#818 – Special April fool Easter

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If only it was an April fool but not this time, was a long time since it didn’t happened but come again the day I forget my usb key at work with the planed post saved inside. Being with family for Easter so I wrote it earlier and now have to change my plan. So illustration announced for today will come on next post. Sry… U_u


At some point I got a perfect coincidence that Easter and April fool day happen together for this really special piece I got from my friend Naw89 that kindly offered me to create a piece to help goes better from the depression I had after last cosplay con that goes really bad. I really have a special gallery with scenes damn kinky and surprising a bit exhibitionist most of the time so I expected to be surprised but not too much, Another illustration for the Special category featuring a special Rosalina and Naw89 himself… Surprising isn’t it? XD
The idea and description are simple, Naw89 told me he made a ‘trap or futa Rosalina And me playing with her Easter eggs‘, I often see artist use girl painted breasts to suggest Easter eggs but this time instead of milky breast we got some balls filled with creme fraiche (fresh cream). Other point is the scene sounds even more erotic for me considering a trap Rosalina, since I’m doing crossplay of that cute princess then the scene could happen with myself as Rosalina in a scene that could happen and feel even more exciting.
Also doing sexy trap Rosalina photos there is people that told me they would like to help me being my photographer and I know what they have in mind, this time from Naw89 illustration it looks like it’s me that get the more fun from this Easter shooting, still sounds like RP but more fun that way… °w°
As you noticed there is a normal and creamy version that also show Rosalina face, as messy lover of course the cum version is my fav and seeing Rosalina expression it make it even more gorgeous. I’m just a bit curious since Naw89 looks like crying and not fun have him looks sad (it’s me that was in depression my friend, not you). Painting touch are nice detail and I must also admit those bunny ears suit you pretty good Naw89. This was a really special piece for a yuri project but I cannot resist publish it. Again thanks so much Naw89 for your friendship and support and as for you guys, I know it’s special but you’ll still enjoy the naughty side of this scene… ^__^

Artist: Naw89 / Gift
Mail: naw89.art@gmail.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/naw89/profile
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  1. Naw89

    the French cream seems something special to savor I want to clarify that tears are a product of deep throat all day


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