#310 – Real girl – N.C.

Delacroix_Legion sent me a new version of his armored Rosalina (see the updated post here) but he sent me an otehr message after than I made a last and soft version for his deviantart account (see it here) and in this case I can also show the drawing on the soft blog, that’s not so powerfull guys?

By the way you can see the post on the soft blog: rosalinaxgirl.com or click on the drawing on the right, that’s just easy… Thanks so much Delacroix_Legion… (^o^)/


Today it’s a really amazing and also curious artist who gave me the honnor to contribute: it’s dabotz than I found when he started to publish on hentaifoundry. Dabotz make drawing really ahrdcore in general but his style is really stunning and amazing and stunning so it was impossible to stop follow him… XD

New artist and new feeling for Rosalina, she will discover breast suction and sincerely like what happened in general in dabotz mind; no huge insertions, anal stretching, fisting or amputation, I must admit she’s really lucky… For the moment… If you want to see more don’t hesitate to take a look to dabotz‘s gallery but be carefull if you don’t like hardcore stuff…

I think you are also curious about the other girl. In fact dabotz drew a real person than he really wanted to draw. I’m sure you agree than she wont be happy see a drawing like this of her so the name of the girl is a little secret. I can just say she’s N.C. but if you have any idea or suggestion, feel free to comment guys… ^^

I’m really happy than dabotz accepted to draw Rosalina but I must admit I was a little scary too, I always let he artist more free I can with the drawing so they can do what they lvoe and have fun with the picture but dabotz are really powerfull but sometimes a little to much hardcore for me. At the end I love the result and there isn’t any piercings and amputations… Thanks so much my friend… (^o^)/

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