#1000 – Holidays at the mansion hotel

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Now we did it… Now we can’t stop, Oh yeah!!!

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn yuri goo sex slime monster high heels anal futanari luigi mansion semen cum

so much enthusiasm reaching this impressive millstone for the project that I managed alone for more than 10 years now, you can also see how was looked the project at it’s beginning when it all consisted as a list on my Hentaifoundry profile description. Starting 2005 my waifu was Rosetta Christopher from Chrno Crusade (that remain my fav anime ever) and two years later Rosalina was able beat her on the first day I played Mario Galaxy on the Wii, a strong addiction and love for Rosalina that 10 years later no one was able to defeat. By the way The project started by an illustration I commissioned to the French artist Merethide to pair my two favorite ladies: Rosalina and Rosetta christopher and it’s after this illustration I was in the mood to start pairing with Rosalina and my fav girls characters without expecting it would be the start of a so ambitious project °o°

You can see how was looking the blogger page in 2013 and pretty much that all active projects at this time are now dead and moved to the archive page so you can imagine many things changed in 10 years. First I moved from HentaiFoundry into blogger creating the “Rosalina & girl page” being initially a SFW place then due to some NSFW content I requested I had to create a second page called “Rosalina x girl” for the lewd stuff that quickly moved to be the main from all the art and visitors. Main problem with blogger was my website being blocked several times cause copyright issues and one time I was close to never get my stuff back being flagged as spam site and blogger refused to send me a back-up to “use it to create another spam website” so it was time to act before come a real issue.

It’s being close to definitely lost my project on blogger that I decided to move to another place and made my own website hosted by OVH using wordpress base. That way I was able to get a better control on all my datas I it’ better get a warning then do appropriate changes than lost all access to the datas and potentially get everything deleted without any chance of a backup. There was several changes on the rosalinaxgirl website with time, it first was only to host the NSFW website, then I moved the SFW making rosalinaxgirl.com as swf an rosalinaxgirl.com/nsfw for adult content but since the nsfw place was 5 times bigger than the SFW it wasn’t great having the SFW as main so in 2019 there was no more SFW version and only the rosalinaxgirl.com place that you can visit now and that celebrate it’s 1.000th publication… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


I wanted to come with something epic for the 1.000th illustration and original plan was a new Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic drew by Mazzacho but this unfortunately never happened cause the artist being super busy and obliviously me coming too late with a proper storyboard, I managed to push the 1.000th post the most I can but what we have today if only a sketch of the main page so I have no choice to give-up on that project. So I’m sorry to tell no Rosalina and Tinkerbell coming but I still wanted to give the honour to Mazzacho to shine at this time so came with a commission inspired from Luigi mansion 3 using the Goo Luigi concept for a Goo Rosalina with some special pleasuring equipment and messy abilities as you can see and I hope you don’t mind spying them :p

For this commission I asked Mazzacho to draw a green Goo Rosalina to keep it close to Goo Luigi and create a visible connexion with Luigi Mansion game (also with the fact Rosalina playing the game too), now thinking at it again I still think the green was a good choice on that direction but it could also be interesting to have a blue Goo Rosalina and use coloured goo girls for orgy, like a pink Goo Peach and range Goo Daisy as example. It can work with every character like a Blue goo Samus and characters from other series like yellow goo Victoria Seras but it would look like more a slime clone than the Luigi Mansion goo, anyway I still love the of an orgy between girls and their goo clones so can be definitely a thing to go with in the future… Would you also be hyped about that Goo clone sharing concept?

On the first sketch that you can see on the left, Mazzacho initially drew the Goo Rosalina playing on switch instead of the original princess, this was fixed in the next version anyway my mind wasn’t sure at this time which version was the most interesting cause both would look pretty interesting. I decided keep going with my original idea and Rosalina playing switch and to make it the most intense and naughty we goes with anal fuck while semen overflowing from Rosalina’s pussy happily playing her game letting her goo clone raping and filling all her holes slowly making the bed turn into a cum and goo bath. For me loving indecent and messy pieces this on is sure so powerfull and exciting, I also love that Mazzacho managed give high heels to both ladies (people that know me also know about my huge addiction for heels).

Be sure Mazzacho did a really incredible and long work with shading to reach this point, there was so much variations and evolution from all previews he sent me (that you can all see on the step by step patreon reward). After a moment Mazzacho told me I found style wich I’ll be used for this pic so I knew we were close to reaching the final version and a few days later it was ready to shine. You can sure admire the amazing work with shading and also on the background inspired from the game mansion hotel and I also love the doggy addition suggesting the fun is not over and allow us to imagine so much scenes from that pervert trio °w°

Artist: Mazzacho / 90$ commission
Discord: discord.gg/YxHg49Q
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #943 – Lumakini and Côte d’Azur
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#996 – Double star princesses and trap friend

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PATREON BONUS: Holidays at the hotel mansion (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)
+ Step by step process and HD version of this illustration (for 2$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex trap star force evil butterfly marco crossdress threesome oral

An interesting time of the project weekly routine is looking at the attack report, I know there is many reason hackers would like take control of a website anyway I’m always surprise there is so much attempt of brute force login, malicious file upload or config files access requests. My website is not that high ranking or famous so I don’t get why it get so much attention on that side but thinking at it again maybe it’s because an average ranking that my website get so much attention from hackers, It’s actually enough good/old to be a trusted url and on the other side with more chance to have a low security and chance to get weak access login/password combo. Trust me gys, after beign here for 10 years I wont be that easy to break :p


10 years running and ton of illustrations, you can imagine the project had an incredible diversity about girls who met Rosalina, artists that gave a part of their soul drawing all those illustration from super adorable to super indecent also last and not the least we must count is the insane number of kink and fetishes present here and today we can add a new one: traps. Quite breaking the rule on a yuri project (one more time considering some duo illustrations with Bowser (here) and Link (here)), there is some famous trap characters Like Shimakaze (Azur lane), Astolfo (FGO) or Felix argyle (Re:Zero) anyway the first trap appearing on the project is Marco from Star vs. the Forces of Evil on an illustration by MegumiPan616.

Honestly there was a long time I wanted to have some trap characters to join the project, I know their shota look can be quite problematic at some point but there cute male characters looking so cute and feminine that they can be mistaken and extremely attractive are really interesting and have insane potential, at some point they got a perfect name with “traps”. Also the decision to draw Marco was linked to MegumiPan616 really loving the series, she watched all episodes so it was the trap and universe she had the most knowledge about. Also to not break (too much) the yuri spirit this was a threesome commission to at Star Butterfly to the scene, girl power is back and I can add two characters at once on the list… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

After a first sketch she didn’t like at all (and first never accepted to share), MegumiPan616 decided restart from scratch going for another angle and little variation to get something working better, when I got the first sketch the scene was looking even more powerfull than the reference I sent (and be sure I already loved the ref so much). Interesting process, compared to many artist MegumiPan616 goes first sketching then colouring and finally do the line when pretty much every artists I know finish the line before add colour and shading (exception for lineless work). Another detail I really like is how smile looks so unique with Megu style, they looks cute and when you really know about the artist you feel a lightly psychopatic aura that can be a bit confusing but are really interesting (or maybe it’s my mind being weird). XD

Star and Marco make a quite lovely duo that Rosalina decided to teach about the universe of roleplay, of course on the kinky way and even if they just started there’s no doubt both girls already noticed how this is effective on Marco. Of course Star will also have her turn of intense feeling and I’m sure Rosalina will both teach them some interesting move but also give a hand to make it even more pleasurable for all of them. I love how MegumiPan616 managed everybody expression and Rosalina body that show curves makes her incredibly sexy even still being dressed, kind of mother giving sex education to their children giving an even more indecent and exciting look to the scenery °w°

Artist: MegumiPan616 / 22$ commission
Tumblr: www.megumipan616.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/MegumiPan616
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/megumipan616
Eka’s Portal (VORE inside): www.aryion.com/g4/user/Megumipan616
One year ago: #932 – Scissoring and Scorbunny
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#969 – Futa kitty and abused reindeer

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Patreon bonus: HD version 16 times bigger (for 2$+ patrons)


princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex Callie briggs futa futanari Christmas santa reindeer costume Swat kats crossover

And it’s that time of the year you get a resume of all your family troubles looking outside hoping for some snow to get an excuse go outside fearing discussions more than the cold, luckily it’s bit exaggerated but there was family dramas this year (little brother destroying a second car helped a lot) so when come the most important family time of the year it’s pretty complex. Also no snow but I don’t like cold so prefer it that way (sorry Christmas spirit) ^^’

Last week before 2020 so I with you a wonderfull week and lot of fun during celebrations, I know it must not be sunny and rainbow life for everybody but we better stay positive for now. My side it’s time to press the schedule button and hope everything will work nicely when release time (it must really work cause I have absolutely no way come manage the site and fix stuff until the 26th but I believe in me… Oh yeah… (^o^)/


And let’s feel the Christmas magic with xxxbattery‘s magic stream offer that saved me this year, I got a notification from picarto telling a stream started and I joined being curious to see what illustration he was working on and then the magic… Special Christmas offer with 50% off commissions. I wasn’t able to resist to the temptation of half price so bought two commissions slot to xxxbattery being sure to use one for Christmas since it was fine with delay (btw I must admit xxxbattery do great work and also really quickly) °o°

The girl I suggested to xxxbattery to pair Rosalina with Callie briggs from Swat kats that got my attention mostly cause those gorgeous heels in the fanart you can see on the left. At start I was thinking about two ideas, first was the two girls bonded like presents under a tree and second with Callie as Santa fucking a reindeer Rosalina. xxxbattery told me “I like the Santa reindeer idea” then got totally freedom (and challenge) with the posing so it was full suspense to me until I get the first wip. I really love the pose and I’m glad to see xxxbattery was able to go with his busty power for this illustration, just a bit sad the first wip I received was already colored so don’t have the sketch and line to show you U_u

I was totally addicted to xxxbattery‘s decision with posing, it’s super naughty, dynamic and I love how Callie hold Rosalina’s deer’s horns. Being addict to high heels said I was a little sad this angle don’t reveal Callie’s heels as amazing as in the reference, xxxbattery was really kind and edited the legs to have it looks closer even if I was most talking at the heels high instead of front design itself. Also if you noticed, xxxbattery drew Callie as Futanari for an even more naughty and intense scene with some cum for a messy bonus… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I hope you guys like this illustration, don’t miss visit xxxbattery‘s pages and follow him on picarto to not miss his next stream. xxxbattery also have some great powers on animations and game development so there’s always so much to discover °w°

Artist: Vaiderman / 30$ commission
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/xxxbattery
Patreon: www.patreon.com/xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
Next to come: Tentacles fate (NSFW)
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#934 – Sketchy exception

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PATREON BONUS: Lumakini doodle (Ecchi wip for 1$+ patrons)

Nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn fuck sex
And I’m back from Japan Expo con in Paris, wasn’t too crazy but really cool day but I really should learn to be less shy or I’ll never be able make new friends, also I have the feeling the more exhausting wasn’t the con itself but the 7 hours in train the next day to go pick my stuff and go back home. Adding a little cosplay pic I took during the event, I know it’s not following the spirit of the project but I like this one ^^’
And since we are into exceptions, let’s make another with this sketch by Mazzacho made during a sketch practice session while he was streaming on picarto. Not yuri and really sketchy but I love so much how it turned having a strong, intense and exciting feeling with Rosalina riding this huge dick looking so erotic and sensual. Also my own feeling this time but I like imagine the scene happening outdoor with a sunset on the background adding both sensual and exhibitionist touch that makes it even more exciting °w°
At some points the second character could be a futanari so we should be right about yuri but looking at this scene I can’t imagine the other person be a futa girl cause the scene Mazzacho drew have a huge straight look (makes me both excited and jealous at same time but it’s a show I still enjoy). It’s really amazing how much you can show even with a sketch on Rosalina’s face, breasts or pussy as example. A cute expression, soft breasts and that huge dick sliding her her princess pussy while she rhythmically move her body with soft moaning, everything just just a single color sketch, artists like Mazzacho are so incredible… °o°
I’ll finish with something important saying Mazzacho spend more than half an hour working on this sketch so you can imagine than a full lined and colored pieces is soo many extra hours of work, there’s sure artist that could work faster but never forget how much efforts and dedications need an illustration to be completed, that’s why never forget the real power of love and support to artists that are their fuel to keep their amazing work and amaze us everyday (or makes us horny too sometimes) ^__^

One year ago: #846 – Bible Black lingerie
Next to come: Raven and climax (NSFW)
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#915 – Stocking and toys animation

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PATREON BONUS: Rosalina and Agent-K (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn animation lingerie sextoy toy gif vaginal ahegao
This post was delayed after I noticed the-4got10-one patreon page was deleted. Sent him a message and it did worth the wait since I have now his Newgrounds page to link you filled with nice and naughty stuff °w°
Also there was an artist who contacted me cause he don’t feel into drawing lately and offered to refund me the commission and due to some paypal troubles asked his brother send me the refund. Nothing special until I got an invoice from that brother instead of a refund. Finally I got a refund (but fee goes for me), that’s life ^^’


After a tease a few days ago on the patreon page, it’s time to present the second animated piece commissioned to the-4got10-one, not yuri but sure really naughty and I hope you guys like it, after all an animation is really lot of work and duo would be way too much work to do. Also with animation I don’t consider duo as something important, so much solo action I would love to see with Rosalina °w°
I was a little confused with the first sketch the-4got10-one sent me hoping he didn’t planned Rosalina to ride a man or it would be a bit problematic to post on a yuri project (even if there was Already some duo with Link and Bowser), finally nothing to worry about since “It is a solo act where Rosalina would be playing with a toy” so was going to be perfect. The sketch looked promising and final piece was powerfull, Rosalina looks so horny the way she takes it all the way in her tight princess pussy though the way the-4got10-one draw Rosalina always so pervert she must be well trained now. I was just curious if there was a correct order to read the panels and “wont be any dialog so its up to the reader how they see it“, any order preference everybody? °o°
Compared to the previous illustration (Perverted tennis match animation), it seems the-4got10-one had more hardware than software troubles working on this animation. At first there was communication troubles because no internet connection (company’s fault as he said) and second was more surprising since “there was a small accident […] the monitor exploded“. Only solution for the-4got10-one was to buy another one (easy but not fun since it’s pricey), anyway he assisted to a rare event since I feel I heard more people saying they saw and alien than a monitor exploding… XD
And as I said at the beginning of this post, I was surprised to see the-4got10-one‘s patreon page deleted wondering where he could post his nsfw stuff. Sent him a mail and in his answer he told me “sorry about the patreon, I’m saving up more pictures so that I can just post all of those in 1 go“, in my opinion it’s better manage regular update than put everything at once but everybody is free to manage the way he want. Anyway there was also a good new since the-4got10-one recently joined Newgrounds where all the NSFW stuff is coming. Actually I’m wondering if he consider change his artist name from the-4got10-one to KuroZshiro anyway I’m glad to know he’s still fine and active working or more art and commissions so don’t miss take a look at his page and drop him a mail if you are tempted to get a commission for yourself… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: the-4got10-one / 20$ commission
One year ago: #754-755 – Meeting shnoogums5060’s divas
Next to come: Bath masturbation with Claire (NSFW)
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#899 – Master Splinter beast sex

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Patreon bonus: Claire, Saph, Neira and Rosalina (NSFW abandoned sketch for 1$+ patrons)

Today come the post 899th anyway next one wont be “exeptionnal” but in the honor to an artist cause really they are doing a marvelous job and deserve it. Also for now we come with a special illustration from Mazzacho who paired Rosalina with Master Splinter from Turtle mutant ninja turtles. Nah you are not dreaming and yes this is exceptional, honestly it’s the first bestiality piece from 9 years and 900 publications. To be honest what give me more troubles is I also ordered 6 doggy and Rosalina sketches commissions to Mazzacho but not sure about publish them for now, would be to much beast sex at once and break the “exceptional ratio” ^^’
Here we sure have a strange illustration by Mazzacho, I know some of you wont like it at all but each one his tastes and impossible please everybody, I’m on command on this project so can allow myself to unleash my crazy mind sometimes. Anyway for me this illustration is pretty confusing and I can tell Mazzacho show here a perfect definition of beauty and the beast but also frustration. I love Rosalina so a part of me is jealous see her with other men (it’s also the reason I created a yuri project) and here Rosalina is freaking adorable as sexy with an adorable expression full of cuteness mixed with a gorgeous body, great view and so sexy dress then on other side…. WAIT!!!! Splinter… Bwaaaaaaa O_o
I don’t remember how I ended ask about bestiality, didn’t expected that would be ok since it’s a really special fetish anyway Mazzacho already drew bestiality stuff in 2015 with his OC Arcana and a horse and I can’t miss to say this one looks freaking cool. If you are curious you can find a x-ray version in Mazzacho‘s patreon (if you have the patience scroll a lot) and after all, if you like beast stuff you know a powerfull artist to go commission now… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / 30$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #798 – Rosalina restrained on giant Luma
Next to come: Pretty princess and friendly Jinx (SFW)
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#896 – Saving earth from Godzilla

Previous: #895 – Shogoku & Li NEXT POST COMING SOON
Patreon bonus: Eevee harem (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

Basically I use a UBS key I carry I work where I work on my posts when I have time and inspiration making ton of .txt files. Sometimes I forget it at work when hurry to leave so can’t use what I prepared for the post and there is other days I forget it home so moving back one the evening I just prepared nothing… I should really find another rule that don’t make the publications depend too much on this usb key… ^^’
And random stuff; I really don’t like winter, luckily it’s not soo hard one in France compared to Mazzacho in Russia as example (discrete ad for you my friend) anyway I still want warm days to be back. At last sun is back and days start growing again so it’s on the right way… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


Today will be a quick post for multiple reasons, on the illustration side this one was a gift so I can’t tell anything about the illustration process considered I received directly the final version and as you can see it’s a sketch so pretty hard talk about details and shadings. Even bigger problem is on the artist side since GojiCachou account was deactivated a few months ago and I have absolutely no contact, even some other friends she had on deviantart don’t know what happened. I was waiting to see if could be a temporary ban and see her back but seems the chances are now really low and I finally goes to show her illustration… U_u
At last what I can tell from this illustration is GojiCachou decided take part of the project pairing Rosalina with her ultimate waifu… Godzilla, it sure don’t work too well for a yuri project but you can be sure her passion was strong for him so I pretty much expected this pairing from her. She was also a huge fan of the Zelda and Link couple but it’s the couple itself she love and that she enjoyed imagine and draw into bondage scenes. Maybe it’s one of her last publication about it that got her account deactivated but I can just make theories at this point. Anyway even idf the artist disappeared this piece remain as memory or her existence and I’ll just finish saying that it’s not often I see artists using watermarks even bigger than mines… XD

Artist: GojiCachou/ Gift
One year ago: #797 – Kyoko playing Rosalina
Next to come: Mama and Luma (SFW)
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#894 – Femboy cutie

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Patreon bonus: Beast sex with Master Splinter (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons (4 times bigger)

nintendo mario princess rosalina cute femboy trap r63
All pledges are made so it’s the time tell a bug thanks to my patrons for their support and announce the winner of January raffle. It’s applause to FalseAlias that make so gorgeous Rosalina her side and that I can finally reward her support. I’m actually planning get the reward draw by the-4got10-one cause I guess you have a thing with bondage (and his ok with it) but still waiting for his answer to be sure so… suspense… ^^’
On a personal side, I was really scary I could miss to wake up in time and be late at work after the holidays and finally the only mistake I did was forget the USB key at work… Once again… Was good old time when dropbox was working but now everything blocked basically I should also encrypt my usb key at work to be sure all get secured, they are going too far… T_T


Something I’m not happy with is to admit it took two to get a new SFW illustration coming on the project (and a solo piece obliviously), I really need manage to change that and get more regular updates on the main page of the project for everybody that may not be into NSFW and don’t make the place like it’s updated once in a while compared to the NSFW side getting new stuff twice a week. Also this new illustration is really special cause here come a femboy version of Rosalina made by Irask after I wont his YCH auction. IT sure was a little special drawing but I really wanted an illustration from this artist and was also an opportunity get something different… ^^
Of course I first asked if a femboy version of Rosalina was ok before jump into the auction (and it was), finally the only question from Irask was “It´s ok if I cut a little her hair to the trap ver., for me it was ok cause I mostly consider the hair lock as important part of Rosalina look but not so critical for the length in the back, also I understand that shorter hairs would help a lot for a femboy look. I know make a trap version of Rosalina wasn’t an easy challenge especially cause her hair style and I hope it wasn’t too much pain for Irask. Anyway the result is soooo pretty and adorable, I hope you also like it guys… °w°

Artist: Artist: Irask / 15$ YCH (Your Character Here)
One year ago: #792 – Divas in pyjama lingerie
Next to come: Yoshihiro & Li Zhao Xie (NSFW)
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#889 – Naughty sketch page

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Patreon bonus: Bad try (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi sexy hentai
I’m leaving today for a trip near to London (U.K.) until Monday so wont be able to make Sunday update so don’t worry if it goes quiet for a week, I sure don’t forget you and the project. Technically I could manage the post from England but I prefer enjoy my trip than fight with a qwerty keyboard (and the one I’ll get access is cursed). ^^’
Also I guess all tumblr users already know that adult content will not be allowed from December 17th, sure annoying thing but won’t change too much for me since I pretty much had only a few followers on that side, I guess I’ll focus more on my twitter www.twitter.com/rosalinaxgirl for now and try get more followers that side… ^^


Today illustration is a bit special, here is the result of a YCH sketchpage by Reikiwie that isn’t that much yuri but had some poses I really like, there was several auctions running at the same time and I ended win with one for 17$ that is pretty good. Also good surprise, Reikiwie accepted add a little lingerie on the pose allowing it so Rosalina got a cute bra but the action lost nothing about it’s naughty side… XD
Of course being into yuri my favourite panels are the ass and masturbation one even if I can’t deny the other Reikiwie managed are pretty much exciting (I’m just always jealous seeing men with Rosalina like they can have fun with her but my side I’ll never be able meet that perfect princess). If I had to choose one it could be pretty much hardcore but I can resist ask witch pose is your favourite guys? Also it’s the second sketch page I get, first one was years ago from Eromanboy (on the left) and I must admit I really like that kind of illustration sketch but offering more ideas and sometimes working as a mini-comic. °w°
Here you can see on the right the original sketch from the YCH auction also Reikiwie did another session on November and maybe more to come in the future so if you are on deviantart don’t hesitate to follow her. Cause deviantart rules and tumblr putting NSFW stuff down, the only place a few of Reikiwie‘s adult stuff is pixiv but she don’t share most of the erotic stuff she do so the best way to see more uncensored art is with a commission but looking as her gallery it sure worth it… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Reikiwie / 17$ YCH
Patreon: www.patreon.com/reikiwie
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/reikiwie
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=5097279
One year ago: #786 – Kantai sexy student
Next to come: Sexy office Rosalina (Ecchi)
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#871 – Kill la trap (nigaud)

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Patreon bonus: Devil street (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover kill la kill Ryuko Matoi hentai porn nsfw trap crossdress femboy
I’m sorry for this stupid joke on the title that only French can understand and I hope even French people will forgive me for how bad it was but well, I can’t resist and I’m proud to be French so wont hide it. I would love be so powerfull as Wargaming when they made a video about French cruisers with lot of French touch… XD
Also week-end was great, can’t tell I was really “productive” since there isn’t stuff I can share with you and considering it again I guess it’s better to say I wasn’t so lazy as usual. Anyway I still have things to do so let’s hope I will keep doing everything I planned for the day, wish me good luck guys… ^^’


And even if you haven’t get the joke, you can still enjoy this new Special illustration by MegumiPan616 with Rosalina and a trap Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill that I consider a a really epic series that also inspired a chapter of the Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. Here is the second illustration I get with Ryuko (previous one on the left) anyway course you can see there is something special this time that introduce a new style on the project with trap that I can describe as a boy looking feminine. I was often using futanari that can add some action and cum without break (too much) the yuri side and even is a trap is a true boy at first I really love their cute and innocent look so decided go for something that way with MegumiPan616 on a commission. °w°

Trying to give a constructive feedback, on the good point I really love the design on Rosalina and Ryuko outfits, as you can see MegumiPan616 took some freedom with Rosalina outfit with so pretty gloves and shoes, it’s just now I notice I should have asked for a corset but this mistake is mine, as for Ryuko you have a strong body turning so damn sexy with the outfit and high heels, the man that designed the outfit is genius. On the other side I must tell Ryuko dick look a bit off anatomically in my opinion and Rosalina got a crown that looks more like Peach one anyway I have to say MegumiPan616 places he gems in right place with the red one in front. I can also add the reference used on this piece isn’t the one I wanted first but the other pose gave so much troubles to the artist and I’m still happy how turned this version… ^__^
There is sure more to come from MegumiPan616, first with her participation to this month patreon raffle but there will also have more commissions on the future so stay tuned. I’ll also finish saying that even if I don’t plan commission this style for the blog, MegumiPan616 do vore she post on her Eka’s Portal page, if you are into that fetish don’t hesitate take a look and if no, there is so much pretty pieces on her deviantart.

Artist: MegumiPan616 / 25$ commission
Tumblr: www.megumipan616.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/MegumiPan616
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/megumipan616
Eka’s Portal (VORE inside): www.aryion.com/g4/user/Megumipan616
One year ago: #765 – Bible Black Mistress
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#847 – RosalinaKitty (and Mario)

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PATREON BONUS: Meeting Ankha the egyptian kitty (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustration (4.000 x 4.000px) for 2$+ patrons

I’m kinda annoyed having to verify a device on my for my Patreon account each time I want to login, sent a message to support that told me “if you are clearing your cookies on a regular basis, this will prompt you to verify your device once again“… So it’s security against privacy… U_u
I feel close be able stay in my apart, kinda all stuff is moved but need wait for things to be fixed before finish he kitchen. Also last week-end was chaotic since I got a dead useless fridge that need evacuation plan and father did two mistakes damaging a door and the floor… Raaah… T_T


Let’s start a week dedicated to Mazzacho with a really cute but unexpected duo, I already got some pairing with Bowser and even link then this time it’s Mario who join this yuri project. Well, technically it’s the second time since is was also hidden in the background on Rosalina and Tifa illustration (on the left). Anyway once every 850 illustration isn’t a big deal considering how Mario is important in Nintendo franchise and can’t deny Mazzacho did a so adorable piece… Two adorable kitty that must be so soft ready for lot of cuddles, and I’m curious how sounds Rosalina when she purr, it could be so adorable or as said a friend “sounds like pigeon“… XD
If you are curious, Rosalina have a catgirl outfit in Mario 3D world but the canon is black since Toad got the blue one, I’m still not sure about the reason and think should have be better have Rosalina blue but too late change the game and Mazzacho fixed the problem here. I really <b<love this so adorable and enthusiastic expression with a dynamic pose when Mario looks more quiet his side. And talking about dynamic, Rosalina pose was different from the first sketch Mazzacho did and once completed this illustration he said he regret a bit didn’t keep the first pose, I agree Rosalina so so pretty in this one but maybe the pose would make it a bit more sexy too. Not that I would complain about sexy but I’m happy get an illustration I can use to give an update on the safe blog… °w°

Mazzacho is an amateur artist (but freaking talented) and also work as graphic designer in real life so be sure his skills and abilities show on everything visual as for background and text that also come with really serious work and it’s part of the perfection of his art. This illustration is a little more simple but don’t miss take at the art he posted on his pages (listed bellow) or his other Rosalina illustration (here) to really get an idea of his level and also the incredible range of themes he can manage. Now I also know Mazzacho educational curriculum and it’s pretty impressive, long time since I heard so long and complex titles… XD

Artist: Mazzacho / 40$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #740 – Chinese dress
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#818 – Special April fool Easter

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Patreon bonus: Sonya’s close friend (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
nintendo mario princess rosalina bunny easter trap futa gay futanari ball licking nintendo mario princess rosalina bunny easter trap futa gay futanari ball licking cum semen

If only it was an April fool but not this time, was a long time since it didn’t happened but come again the day I forget my usb key at work with the planed post saved inside. Being with family for Easter so I wrote it earlier and now have to change my plan. So illustration announced for today will come on next post. Sry… U_u


At some point I got a perfect coincidence that Easter and April fool day happen together for this really special piece I got from my friend Naw89 that kindly offered me to create a piece to help goes better from the depression I had after last cosplay con that goes really bad. I really have a special gallery with scenes damn kinky and surprising a bit exhibitionist most of the time so I expected to be surprised but not too much, Another illustration for the Special category featuring a special Rosalina and Naw89 himself… Surprising isn’t it? XD
The idea and description are simple, Naw89 told me he made a ‘trap or futa Rosalina And me playing with her Easter eggs‘, I often see artist use girl painted breasts to suggest Easter eggs but this time instead of milky breast we got some balls filled with creme fraiche (fresh cream). Other point is the scene sounds even more erotic for me considering a trap Rosalina, since I’m doing crossplay of that cute princess then the scene could happen with myself as Rosalina in a scene that could happen and feel even more exciting.
Also doing sexy trap Rosalina photos there is people that told me they would like to help me being my photographer and I know what they have in mind, this time from Naw89 illustration it looks like it’s me that get the more fun from this Easter shooting, still sounds like RP but more fun that way… °w°
As you noticed there is a normal and creamy version that also show Rosalina face, as messy lover of course the cum version is my fav and seeing Rosalina expression it make it even more gorgeous. I’m just a bit curious since Naw89 looks like crying and not fun have him looks sad (it’s me that was in depression my friend, not you). Painting touch are nice detail and I must also admit those bunny ears suit you pretty good Naw89. This was a really special piece for a yuri project but I cannot resist publish it. Again thanks so much Naw89 for your friendship and support and as for you guys, I know it’s special but you’ll still enjoy the naughty side of this scene… ^__^

Artist: Naw89 / Gift
Mail: naw89.art@gmail.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/naw89/profile
One year ago: #727 – Can’t be Easter without chocolate
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#797 – Kyoko playing Rosalina

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Patreon bonus: Kitty duo (Ecchi abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo kyoko crossplay cosplay

I missed to tell it one the previous post, Ivan won and illustration from Ocanya with January patreon raffle. You can already visit the artist page to get an idea of his style, anyway compared to what you see in the actual gallery he want try something NSFW this time so let see what Ivan will imagine… Suspense… °w°
Also was visiting the place will be my future apartment, the roof is now done but still around 6 months before I can get my own place and discover again what is the privacy… ^__^


And here is the 4th illustration I got as birthday gift, this one made by NekoToTora with his OC Kyoko dressed as Rosalina, he added the illustration in his comment on deviantart and was sure a powerfull surprise. I first was confused seeing it from the small thumbnail, I recognised Kyoko hair but her outfit looked kinda familiar too. Love this little doodle from NekoToTora, it’s so sweet and cool… \(^o^)/
It’s true you may all say this piece looks >really sketchy but for me each illustration deserve it’s own and dedicated post, behind each illustration you have an artist (NekoToTora), story, feeling and lot of works that no one have to ignore, also even if this one is a doodle it’s not something you draw in only a few minutes, just watch artists livestreams (and not speedpainting) then you’ll see how much time need a decent piece. Other interesting detail, NekoToTora made this illustration using DeviantArt muro, long time I haven’t heard about that page and what I wonder if is it was made using mouse or tablet.
Once again thanks for this lovely gift my friend, also guys don’t miss take a look at NekoToTora‘s page and ‘for the full Kyoko experience, please visit her website www.KyokoNeko.com. You’ll discover an artist really talented and dedicated to his Kyoko project as me with Rosalina, also I must admit compared to the Rosalina x Girl project, NekoToTora do do stuff more serious and committed to denounce the shit in our society… Don’t tell him hentai is the best but at last be serious is also nice from time to time… XD.

Artist: NekoToTora / Birthday gift
Website: www.KyokoNeko.com
DeviantArt: www.nekototora.deviantart.com
One year ago: #663 – Angel Lapis lazuli
Next to come: Restrained on giant Luma (NSFW)
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#671-673 – Birthday time

November 1st 2007 – November 1st 2016

It was now 9 years since Japan were able to discover Rosalina on November 1st 2007 when the game Mario Galaxy was available, after that the game came in USA, Europe and Australia respectively the 12th, 16th and 22th of November. She appeared in even more game since a year still so wonderfull as always creating even more theories and mistakes but for today all she need is love and a little wish for her birthday.

A huge thanks for all artists that helped me prepare this special post, Hope you like it guys.
princess Rosalina Nintendo yoshi sexy tentacle tongue birthday
She must be one of the artist I commissioned the most this year but when you find someone so kind with a price that suit perfectly to your budget there is no reason I stop work with JamilSC11. You’ll see more by her in the future for sure but let’s present you today two illustrations (and a bonus version) for Rosalina’s birthday. First one is commission but where I gave totally freedom to JamilSC11 until she do a birthday related piece, maybe a bit too much freedom since Yoshi join a drawing for a yuri project (does I must use lesbian in the future?). Anyway it ended really cool with a fetish I enjoy so much… Messy… *w*

princess Rosalina Nintendo yoshi sexy tentacle tongue birthdayIt looks kinda friendly and adorable but with Yoshi tongue liking the cake from Rosalina’s body it can sounds like a bit of tentacle and sure exciting, adding the naked version JamilSC11 made (as always with kinky commissions) it’s sure sooo exciting.

The second illustration JamilSC11 made was totally surprise and wonderfull one, she looks so adorable and ravishing looking at us with a pretty face, no one can resist to that invitation. Also no Yoshi but still some sweet cream for that messy touch, thanks so much JamilSC11… \(^o^)/

princess rosalina Nintendo birthday messy cake cream

Rosalina Nintendo birthday Lucile monster in ParisSecond illustration is totally cute and safe sent by Lonely-Cartoonist that contacted me there is a few day saying ‘I love your project and would love to participate‘, it’s really that kind of comment that give me motivation continue the project and I was so happy hear it. Anyway since Rosalina’s birthday was close Lonely-Cartoonist decided by it’s own to work on that kind of picture and finally send me this lovely duo with Lucile from the movie A monster in Paris.
I really enjoyed this french movie and two of the main characters were on the wishlish page before I finally remove them from the list to clean it a bit, since the movie isn’t really famous I didn’t expected get this pairing a day but I forgot remove it from the soft blog wishlist and Lonely-Cartoonist noticed it. Seem Rosalina didn’t expected get a so ravishing and talented singer to come at her party, love how cute she is with that embarrassed look. Thanks again Lonely-Cartoonist for your kind words and participation.

#654 – Hot shota traps party with Imelia

Started to submit on HentaiFoundry the illustrations from Overwatch series (that you can see here), for the moment the one with Mercy was accepted after a long time in queued and for Zarya it was rejected in less than 24 hours. I know Hf standards are a bit particular but that’s still frustrating to see an illustration that the artist worked hard on it and you love so much rejected. I still have some pieces to post but I let them forget about me a little… ^^
Anyway a huge problem is coming next week, for now I live in a living room and when step-mother will be back from Romania she come with her sister that want to live in France and will since no place will also live in the same room. No any intimacy for now and also must be like stopping everything earlier on evening when she would need to sleep. Must really get my own place but that’s so long in France to buy with all procedures >.<


First, for someone into yuri and jealous to see one with Rosalina, men are like evil but I wasn’t able to resist when Loli showed me those adorable OC. Wanted give her a little surprise pairing then with Rosalina and her OC Imelia that was already drew for the project and will appear soon. Problem is when you want a 6 characters illustration with straight shota action and both human/furry, find an artist who can accept it with a style that match and get a price that wont kill my budget for months sounds like an impossible challenge. Not that impossible since Mazzacho accepted to work on that crazy idea still doing his best… Thanks so much my friend… \(^o^)/
No one can be more incredible than Rosalina but must admit I really love the cute panda, he’s my fav from those cute trap boys. Was a bit sad at first see Mazzacho drew him naked cause his original outfit was also really adorable (and bit sexy) but he was edited to look at us with a cool expression cause Rosalina’s kinky finger giving him a bit of anal feeling, I also heard it give stronger erection get bigger load of cum that way, not sure if really work and curious if you know about that guys but at last Rosalina wanted to try and may not be disappointment by all that tasty cum she received. Mazzacho gave lot of cum for Rosalina and Imelia, must admit as messy lover I love so much that addition, also not often Rosalina can get a little dick to enjoy (yuri rules) so no way to fully enjoy it.
The more impressive when you follow Mazzacho’s livestreams isn’t the way he work or that he kinda know everything about photoshop but the amount of work for each details and character. When you think someone looks cool and done he continue work on it and when it reach an epic step and you see that Mazzacho isn’t done with that part still adding some shadings and effect you wonder what words even more powerfull you can use to describe it after that. There will be HD version for 2$+ patreon members and on this one you’ll be able really see all that amazing works between this illustration. Oh yeah… ^^
Mazzacho have really interesting commission prices, for 30$ you can get 3 hours streaming when you ca ask him everything you want, can be multiple sketches or a nice pin-up with some color and for an illustration like this it cost only 70$. Assuming it sounds a lot of money but compared to artist than only draw a single character at this price you can get wonderfull deals with Mazzacho, don’t hesitate to ask for a price estimation at last and share with him your kinky dreams and ideas during his livestreams sessions… °w°
As if this one was a gift and surprise for my friend Loli that also won the last patreon raffle (damn lucky) I wasn’t able to resist add Rosalina in to get another piece with my favorite princess. While Mazzacho was working on the illustration I was wondering a lot if have to be or not on the site cause it’s not a yuri and also shota/loli are a bit special fetish that some can’t like. I’m always amazed by Mazzacho art and was sure he will create something incredible then so bad miss a way post a great piece and promote his art. Just don’t miss take a look at links below to discover/follow/support him, all that he deserve and be sure you must enjoy his style.

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