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#734 – Narsha private nasty show

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I finally made changes on patreon page offering more content for the 5$ tier who will get access to exclusive alternatives and source files for some dedicated illustration. The first one coming with be the .psd file of Rosalina and Marie illustration with tentacle under clothes scene. IT will be forcefull on a way but far to be a paywall with no more than 1 or 2 5$ tier reward each month.
Also really need you help and support cause on the actual way, the budget will be negative for all the rest of the year and that’s why I really count on patreon to help get quality and sure kinky content. I also have many project like lingerie series or new chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic but those need investment that the 0.1$ (really) benefits each month from ads wont cover… ^^’


And here is a new piece from HentaiTeodor who game me the honour contribute several times to the project since his first piece in November 2012 (see all his Rosalina illustrations here), all previous illustrations were gift or requests so I decided go with a straight commission this time. I love the really kinky and naughty side that appear on HentaiTeodor and wanted have it appear on a real people so I asked to pair Rosalina and K-pop singer Narsha from the clip abracadabra.
I really wanted keep a latex touch since HentaiTeodor is really good at it and high heels cause that already looks so marvellous, the scene looks really hot with Rosalina being fucked by a strap-on but her face also keep something sensual with the hair style that also turn like a so sweet and ravishing pin-up. HentaiTeodor took a break with drawing in the middle of this illustration and when started work on it again he wanted the left part be even more naughty that’s why he redo Rosalina face.

The second version is sure even more naughty and explicit with that face, it looks like Narsha goes really rough abusing of that princes body and the tongue out turn so marvellous, rolling eyes and saliva touch make it even more intense, I’m just a little sad this part ended sketch compared to the left panel really clean and more detailed with HentaiTeodor full power but the result is still sooo cool. I hope you like it guys… \(^o^)/
I took lot of time to post this illustration cause personal problem that kept busy HentaiTeodor who stopped update his page but he’s now active again so time to show his power to the world. If you like really hot art with so naughty and ever incest captions be sure HentaiTeodor will looks so freaking exciting and powerfull… °w°

Artist: HentaiTeodor / Cost: ??? (Actual rate unknow)
Commissions: hentaiteodor@gmail.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/hentaiteodor
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/hentaiteodor/profile

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#564 – Secret and kinky Halloween girlfriend

Rosalina Nintendo real German beer girl outfits kiki cosplay costume beer body wet
After some kind of ddos and comment spam attacks on the blog, I got one more “discrete” during the week, it’s a login force attack for someone who try to login again and again to access to the managing panel, don’t know what he have to do after that and honestly I wont let him a chance to do it. Must put some protection plugins but last time the one I used has the effect to shutdown the site and block all access, was hard to repair and for now I must be careful with what I instal… O_o
My friend Mavruda already got his site mydirtydrawings.net hacked and destroyed so I know how those bastards are dangerous. In fact now I just wonder if Nintendo is under this and try to destroy my blog, maybe as it happend on Blogger but they can’t destroy my love for Rosalina, she will always be the more beautifull and cutest princess in the world, oh yeah… \(^o^)/


As if this illustration was planned to be on the blog for Halloween at first, with Rosalina’s birthday a day after (I’m still sad it’s over) it’s better to have the illustration late. Like this wont be hidden by a new publication after just a day and you have time to enjoy this wonderfull illustration I received from naw89 who opened Halloween theme requests and accepted to pair the so wonderfull Rosalina with his so naughty as pretty girlfriend both in disguise ready for some kinky (and tasty) fun. I hope you like this piece guys and thanks so much naw89 for that powerfull piece… °w°
Thanks soooo much naw89 for your kindness and interest, feel bad wasn’t in time for Halloween since you were so fast and I hope be able to show more sexy Rosalina by you. On your side guys you can find more of his art on HentaiFoundry, Tumblr or Deviantart who is more soft but still have so sexy pin-up (the architectura pin_up is so pretty as sexy). Her girlfring is also an artist (really) and you can find her art here, if I remember she love sushi, yaoi and futa (but there is some pretty pin-up on her gallery, love the bunnygirl) that explain some pieces from naw89 starring his girlfriend.
About naw89‘s girlfriend, as if she’s so damn perfect in his art and stories you must know she love beer so Rosalina foud the perfect suit and drink to seduce her new friend, also seem both can have really naughty ideas and must love to play together. My requests was naw89‘s gf drinking beer over Rosalina’s body and I’m sure you recognize Kiki’s Delivery and German beer girl outfits. That’s so sweet and lovely as sexy, love how it turned…
Must admit I was a little confused with Rosalina, she remember me a little Elsa with that hair style and especially with head lock to small to hide her right eye but naw89 said “I did not know the detail of the eye, I am not familiar with the character”, I also noticed this detail too late on the sketch and final version was already done so kinda my fault too. At first I though that the sketch was he final version like quick requests so you can imagine how the colored one was a wonderfull surprise, the final piece is incredible.

Artist: naw89 / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr: www.blue-sunsx.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: http://hentai-foundry.com/user/naw89/profile

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#406 – Anal fisting party – Animated

Still working on a new page for the blog, I kknow what I want to put on it, no problem about that but I still have some trouble to find the best design. I’m sure it will be something really basic at the end but I’m never happy how it look.

I heared that it’s typically for French peoples but I know so much people in that case around the world… Eh eh.. ^^


I promised you an epic week and let start with this epic illustration, I have just to say it’s an “Animated Anal Foursome” and just with these three world we are sure there is something epic behind this… And your right, It’s epic… Thanks so much BrokenSkull… °w°

Last year, I won a raffle on BrokenSkull’s blog and I was able to ask anything I want. You can be sure it was a so powerfull surprise but also really hard to find the best idea while keep fun and Freedom to the artist. For BrokenSkull it was “Anal year” so I decided to keep it in mind.

I finally asked him a foursome anal party. First character must be Rosalina (of course), she’s fisting Temari from Naruto, one of my favorite girl. On the right it’s Desiree Cousteau, a famous porn actress I really love since I saw an illustration of her (photo on the right) but the 4th lady who is fisting her is a huge mystery… O_o

I left to BrokenSkull the freedom to add the girl he want but the only thing we know about her according to his comment is that she’s “a friend of mine”… Don’t know if she’s so beautifull as pervert in real life and also love Fisting. Only BrokenSkull know the truth and you can be sure it wont be easy to make him say more about her. But not use to focus on that and forget the principal.. He did an amazing illustration… (^o^)/

At start I only received the illustration you can see here but January 7th was my birthday and after that BrokenSkull sent me a little update. He made a full ANIMATED VERSION (here) of the illustration. Sadly I can’t upload it here, don’t have any place to host the original file and have a permanent link, also tried to convert it as gift but result was ugly. Now if you want to see the animated version take a look to BrokenSkull’s gallery. It was an amazing present, thanks so much my friend… ^__^

Now I’m sure you want more and of course you can have more. Just take a look to his HentaiFoundry profile (here) or his Blogspot (here) for more illustration. You can expect lot of anal an really surprising illustration… Oh yeah…

Artist: BrokenSkull  /  Cost: 0$ (raffle)
Blogger: www.skull18plus.blogspot.hu
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/BrokenSkull/profile

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#330 – Real people – Ashiya Mizuki

For the moment I play Animal crossing on 3DS trying the be the better in my friends and creating a girl who ressembles to Rosalina (I’ll show her soon if you are curious) but now there is one detail I really love in this game, not really a datail but mroe a character because it’s Isabelle (called Marie in the french version).

This girl is cute but also really adorable and so lovely, so nice we can’t do more with her but I really want to show her with Rosalina so she will be the new wishlisted girl of the day. I sent messages to artist who already drew her and hope this pairing will appear soon in the blog. soft or Hentai in not important but Rosalina and Isabelle must be really amazing… °w°


Like I said in the sacond video than you can see here or just have to click on the butto “video” on the right. I have a lot of fetishs especially for lingerie and high heels but also a cow-girl fetish, I really love this outfit and Rosalina with chaps look simply amazing… So beautifull and powerfull so I asked her again and it was vempire who had to draw her with the actress Ashiya Mizuki… °w°

Generally I do my best to let the artist more free I can but this time it was a little particular. Vempire didn’t have choice for Rosalina because I send him a picture as reference than Really love and ask him to draw Rosalina exactly in the same position, with the same outfit and face. You can see the photo on the left. The first time I saw, it I thought I must have Rosalina like her… Exactly like her and it happend, thanks so much Vempire… (^o^)/

For the second girl: Ashiya Mizuki it was different because I was so much focused on Rosalina looking at this cowgirl than it was so hard find something great to suggest to Vempire so I asked a a friend to chosoe a second girl for me. I was really surprise when she suggested (yeah,she’s a girl) than she want Ashiya Mizuki with this cowgirl Rosalina but it was her choice and I finally asked her to Vempire. I hope you like the result guys.

For Ashiya Mizuki outfit, I looking to some cowgirl picture to find a perfect suit for her. I found one really amazing and I send it to Vempire who created the drawing. I’m a little sad because the only freedom Vempire had with this drawing was Ashiya Mizuki pose and I hope it wasn’t so annoying for him who did an amazing job with this drawing.

I have a lot of cowgirl Rosalina in the blog but Vempire really drew the first yuri pic with two true cowgirls together. Not a cowgirl and a cow-girl like the one with Rosalina and Hanako (see it here) or Rosalina and Seras (see it here)… I love all these drawing but this one with Ashiya is excellent. they look gorgeous, so powerfeull and sexy… *w*

There is so much things I want to say with this post but don’t want to be annoying. On monday it will be the start of th project “your dream by… Vempire” so you can be sure you will hear again about Vempire soon… Stay turned guys… ^^

Artist: Vempire / cost: 45$ (Deal)
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): hentai-foundry.com/user/vempire/profile

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Added to wishlist: Isabelle from Animal crossing (see it here)

#310 – Real girl – N.C.

Delacroix_Legion sent me a new version of his armored Rosalina (see the updated post here) but he sent me an otehr message after than I made a last and soft version for his deviantart account (see it here) and in this case I can also show the drawing on the soft blog, that’s not so powerfull guys?

By the way you can see the post on the soft blog: rosalinaxgirl.com or click on the drawing on the right, that’s just easy… Thanks so much Delacroix_Legion… (^o^)/


Today it’s a really amazing and also curious artist who gave me the honnor to contribute: it’s dabotz than I found when he started to publish on hentaifoundry. Dabotz make drawing really ahrdcore in general but his style is really stunning and amazing and stunning so it was impossible to stop follow him… XD

New artist and new feeling for Rosalina, she will discover breast suction and sincerely like what happened in general in dabotz mind; no huge insertions, anal stretching, fisting or amputation, I must admit she’s really lucky… For the moment… If you want to see more don’t hesitate to take a look to dabotz‘s gallery but be carefull if you don’t like hardcore stuff…

I think you are also curious about the other girl. In fact dabotz drew a real person than he really wanted to draw. I’m sure you agree than she wont be happy see a drawing like this of her so the name of the girl is a little secret. I can just say she’s N.C. but if you have any idea or suggestion, feel free to comment guys… ^^

I’m really happy than dabotz accepted to draw Rosalina but I must admit I was a little scary too, I always let he artist more free I can with the drawing so they can do what they lvoe and have fun with the picture but dabotz are really powerfull but sometimes a little to much hardcore for me. At the end I love the result and there isn’t any piercings and amputations… Thanks so much my friend… (^o^)/