#620 – Top secret avatar

Noticed a little mistake on Patreon patreon and didn’t published in right order, I’ll fix that on next edit but reward don’t come in same order as announced. At last they will be here for sure and I’ll never forget my patreon members. May raffle winner will be announced just after this post published but you can still join to enjoy all rewards of this month and get a chance on the next one… ^^
Also got a little trouble working on the octoling piece, noticed that it was impossible show the illustration with Callie and Marie (see it here). It said the file have errors as if I edit it with photoshop and paint. The only way fix it was change the file format and save it into .png instead of .jpeg, that’s weird.


After a long time off to the internet Lunakiri is amazing us again on Deviantart, Picarto and Patreon. Much more of her sexy OC and some spicy fanarts with Rosalina too for sure but for now it’s an illustration she created before left. At the moment I was thinking start my own patreon page and what kind of tier/reward can be inside, I asked Lunakiri to give me a hand illustrate tiers and this one is the model for the first one.
Since this tier allow patrons to get access to secret content, I had in mind Rosalina holding a secret file/folder maybe dressed a bit as a spy and let Lunakiri goes with that idea. The result is really cool and I hope you like it too guys. She looks really cute and sweet like inviting us to reveal one big secret but for sure you must be discrete. The only problem was the illustration goes a little too big and detailed to be used as little avatar in my opinion but feel bad about this too cause the design was so cool and Lunakiri really did a great job (Thanks so much).
As if it’s not on the patreon page would be stupid hide it on my side and really think this one can be used for cool things like announcing a secret event or change on the blog. I sure keep it in a corner and maybe you’ll see it again in the future to tease you for a big announcement but for now things are kinda calm here. Still thinking a way make the site a bit more famous and also visitors a little more active with comments or goes participate on event like ‘Your dream by…‘ raffle I made. That’s sure fap help to relax but take some time to read and discover about awesome artists as Lunakiri would be great idea too. ^__^

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 15$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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