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#769 – Misty dress-up final

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I can’t say artist life is easy, draw need lot of time, motivation and inspiration (don’t forget how the muse is important). Not for artists to get all with life obligations but I still consider they are the best. They have the power to turn into reality all they dream about and all we dream about too, isn’t that the most dangerous power ever?
Still working on coding plugin for a Minecraft server at same time, my skills goes up and I start make interesting things but a huge plugin like the one that would manage jobs sounds fucking insane to code. I know I could use an existing one but it’s limited on what we are allow to edit… U_u


So here is the final version from the Misty dress-up poll event, you guys were able vote for your favorite outfit during a month to decide with one Mothclip would draw. I must admit it was fucking close until the last hour and finally the goldeen suit won this poll and you can enjoy the HD here. This suit is from the first Pokemon series season so only true fans know it, design is inspired by pokemon Goldeen and Mothclip managed it on a really nice way. °w°
During the poll, there was 14 outfits available (including bondage option) I picked all of them not just to add more choice but really cause I loved each suits and would love see them on Misty. I sure wanted commission Mothclip to do all of them but the blog budget wasn’t that friendly with this option, anyway I managed have 6 outfit variations to be draw on Misty but only the one that won the poll goes public. If you wish to see the other pieces Mothclip did then you must consider support on patreon.
So to list all versions that Mothclip was commissioned to draw, there is Misty naked then casual suit, goldeen suit, swimsuit + bondage, see-through swimsuit and team Rocket, of course all way more sexy than the original. I must manage do poll again for to get people come participate and contribute on a different way to the project but for now I’ll continue manage a patreon exclusive per month. If you like how turn this piece then why not consider commission Mothclip to work on your own ideas… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Mothclip / 110$ commission (alternative included)
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#EVENT – Misty dress-up poll

Casual, naked, sexy, swuisuit, bondage, costume…
Vote on what suit you want her to wear on this illustration



princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn lesbian yuri crossover pokemon misty dress-up Rosalina and Misty will appear together once again but this time it’s you who decide what should wear Misty, thanks to Mothclip who helped me create and manage this new event where visitor can participate and everybody can vote on the dedicated page (here) during a month and the suit that end with most vote will be draw.
Time to share it and have your friends help your favourite suit win the poll. And for those that took the time read until the end I have a little secret for you… You can vote once each week so don’t miss this opportunity… °w°
15 different pose available for Misty
Which one will you vote for?



#262 – Nintendo – Pokemon – Misty N°3

I think I’ll finish the new wishlist today and also add the new chat on the blog instead of the actual ChipIn gadget who was finally useless. I think to create some pages too in the futur but for the moment the main problem is to add a song in the soft blog, not sure a calm song can be really interesting here but I really want to add the one Eromanboy sent me for my birthday in the soft blog (see it here) and don’t know how I can do it for the moment… T_T

So after a little guy running the snow (Don’t worry if you don’t understand) it’s time to talk about this awesome drawing by BlackartistJC who accepted draw Rosalina and Misty as request, hope you like it guys, the result is just epic… Thanks so much BlackartistJC… (^o^)/

At start I was a little disapointed because the result is totally different than my original request, at start I asked to BlackartistJC if he can draw a pokemon girl (Cynthia, Misty or May) in a tentacle situation with Rosalina, but the idea was the pokemon girl have fun with a piranha plant and Rosalina with a pokemon, the two girls saying “Your world is amazing“…

Like you can see in the final version there is just a piranha plant but I must admit BlackartistJC did an amazing work for details, There is so much tentacle holding and giving some fun to Rosalina and Misty… Great detail with these little plants kissing, licking and sucking Rosalina, generaly I’m more a fan of colored artwork but I will make an exeption because BlackartistJC have a so powerfull style with his pencil drawings…

After a solo Rosalina (see it here), BlackartistJC come again with an epic pic of my favorite princess and it’s the third Rosalina x Misty pairing I have now in the blog but this one is simply the best, good job BlackartistJC and thanks again for your support and kindness… ^^

Artist: BlackartistJC  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

Wishlist: Adding Schierke from berserk

#003 – Pokemon – Misty

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian pokemon misty

Now it start to be a little more hard… And I think a lot will love this… ;p

I find this artist with an other drawn with Rosalina and Samus for Metroid. At the moment, she was open for commissions very cheap so I decide to ask her an other drawn, with misty from Pokemon… The more hard she can do… What else… XD

For the drawn with Samus, it’s here

Artist: Superprincesspeach91 / Price: 150 D.A. points