#857 – From Russia with love

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PATREON BONUS: Rosalina & Krystal tentacles (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina traditional art
There is many artists that create a discord channel linked to their patreon page, I agree the idea is interesting but not sure would be usefull since the project already have constant updated and I feel like there is already too much groups existing then would not have something new or interesting to offer. Maybe I’ll consider again in the future.
And today goes to get the kitchen workbench cut to finish my kitchen (that technically is the last thing I have to do), problem is the man cut both piece at the great length but from the wrong side… Raaaah… U_u


And this illustration story start with and old bunny lady sketch Mazzacho decided to sell, the price was 10$ for that cutie so pretty cheap then I was really interested to get it and have and original piece from this artist I admire so much (also some high heels as my weakness). I’m not sure the reason that made me wait and when I finally was ready to get it it was too late, Mazzacho already managed sent it to me as Christmas gift packed with a powerfull bonus that you can see at the top of this post… Nyyyaaaahhh… \(^o^)/
At first Mazzacho only told me he sent me a gift on December but there was a mistake since the tracking infos got no more updates for a month once the package leaved Russia, we were waiting for more infos but after a month we both started to lost hope considering it lost until the day I finally get a strange and unexpected package at work. Was easy recognize Mazzacho‘s gift since it’s not common get packages from Russia but still had no clue what inside. Finally was a big surprise discover The bunny sketch and a lovely dedicated tradi Rosalina, thanks so much my friend… °w°
Both got a great place in the living room as you can see in the photo here and it’s sure ravishing decoration and my side I must manage get something for Mazzacho this Christmas anyway I’ll be careful with postal delay. could say I can’t tell more cause I know he’ll read that post so better keep the surprise but I still have no idea myself what get for him, after this powerfull gift that’s huge challenge get something that cool… ^^

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