#622 – Luma extase

Preparing new Rosalina cosplay (must say crossplay then) to wear for the Japan Expo in Paris. I’ll be a week-end with a talented cosplayer to teach me about sewing while create the Tennis suit and it’s a pro dress-maker that help me for the Gymnastic suit. Won’t be easy cause for now I have troubles to find the fabric I need cause want something specific and it’s out of stock everywhere but need more to spot me in that way, wish me good luck. ^^
Also got a Nintendo humble bundle with Shantae game for 3DS inside and must admit the game is cool (but really hard). At last it game me an idea for a next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service. Sexy dancing clothes, cute teacher, romantic sex and tentacle monsters are here but for now it wont be possible afford it with the current budget. Let see if the Patreon page will be a little more powerfull and allow the site reach another level for quality and content, Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


Previously on deviantart as oOPink-NinjaOo, time for that wonderfull Krakensan to appear again with a kinda special illustration. No yuri piece and not really a solo, some Lumas are here enjoying that sweet and soft part a lady can offer you and seen they all enjoy this. In fact this illustration was a birthday gift Krakensan send me on January and really don’t know why itt wasn’t publish at this time. Was looking at all blog archive, data an posts to find it but it was really missing. Really sorry Krakensan… U_u
More than sweet caress and fondle, as you can see Krakensan made some even more intense interaction with Lumas using their magic to stimulate Rosalina’s breasts and like her face, must tickle a little but she really enjoy that feeling. Also love Rosalina’s hands on her cheeks, like she’s surprised and so happy what those little things are able to do, kinda adorable pose generally so it also make a great mix into cuteness and sexiness. Don’t know if it’s the feeling Krakensan want to show but it sure looks so powerfull.
Still feel so sorry this illustration come late on the site, please forgive me Krakensan. Also guys if you want to see more don’t miss to take a look at his HentaiFoundry account (here) for even more naughty content. There is recent illustration published and from busty pin-up to double blowjob there must be something you love if come in a pervert mood. Just so bad D.A. was deleted, that side has really good content too… T_T

Artist: Krakensan / Cost: 0$ (gift)

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