#819 – Futa fitness

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Worked on the blog content and added 35 new pieces on the gallery page, still a lot missing but I have to rework all posts before add them so it’s really long work to manage… O_o
Anyway I got some holidays starting, have now more time for the project but I’ll also enjoy it so chill a bit and have some other projects I would love to work on seriously… are this still holidays? XD


After a cute solo you can see on the left and sexy duo with Daisy on right, this one is the 3rd futa Rosalina illustration I received from Ivan that goes way more naughty this time and commissioned to Happ57, now I know about my friend fetish for panties, futa and maids if I’m right. After being exposed from the accident and so excited during the award ceremony, Rosalina wasn’t able hold anymore and decided make more than yoga during the session with trainer from Wiifit series.
Looking seriously at Happ57‘s illustrations, Shading and fluids aren’t realistic but looks nice on the pervert side, the light show really nicely Rosalina face and breasts but curious the trainer get that dark like it’s Rosalina’s breasts that are glowing. About fluid it’s more anatomically detail, technically the pussy produce juice to naturally lube itself but the ass don’t. Anyway I’m a pervert and messy lover so even if it’s wrong I still love so much Happ57‘s piece, also art allow us to cheat a bit and turn all dreams true so stupid don’t enjoy it… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Also there was a point I noticed when goes to make the censored version is the original piece from Happ57 is way more bigger and detailed than I thought. You’ll be surprise see how much work and efforts it have on the shading and every part like background, hair or fluids. Also considering the piec ewas too big to load quickly I decided offer the HD version as patreon reward that come 16 times bigger than the one here… Not small difference and you’ll really see about Happ57‘s unique and interesting style, some parts and textures looks like traditional art and it’s enough good to make me doubts if this is really a digital illustration sometimes… Art sounds even more powerfull and dangerous than I thought but it’s also why I admire artists power so much… °o°
Also while posting an illustration on Gelbooru (that was removed cause non Japanese artist), someone told me a scene with futanari with girl isn’t considered as yuri and this tag is wrong, we must say futanari on female, futanari on male or futa on futa depending the scene so keep that in mind if you spread futanari scenes around the net. Also I’m sorry don’t have more infos about Happ57, all I can tell is his Spanish, looking at his profile bio you can read This user hasn’t written anything here so not really helpfull… ^^’

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