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#406 – Anal fisting party – Animated

Still working on a new page for the blog, I kknow what I want to put on it, no problem about that but I still have some trouble to find the best design. I’m sure it will be something really basic at the end but I’m never happy how it look.

I heared that it’s typically for French peoples but I know so much people in that case around the world… Eh eh.. ^^


I promised you an epic week and let start with this epic illustration, I have just to say it’s an “Animated Anal Foursome” and just with these three world we are sure there is something epic behind this… And your right, It’s epic… Thanks so much BrokenSkull… °w°

Last year, I won a raffle on BrokenSkull’s blog and I was able to ask anything I want. You can be sure it was a so powerfull surprise but also really hard to find the best idea while keep fun and Freedom to the artist. For BrokenSkull it was “Anal year” so I decided to keep it in mind.

I finally asked him a foursome anal party. First character must be Rosalina (of course), she’s fisting Temari from Naruto, one of my favorite girl. On the right it’s Desiree Cousteau, a famous porn actress I really love since I saw an illustration of her (photo on the right) but the 4th lady who is fisting her is a huge mystery… O_o

I left to BrokenSkull the freedom to add the girl he want but the only thing we know about her according to his comment is that she’s “a friend of mine”… Don’t know if she’s so beautifull as pervert in real life and also love Fisting. Only BrokenSkull know the truth and you can be sure it wont be easy to make him say more about her. But not use to focus on that and forget the principal.. He did an amazing illustration… (^o^)/

At start I only received the illustration you can see here but January 7th was my birthday and after that BrokenSkull sent me a little update. He made a full ANIMATED VERSION (here) of the illustration. Sadly I can’t upload it here, don’t have any place to host the original file and have a permanent link, also tried to convert it as gift but result was ugly. Now if you want to see the animated version take a look to BrokenSkull’s gallery. It was an amazing present, thanks so much my friend… ^__^

Now I’m sure you want more and of course you can have more. Just take a look to his HentaiFoundry profile (here) or his Blogspot (here) for more illustration. You can expect lot of anal an really surprising illustration… Oh yeah…

Artist: BrokenSkull  /  Cost: 0$ (raffle)
Blogger: www.skull18plus.blogspot.hu
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/BrokenSkull/profile

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