#858 – Meeting Ankha the Egyptian kitty

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Troubles with google adsense are now over and I can’t turn back the both place to their initial looks and design but also go promote them around sharing stuff on other places. Two weeks waiting was long but gave me some kind of holidays (and twice more work for the coming week)… ^^’
And there was ton of stuff I stored at mother’s and father’s houses for the day I’ll get my own place and now I was able get it and move everything I see I can’t allow myself to keep everything cause not enough space. It’s so frustrating trash or sell my own stuff but at last I know I’ll keep everything Rosalina related… °w°


Time to present you a new artist names Nethari I commissioned a duo with Rosalina and Ankha from Animal crossing series, I first bought her another commission as gift for a friend but her style and price were so powerfull that I wasn’t able resist get a piece for the project. Of course I also have to admit the reference used for Ankha is a bit different than her original design and I’m glad Nethari was ok with it, I really love how pretty and sexy she looks that way (especially with those wedge shoes) and it’s powerfull I can finally get her with Rosalina… °w°
Nethari is a huge nerd for plants (really) but also talented artist with cool commission prices, it was 6$ a solo piece or 10$ a duo when you pick a bundle, I first bought a commission as gift for a friend anyway after see some really sexy piece in her gallery I cannot resist get something for the blog and I love the result sooo much. AS first Nethari made two lovely sketches that and just pick one was hard decision. You can see the second sketch on the right and thinking at this again I should have get another commission and use it with another lady but too late now… ^^’
So reason I goes with this pose was Nethari said “both worked fine for me, though #1 was a bit easier” and I really liked it too, also she considered both as rough sketches but they are really clean for me. Only (useless) detail I didn’t like was Ankha shoe being hidden with that pose being a huge addict of high heels but Nethari made an edit moving the leg to let the high heels shoe appear better so was all perfect now… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Feel free if you are curious to see Nethari‘s page, unfortunately there was many pieces deleted from her gallery because “being “too” mature content-y, anyway seems those are still on her tumblr page, I missed ask her about but don’t miss take a look. Anyway don’t miss follow Nethari if you are on deviantart and stay tuned when she open commission or just don’t miss her upcoming works or do it on tumble for the more sexy stuff… ^__^

Artist: Nethari / 10$ commission
Tumblr: www.stagstracks.tumblr.com
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/nethari
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