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#858 – Meeting Ankha the Egyptian kitty

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Troubles with google adsense are now over and I can’t turn back the both place to their initial looks and design but also go promote them around sharing stuff on other places. Two weeks waiting was long but gave me some kind of holidays (and twice more work for the coming week)… ^^’
And there was ton of stuff I stored at mother’s and father’s houses for the day I’ll get my own place and now I was able get it and move everything I see I can’t allow myself to keep everything cause not enough space. It’s so frustrating trash or sell my own stuff but at last I know I’ll keep everything Rosalina related… °w°


Time to present you a new artist names Nethari I commissioned a duo with Rosalina and Ankha from Animal crossing series, I first bought her another commission as gift for a friend but her style and price were so powerfull that I wasn’t able resist get a piece for the project. Of course I also have to admit the reference used for Ankha is a bit different than her original design and I’m glad Nethari was ok with it, I really love how pretty and sexy she looks that way (especially with those wedge shoes) and it’s powerfull I can finally get her with Rosalina… °w°
Nethari is a huge nerd for plants (really) but also talented artist with cool commission prices, it was 6$ a solo piece or 10$ a duo when you pick a bundle, I first bought a commission as gift for a friend anyway after see some really sexy piece in her gallery I cannot resist get something for the blog and I love the result sooo much. AS first Nethari made two lovely sketches that and just pick one was hard decision. You can see the second sketch on the right and thinking at this again I should have get another commission and use it with another lady but too late now… ^^’
So reason I goes with this pose was Nethari said “both worked fine for me, though #1 was a bit easier” and I really liked it too, also she considered both as rough sketches but they are really clean for me. Only (useless) detail I didn’t like was Ankha shoe being hidden with that pose being a huge addict of high heels but Nethari made an edit moving the leg to let the high heels shoe appear better so was all perfect now… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Feel free if you are curious to see Nethari‘s page, unfortunately there was many pieces deleted from her gallery because “being “too” mature content-y, anyway seems those are still on her tumblr page, I missed ask her about but don’t miss take a look. Anyway don’t miss follow Nethari if you are on deviantart and stay tuned when she open commission or just don’t miss her upcoming works or do it on tumble for the more sexy stuff… ^__^

Artist: Nethari / 10$ commission
Tumblr: www.stagstracks.tumblr.com
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/nethari
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#711 – Welcome new Mayor

Some light edit on the next illustrations, I’ll make the patreon link appear and add some text on censor lines for the version that goes on tumblr and twitter. Those are censored to make it more safe and also make people visit the main site (kind of forcefull but the uncensored version are still free access). I also wonder if could be great publish them on deviantart but could be dangerous since links to website with adult content is forbidden… O_o
And another week-end visiting family so no way manage the site for this time. Would be usefull have a laptop at this time but that’s not cheap thing and with the car insurance it’s really hard for now. This post was prepared earlier and planned so if everything fine there wont be troubles, I’ll be back on Sunday evening for patreon and external posts.


Compared to January one that came two months late (really sorry), for this time I’m in time to present you March patreon raffle made by B-side7715. It’s Chris that won and asked ‘Isabelle is happy that Rosalina is the new mayor‘. Since B-side7715 can’t draw explicit stuff the rule was the idea had to be sweet and Animal crossing universe is sure so cute and adorable. Playing the game you’ll see how Isabelle is so adorable and thoughtful, generally Isabelle is a really shy person really shy but who can resist hug a so lovely princess?… °w°
Talking about the idea to B-side7715, that told me ‘I have an idea, what if i make rosalina in animal crosssing style? that would be new!‘ and he was right cause I never see Rosalina in Animal crossing even after deep researches. There is already some pieces with Rosalina in Splatoon style like this one but first time for AC theme so B-side7715‘s idea was sure so powerfull \(^o^)/
I tried create a character looking to Rosalina in Animal Crossing game, made all the dress myself and worked hard to buy the crown that cost 1.000.000 and I’m kinda happy of the result, the only problem was with the limited hairstyle available so can’t get a great one covering her right eye but I guess we can already recognize her.
Back to the illustration that can looks basic but that’s how is animal crossing style and the more important is to figure the cute side of the character more than details. Anyway B-side7715 had to manage a dynamic pose with particular anatomy that isn’t easy when you’re only use to human characters, also simple design but B-side7715 added detailed shading and they both mix nicely.
I hope you enjoy this new illustration and cute style, don’t miss visit links below for even more content by B-side7715. On my side be sure I plan get some more art from him coming in the future but I feel sad announce that due to some personal issues the third chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service planned to be created by B-side7715 may never see the light. Maybe that point will evolve with time, I’ll keep you in touch if happen.

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Kawaii, sexy and kinky for Christmas 2015


New year is close but for now it’s time for santa, present and family times. Here is three illustrations to celebrate this day. A kinky touch by Lunakiri, sweet and sexy by Tetisuka and so Kawaii one by Ryev Alki… I hope all of you will enjoy this combo, those artists sure did an awesome job and the result is so powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Rosalina Nintendo sexy lingerie christmas santa presentLet start with a so sexy pin-up by Tetisuka. She’s really so kind as talented and as if I’m at a lower tier she deserve to be supported on patreon, also a day I received a mail saying I wont the monthly raffle and can ask for a watercolor pin-up. For sure it had to be Rosalina and also a wonderfull opportunity to get something for Christmas.
I asked Tetisuka to draw Rosalina in a huge present box dressed dressed with a suit is one I found on internet and really love, that mix into Christmas costume and lingerie was awesome and it looks even more powerfull on Rosalina. She looks so sweet and adorable as sexy, love that combo. Also like those presents on the background be sure Christmas will be so hot.
Thanks so much for your kindness Tetisuka. The wait you draw ladies so sweet and lovely as sexy (or even more pervert sometimes) is always so amazing. Also guys feel free to visit her HentaiFoundry for more incredible illustrations or support her on patreon… °w°
You’ll be able to get the HD version on Tetisuka’s patreon or on RosalinaxGirl patreon too.


Rosalina Nintendo sexy christmas demon tailA new character that meet Rosalina and will see how she’s so lovely and sweet princess. Lunakiri worked hard to finish this duo in time for Christmas featuring Rosalina and theFloppyBunny‘s OC: Cresil. I got some awesome Rosalina illustrations from Bun like the Rosalina bondage piece here. More will come as commissions or YCH auction but her prices sounds like rape for theFloppyBunny… O_o
Wanted to give her something back and noticed a journal theFloppyBunny made on deviantart asking that for Christmas she wanted any of her 3 OC with anything Christmas related and it was a good opportunity offer her something an get an original combo. Without artistic skills I have to thanks Lunakiri who accepted help me and she chosen to pair Rosalina and Cresil. Work on this illustration was kinda a challenge for pose and character sizes but the result is so lovely. Thanks for your hard work Luna and I hope you love the result Bun. Merry Christmas to you two… \(^o^)/


Rosalina Nintendo Animal Crossing Isabelle christmas kissI wanted a soft and lovely piece for various content and cause Rosalina can be really adorable and not just so damn sexy. It’s Ryev Alki that I chosen for this illustration, he have a marvelous style, made so cute characters and his previous Rosalina always have that pure and innocent touch that turn her ravishing. Was also a long time I wanted a duo with Isabelle from Animal crossing who turn the game so adorable and Ryev Alki accepted my idea with this duo… Was so powerfull… °w°
This illustration is Ryev Alki patreon reward, he have a powerfull account and you can get a personal drawing drawing as reward like a commission. For this one the idea was Rosalina giving a hand to Isabelle to decorate her town that finally used a Christmas garland to catch her lovely friend and give her a sweet kiss under mistletoe. The result turned so sweet and adorable exactly as I imagined it. Feel bad that I had to make Ryev Alki to rush on it but like the result I’m so happy be able to show it.