#210 – Solo – Learning to be a slave

One of my Hentaifoundry friend: Eromanboy was sad the site reject a lot of his drawing, so it was a long time I suggested him to create a blog and show his art the time he increase a little his art and he finally did it. For the moment it’s just the start so not a lot of publication but Eromanboy have a nice style (and already draw a Rosalina) so don’t hesitate take a look. It’s curious than his blog have some similarities with mine… Really curious… So good luck with your blog and if you want to see it guys it’s: http://eromanboy.blogspot.fr… Enjoy…

So Eromanboy already drew Rosalina twice and if you are curious, you can see here the version with Peach and Rosalina and here the second with Rosalina as a sexy pinup (with lingerie and high heels… Hum… XD). But this time, the new drawing I have for you was created by an other awesome artist from Hentaifoundry: BlackartistJC who don’t color his art though he don”t need color to make awesome drawings… ^^

BlackartistJC love dildos, tentacle and made awesome drawing, guys, you must take a look to his gallery, it’s amazing. So you can expect with a powerfull artist like that I asked to a request and he accepted… Oh nice… But this drawing is not my request in fact, BlackartistJC love Nintendo character and wanted to drew a Rosalina (he already drex Peach and Daisy too) and a really beautifull OC named Lucélia but it’s not this girl I asked to have some fun with Rosalina… Maybe if a day BlackartistJC open requests I’ll ask his something like this… Oh yeah… ^^

So for the moment it’s a really hot Rosalina in high heels enjoying some dildos, I love girls with high heels and dildo (and lingerie) so this one is just awesome… Not sure you notices the leash but it work with the title of BlackartistJC publication: ‘Learning to be a slave‘… That’s just so exciting, but a little scary because I’m so jealous see rosalina with a man so hope she did it for me… XD

In fact there is a guys who spend his time ask drawing with him and Rosalina having some fun (I hate this guy) that’s why I never do this request… But now I hesitate a little, it must be interesting to try and day… Just have to find the artist… Prepare yourself Rosalina…

So guys don’t hesitate to take a look to BlackartistJC profil and gallery, about the request if I remember it’s Rosalina and Shirona (Cynthia) from pokemon who enjoy some tentacles with Rosalina, but nothing more for the moment… Be patient… ;p

Artist: BlackartistJC / Cost: 0$

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