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#262 – Nintendo – Pokemon – Misty N°3

I think I’ll finish the new wishlist today and also add the new chat on the blog instead of the actual ChipIn gadget who was finally useless. I think to create some pages too in the futur but for the moment the main problem is to add a song in the soft blog, not sure a calm song can be really interesting here but I really want to add the one Eromanboy sent me for my birthday in the soft blog (see it here) and don’t know how I can do it for the moment… T_T

So after a little guy running the snow (Don’t worry if you don’t understand) it’s time to talk about this awesome drawing by BlackartistJC who accepted draw Rosalina and Misty as request, hope you like it guys, the result is just epic… Thanks so much BlackartistJC… (^o^)/

At start I was a little disapointed because the result is totally different than my original request, at start I asked to BlackartistJC if he can draw a pokemon girl (Cynthia, Misty or May) in a tentacle situation with Rosalina, but the idea was the pokemon girl have fun with a piranha plant and Rosalina with a pokemon, the two girls saying “Your world is amazing“…

Like you can see in the final version there is just a piranha plant but I must admit BlackartistJC did an amazing work for details, There is so much tentacle holding and giving some fun to Rosalina and Misty… Great detail with these little plants kissing, licking and sucking Rosalina, generaly I’m more a fan of colored artwork but I will make an exeption because BlackartistJC have a so powerfull style with his pencil drawings…

After a solo Rosalina (see it here), BlackartistJC come again with an epic pic of my favorite princess and it’s the third Rosalina x Misty pairing I have now in the blog but this one is simply the best, good job BlackartistJC and thanks again for your support and kindness… ^^

Artist: BlackartistJC  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

Wishlist: Adding Schierke from berserk

#210 – Solo – Learning to be a slave

One of my Hentaifoundry friend: Eromanboy was sad the site reject a lot of his drawing, so it was a long time I suggested him to create a blog and show his art the time he increase a little his art and he finally did it. For the moment it’s just the start so not a lot of publication but Eromanboy have a nice style (and already draw a Rosalina) so don’t hesitate take a look. It’s curious than his blog have some similarities with mine… Really curious… So good luck with your blog and if you want to see it guys it’s: http://eromanboy.blogspot.fr… Enjoy…

So Eromanboy already drew Rosalina twice and if you are curious, you can see here the version with Peach and Rosalina and here the second with Rosalina as a sexy pinup (with lingerie and high heels… Hum… XD). But this time, the new drawing I have for you was created by an other awesome artist from Hentaifoundry: BlackartistJC who don’t color his art though he don”t need color to make awesome drawings… ^^

BlackartistJC love dildos, tentacle and made awesome drawing, guys, you must take a look to his gallery, it’s amazing. So you can expect with a powerfull artist like that I asked to a request and he accepted… Oh nice… But this drawing is not my request in fact, BlackartistJC love Nintendo character and wanted to drew a Rosalina (he already drex Peach and Daisy too) and a really beautifull OC named Lucélia but it’s not this girl I asked to have some fun with Rosalina… Maybe if a day BlackartistJC open requests I’ll ask his something like this… Oh yeah… ^^

So for the moment it’s a really hot Rosalina in high heels enjoying some dildos, I love girls with high heels and dildo (and lingerie) so this one is just awesome… Not sure you notices the leash but it work with the title of BlackartistJC publication: ‘Learning to be a slave‘… That’s just so exciting, but a little scary because I’m so jealous see rosalina with a man so hope she did it for me… XD

In fact there is a guys who spend his time ask drawing with him and Rosalina having some fun (I hate this guy) that’s why I never do this request… But now I hesitate a little, it must be interesting to try and day… Just have to find the artist… Prepare yourself Rosalina…

So guys don’t hesitate to take a look to BlackartistJC profil and gallery, about the request if I remember it’s Rosalina and Shirona (Cynthia) from pokemon who enjoy some tentacles with Rosalina, but nothing more for the moment… Be patient… ;p

Artist: BlackartistJC / Cost: 0$