#820 – Magic beads and indecent heels

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After the design and organisation, there was a new change on the wishlist page content, now on the artist name you have a link only when he did multiple illustrations. Also instead of redirect to the artist page it show all post related to him on the blog, it’s better considering so many links were dead after 8 years and from the dedicated posts you have listed all pages you can find the artist so more change have one still working.
And now I must apologies for this late post, I must admit I expected it happen being so busy with project I’ll work on during holidays and I’m just finally a bit too much lazy… Let’s hope I’ll work better for this 2nd week… ^^’


New illustration that turned so powerfull as unexpected, it started from a random idea floating in the air that Mazzacho didn’t missed to turn epic. I have a big fetish for high heels and strippers heels are so damn hot as hard to walk with (and I know that). Of course we can go more high but it often looks weird and exaggerated anyway Mazzacho was able manage extreme heels looking so perfect on Rosalina… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Of course I may never see a girl wearing that kind of shoe in real life but art allow us to cheat and I’m glad Mazzacho did it, even more on Rosalina. Anyway just just so fucking incredible badass heels aren’t enough for a talented artist like Mazzacho so from the heels he added busty touch, latex suit and anal beads to increase the naughty level and the result is so marvellous. Looking from the back to the top there is no part peasant to watch, beads, pussy, breasts, face, thin legs with latex and finally the heels as grand finale, even more for a heels addict like me anyway I hope you also enjoy this illustration guys… °w°

If you are curious, you can see on the right how was the first sketch from Mazzacho, you can see how the hairs and left hand changed but what I’m the more curious is the outfit that was originally planned for that sweet (but hot) princess. As you can see Rosalina have a hat like kind of uniform in the sketch and I really have no clue what Mazzacho had in mind… Maybe he will told us a day or also forgot himself what is it… XD
Also a thing that I learned after so many commissions and streams is Mazzacho always need to keep some freedom to show all the magic of his art, it’s not good idea to come ask him to exactly follow an existing pose but use it as suggestion for a theme. I must admit I often came with something really specific in mind and Mazzacho ended creating something a bit different but each time there is no diseapointment cause the piece he created is really gorgeous… Oh yeah…. \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / 60$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
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