#311 – Blazblue – Noel Vermillion N°2

The Rosalina x Girl contest hosted by the group AdultAnonymous is now over. Votes have started and now we have to wait for the final results. At the end there is 14 illustrations fighting for the first place. I wasn’t really opimistic but finally a lot of amazing artists contributed and it was so hard choose my favorite for the vote.

In fact I must admit than I wanted to be fair so I asked a friend to choose his favorite drawing and this one will be the one of my vote. Like this no friends or favouritism but my friend don’t have the same tastes as me… XD

Last thing, I have a lot of ideas for the 3rd video but at the moment here isn’t a chance it happen. The contest was really powerfull but I have a lot of troubles…


Today a new request who need a huge thanks to Tallon for his really powerfull support and also congrat to steena-wooh for this amazing drawing. This time Rosalina meet Noel Vermillon from the game Blazblue (I must try is a day)…

In fact it’s not the first time Rosalina meet Noel, this pairing is already on the soft blog (see it here). You can see on the right the illustration by quamp. Though this time Rosalina and Noel are not here to have a sexy pose in hooter uniform, no! This time they will have more fun… A lot of fun… °w°

Rosalina and Noel are really beautifull and steena-wooh did an excellent job, two beautifull girls, expressive face, a lot of details and a really hot and sensual moment. They are not crying but moaning (I hope I’m right with this word), it make the drawing more romantic and tender like this… ^^

I also love how steena-wooh used the sketch for the background, I sometimes see the artist use a close-up or zoom on the background but never the sketch and I must admit it look really powerfull and more original in that way… I love this drawing, thanks so much steena-wooh and Tallon… (^o^)/

And don’t hesitate to take a look to steena-wooh‘s gallery, I’m sure guys than you love this drawing and if you want to see more, there is a lot of other epic drawings in his profile. By the way, steena-wooh do commissions and sometimes request so don’t hesitete to check regulary his profile… Oh yeah…

Artist: Steena-woohy / Cost: 0$ (Requested by Tallon)
Tallon’s profil: http://tallon90.deviantart.com
Steena-woohy’s profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/steena-wooh/profile

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