#621 – Feeding Soraka

We now know the winner of ‘Your dream by…‘ event, it’s Sacci and her pairing with Battery Girl that was chosen after a hard week of decision from the artist, I agree on my side would be hard cause only a few participants but some powerfull ideas. Now stay tuned for the final illustration. Thanks for all who participate and congrat Sacci…
There is also a monthly raffle for patreon members and it’s Lunakiri who won for May. Se have a really more soft mind and ideas than me so must have something kinda sweet and lovely but she’s full of surprise so maybe we’ll hear about her kinky side. If you are curious, the artist that will draw her idea for this month is HippoNova.


For those that are into video games, as if we don’t play it a lot it’s hard don’t Know about League of Legends. The game is really famous and created so many wonderfull characters always putting lot of efforts on each one stories and announcements offering beautifull art and videos. Many already met Rosalina and LadyBarbero helped met introduce a new champion with Rosalina: time for that sweet innocent princess to relax with Soraka. Oh yeah… ^^
LadyBarbero‘s drew many ravishing pin-up and some really more explicit views and action so wasn’t able to resist ask for something kinky with this duo. For those who know Soraka, she’s a really nice character with so many famous fanarts (SFW and NSFW). As Rosalina, this character have something pure and adorable and looking at LadyBarbero art I was sure she would be able keep that innocent part on both characters as if hot scene for a powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness, also like the result you can see it’s a success. Thanks so much… \(^o^)/.
There was another reason that made me choose Soraka besides the fact I really wanted this lady with Rosalina. Looking at LadyBarbero‘s gallery to see more about her style and what she already made to suggest something hat can mix nicely with her style and be pleasant to draw, I saw she already drew Soraka (LadyBarbero) in a busty way and it was so wonderfull piece so really wanted Rosalina spend some sensual time with her. I hope you like it guys.

Artist: LadyBarbero / Cost: 8$

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  1. Sacci

    Soraka and Rosalina look so lovely! LadyBarbero did a wonderful on making such a sweet piece. The Mother of Lumas and a Starchild. It’s so cute. I am squeeing with happiness.


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