#896 – Saving earth from Godzilla

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Basically I use a UBS key I carry I work where I work on my posts when I have time and inspiration making ton of .txt files. Sometimes I forget it at work when hurry to leave so can’t use what I prepared for the post and there is other days I forget it home so moving back one the evening I just prepared nothing… I should really find another rule that don’t make the publications depend too much on this usb key… ^^’
And random stuff; I really don’t like winter, luckily it’s not soo hard one in France compared to Mazzacho in Russia as example (discrete ad for you my friend) anyway I still want warm days to be back. At last sun is back and days start growing again so it’s on the right way… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


Today will be a quick post for multiple reasons, on the illustration side this one was a gift so I can’t tell anything about the illustration process considered I received directly the final version and as you can see it’s a sketch so pretty hard talk about details and shadings. Even bigger problem is on the artist side since GojiCachou account was deactivated a few months ago and I have absolutely no contact, even some other friends she had on deviantart don’t know what happened. I was waiting to see if could be a temporary ban and see her back but seems the chances are now really low and I finally goes to show her illustration… U_u
At last what I can tell from this illustration is GojiCachou decided take part of the project pairing Rosalina with her ultimate waifu… Godzilla, it sure don’t work too well for a yuri project but you can be sure her passion was strong for him so I pretty much expected this pairing from her. She was also a huge fan of the Zelda and Link couple but it’s the couple itself she love and that she enjoyed imagine and draw into bondage scenes. Maybe it’s one of her last publication about it that got her account deactivated but I can just make theories at this point. Anyway even idf the artist disappeared this piece remain as memory or her existence and I’ll just finish saying that it’s not often I see artists using watermarks even bigger than mines… XD

Artist: GojiCachou/ Gift
One year ago: #797 – Kyoko playing Rosalina
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