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#819 – Futa fitness

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Patreon bonus: HD version of this illustration (16x bigger) for 2$+ patrons

nintendo mario princess rosalina wiifit trainer futa futanari hentai porn sex
Worked on the blog content and added 35 new pieces on the gallery page, still a lot missing but I have to rework all posts before add them so it’s really long work to manage… O_o
Anyway I got some holidays starting, have now more time for the project but I’ll also enjoy it so chill a bit and have some other projects I would love to work on seriously… are this still holidays? XD


After a cute solo you can see on the left and sexy duo with Daisy on right, this one is the 3rd futa Rosalina illustration I received from Ivan that goes way more naughty this time and commissioned to Happ57, now I know about my friend fetish for panties, futa and maids if I’m right. After being exposed from the accident and so excited during the award ceremony, Rosalina wasn’t able hold anymore and decided make more than yoga during the session with trainer from Wiifit series.
Looking seriously at Happ57‘s illustrations, Shading and fluids aren’t realistic but looks nice on the pervert side, the light show really nicely Rosalina face and breasts but curious the trainer get that dark like it’s Rosalina’s breasts that are glowing. About fluid it’s more anatomically detail, technically the pussy produce juice to naturally lube itself but the ass don’t. Anyway I’m a pervert and messy lover so even if it’s wrong I still love so much Happ57‘s piece, also art allow us to cheat a bit and turn all dreams true so stupid don’t enjoy it… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Also there was a point I noticed when goes to make the censored version is the original piece from Happ57 is way more bigger and detailed than I thought. You’ll be surprise see how much work and efforts it have on the shading and every part like background, hair or fluids. Also considering the piec ewas too big to load quickly I decided offer the HD version as patreon reward that come 16 times bigger than the one here… Not small difference and you’ll really see about Happ57‘s unique and interesting style, some parts and textures looks like traditional art and it’s enough good to make me doubts if this is really a digital illustration sometimes… Art sounds even more powerfull and dangerous than I thought but it’s also why I admire artists power so much… °o°
Also while posting an illustration on Gelbooru (that was removed cause non Japanese artist), someone told me a scene with futanari with girl isn’t considered as yuri and this tag is wrong, we must say futanari on female, futanari on male or futa on futa depending the scene so keep that in mind if you spread futanari scenes around the net. Also I’m sorry don’t have more infos about Happ57, all I can tell is his Spanish, looking at his profile bio you can read This user hasn’t written anything here so not really helpfull… ^^’

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#818 – Special April fool Easter

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Patreon bonus: Sonya’s close friend (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
nintendo mario princess rosalina bunny easter trap futa gay futanari ball licking nintendo mario princess rosalina bunny easter trap futa gay futanari ball licking cum semen

If only it was an April fool but not this time, was a long time since it didn’t happened but come again the day I forget my usb key at work with the planed post saved inside. Being with family for Easter so I wrote it earlier and now have to change my plan. So illustration announced for today will come on next post. Sry… U_u


At some point I got a perfect coincidence that Easter and April fool day happen together for this really special piece I got from my friend Naw89 that kindly offered me to create a piece to help goes better from the depression I had after last cosplay con that goes really bad. I really have a special gallery with scenes damn kinky and surprising a bit exhibitionist most of the time so I expected to be surprised but not too much, Another illustration for the Special category featuring a special Rosalina and Naw89 himself… Surprising isn’t it? XD
The idea and description are simple, Naw89 told me he made a ‘trap or futa Rosalina And me playing with her Easter eggs‘, I often see artist use girl painted breasts to suggest Easter eggs but this time instead of milky breast we got some balls filled with creme fraiche (fresh cream). Other point is the scene sounds even more erotic for me considering a trap Rosalina, since I’m doing crossplay of that cute princess then the scene could happen with myself as Rosalina in a scene that could happen and feel even more exciting.
Also doing sexy trap Rosalina photos there is people that told me they would like to help me being my photographer and I know what they have in mind, this time from Naw89 illustration it looks like it’s me that get the more fun from this Easter shooting, still sounds like RP but more fun that way… °w°
As you noticed there is a normal and creamy version that also show Rosalina face, as messy lover of course the cum version is my fav and seeing Rosalina expression it make it even more gorgeous. I’m just a bit curious since Naw89 looks like crying and not fun have him looks sad (it’s me that was in depression my friend, not you). Painting touch are nice detail and I must also admit those bunny ears suit you pretty good Naw89. This was a really special piece for a yuri project but I cannot resist publish it. Again thanks so much Naw89 for your friendship and support and as for you guys, I know it’s special but you’ll still enjoy the naughty side of this scene… ^__^

Artist: Naw89 / Gift
Mail: naw89.art@gmail.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/naw89/profile
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#564 – Secret and kinky Halloween girlfriend

Rosalina Nintendo real German beer girl outfits kiki cosplay costume beer body wet
After some kind of ddos and comment spam attacks on the blog, I got one more “discrete” during the week, it’s a login force attack for someone who try to login again and again to access to the managing panel, don’t know what he have to do after that and honestly I wont let him a chance to do it. Must put some protection plugins but last time the one I used has the effect to shutdown the site and block all access, was hard to repair and for now I must be careful with what I instal… O_o
My friend Mavruda already got his site mydirtydrawings.net hacked and destroyed so I know how those bastards are dangerous. In fact now I just wonder if Nintendo is under this and try to destroy my blog, maybe as it happend on Blogger but they can’t destroy my love for Rosalina, she will always be the more beautifull and cutest princess in the world, oh yeah… \(^o^)/


As if this illustration was planned to be on the blog for Halloween at first, with Rosalina’s birthday a day after (I’m still sad it’s over) it’s better to have the illustration late. Like this wont be hidden by a new publication after just a day and you have time to enjoy this wonderfull illustration I received from naw89 who opened Halloween theme requests and accepted to pair the so wonderfull Rosalina with his so naughty as pretty girlfriend both in disguise ready for some kinky (and tasty) fun. I hope you like this piece guys and thanks so much naw89 for that powerfull piece… °w°
Thanks soooo much naw89 for your kindness and interest, feel bad wasn’t in time for Halloween since you were so fast and I hope be able to show more sexy Rosalina by you. On your side guys you can find more of his art on HentaiFoundry, Tumblr or Deviantart who is more soft but still have so sexy pin-up (the architectura pin_up is so pretty as sexy). Her girlfring is also an artist (really) and you can find her art here, if I remember she love sushi, yaoi and futa (but there is some pretty pin-up on her gallery, love the bunnygirl) that explain some pieces from naw89 starring his girlfriend.
About naw89‘s girlfriend, as if she’s so damn perfect in his art and stories you must know she love beer so Rosalina foud the perfect suit and drink to seduce her new friend, also seem both can have really naughty ideas and must love to play together. My requests was naw89‘s gf drinking beer over Rosalina’s body and I’m sure you recognize Kiki’s Delivery and German beer girl outfits. That’s so sweet and lovely as sexy, love how it turned…
Must admit I was a little confused with Rosalina, she remember me a little Elsa with that hair style and especially with head lock to small to hide her right eye but naw89 said “I did not know the detail of the eye, I am not familiar with the character”, I also noticed this detail too late on the sketch and final version was already done so kinda my fault too. At first I though that the sketch was he final version like quick requests so you can imagine how the colored one was a wonderfull surprise, the final piece is incredible.

Artist: naw89 / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr: www.blue-sunsx.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: http://hentai-foundry.com/user/naw89/profile

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