a suit that it’s sure totally impossible to wear but looks damn cool, she also have high heels so no way I can’t be addicted. Her outfit is a huge challenge and it’s B-side7715 that was enough kind and crazy to work on this duo. I had not specific idea in mind so offered him to give suggestions and I received 3 sketches from B-side7715 that were so cool that I commissioned him for another pieces to get at last two of them draw. ^^’
The pose was set and for both outfits, I asked B-side7715 to have Valerie keep her outfit I love so much and nothing specific for Rosalina since more of her body is hidden, as you can see Rosalina got a more casual suit, both ravishing and sexy with a busty touch. Some heels cause I wanted Valerie one be visible anyway my favourite part is how both have a so adorable an cute expression, so lovely and innocent in kind of romantic scene. I hope you all enjoy both sensuality and details in this illustration… °w°
Here is a little bonus paragraph for the NSFW post, there was some hesitation since from official art we don’t know if Valerie have pantyhose or thigh-high B-side7715 sketched both and I really love the panty under pantyhose effect and decided goes with it. I know each one his preference and being curious, don’t mind tell me with version would be your favourite in comments section. ^__^
B-side7715 drew a sensual scene but not that private since it’s show on giant screen so everybody may soon see a tender kiss between both ladies so captivated by each other that they slowly forget about the audience. Each one able imagine how this is going with Rosalina with Valerie. also if your imagination keep working and make you wish get a piece with that style, don’t hesitate take a look at B-side7715‘s commissions, could be adorable and nudity accepted but can’t goes more explicit.

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#693 – Tentacles vs fairy trainer

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There will have soon a new patreon tier that make you sure win a drawing each month. Comapred to the actual 5$ tier there is no raffle since you sure get an illustration but don’t know if put it at 15$ or 20$. On other way I can create two new tiers, at 15$ you can choose the character and in 20$ one, both character and pose.
Also another week-end with family out of town (and internet). This post was made earlier and planned but each time I wonder if there wont be a problem or mistake so only do it for the blog then outsides posts on Tumblr twitter and patreon reward will be once I’m back.


Kinda 15 years after Cynthia and Misty, Valerie became one of my fav pokemon lady. I really love her style that mix kimono with lolita style so nicely for an awesome dress (and high heels also make her eve mor perfect). Now two illustration you can see here, Spazer86 made that sweet trainer back with Rosalina in a really naughty situation. To draw Rosalina’s dress, Spazer86 used the suit one of another kimono girl from X/Y game as reference, also seem both girls ‘forgot to wear pantie but another detail I wont complain about… °w°
Both ladies getting abused by some tentacles and I asked Spazer86 if he can manage tentacles under clothes, in fact there is already a series that way existing with Valerie so nothing new but I wanted so much that kind of action and it happened… Valerie suit is sure complex and manage it with tentacles moving under is really more complex that you can imagine but Spazer86 did it very well. I wish I can get more that kind.

This illustration took me so much time to appear here and since this piece, Spazer86 increased his skills a lot. You can see on the right a pose he did from series with Symmetra. There is more detailed lines and shadings, to give you an idea the Valerie illustration is in the middle of flat and Semi-shaded when Spazer86 can do fully-shaded. He’s also open to many fetish from tentacles to bestiality and if you wish how looks Zelda fucking a dick with monster dick it’s on his hentaifoundry page (here)

Artist: Spazer86 / Cost: (Out of date)
Tumblr: www.spazer86.tumblr.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Icebeam86
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Spazer86
Deviantart: www.spazer86.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Icebeam86/profile

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#391 – Pokemon – Valerie and Sylveon


I saw captain Harlock movie. For battleship lover it’s a really nice movie and the quality is amazing. If you consider it’s the same compagny who produce One Piece anime it’s a great surprise. The only bad point is abotu the story, for peopel who already know the old anime it’s ompletly different and if fact this movie is more here to show battles than an interesting story… So bad. U_u

The movie is beautifull with some touchs of fanservice (just a little) but you can be sure there is gorgeous and damn sexy ladies. Only 3 ladies in this movie but all will join the wishlist and I hope a day they will meet Rosalina… ^^


Now a little commission for the project “Where is my pokemon?”. I asked Dsan to pair Rosalina with a gijinka Sylveon (it’s Eevee fairy evolution) and my favorite trainer in pokemon X/Y: Valerie. I love so much her design and dress. She also have high heels and you can be sure it’s one of my biggest fetish. So bad Dsan didn’t drew them but we must admit he did a great job… ^^

I found Dsan on Hentaifoundry after he published an illustration of his OC Amethyst that I really love (illustration on the right). I asked to Dsan if he accept requests or commissions, At start I really wanted to ask Rosalina and Amethyst but we finally talked about a trio.

I suggested Rosalina with Valerie and it’s Dsan who choosed Sylveon and asked if I wanted something soft or explicit. It was so hard to choose so I finally asked Dsan two draw both with two commission. I hope you like it guys… (^o^)/

I’m really happy with the result, all look so beautifull and adorable. Valerie look a little explicit on the soft version like her dress will explode because her breasts. In fact I really wonder why Dsan didn’t draw Valerie naked on the soft version. Exactly the same in both version, maybe a lack of time or Dsan became lazy but that’s so bad… No high heels and so sexy version… So bad… U_u

If you want to see more of Dsan art, don’t hesitate to visit his Hentaifoundry profile (here) for more illustration. You can also find information about commission in his profile, 20$ for a colored character but only 5$ for each other character so you have a trio for 30$, that’s interesting. Dsan also draw comic page for 50$, no example for the moment but I hope he will publish something on his gallery to show us what he can do… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Dsan  /  Cost: 60$ (30$ x 2)

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Added to wishlist: 3 girls from Space Pirate Captain Harlock (see it here)