#856 – Peach disturbing the training

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PATREON BONUS: Quiet and sexy goddesses (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)

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As said Martin Molin from Wintergatan (that band is magic); “I’m not big fan of exclusivity behind a paywall” since I spend a lot of time and efforts on my project and wish everybody (18+ of course) can see all the powerfull stuff with Rosalina. I consider the patreon page more as a place to support the project but will still manage give nice rewards with teasers and some old sketches. ^^
Also previous post came a bit late, I spend all the week-end build the kitchen with the help of my father (thanks to him) and even if there is nothing really complicated that thing is full of traps and really need so much time. Then on Sunday evening I had no more energy left for the post… O_o


Definitely the girl that saw the most Rosalina and that’s sure with logical reason since both are from same universe and style, here come the 35th duo with Rosalina and Peach made for the project, you can see all Rosalina x Peach posts here anyway this last illustration come from the French artist BandiJones. He drew Peach because he love this princess and for the scene let’s just say High heels and cunnilingus are some of BandiJones‘s bigger fetishes, for me owning a yuri project and loving high heels it sounded perfect to me… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I really love this illustration and that story you could create from it could sounds like Peach decided help Rosalina during her training at the gym but wasn’t able resist when Rosalina short dress started to pull up and reveal her pussy through tight stocking, That tennis outfit wasn’t sure the best on the machine Rosalina sit and since BandiJones didn’t gave her panties the view must be more than teasing. Seeing Rosalina from that angle being eated by Peach is damn exciting and when you look at her cute face starting imagine some cute moaning Rosalina turn damn hot, I totally understand Peach wasn’t able to resist… °w°

BandiJones sure managed a powerfull illustration with great work on both ladies but also the background with the machine or more discrete details like Peach towel behind Rosalina (who noticed it?). What I love is also all you can add with some imagination like continue the scene and make so much happen but also put some motion on this scene and imagine Peach’s tongue slowly moving and Rosalina moan loudly. I’m just hopping BandiJones can manage fluids in the future, maybe some saliva and love juice would have be a nice addition, no?
Even being French, BandiJones sure can talk English without problem so don’t miss take a look at his pages listed bellow and share some love (or kinky thought) in comments. You can also consider commission BandiJones that have really cheap prices at this time. My side I already commissioned a kinky duo with Samus, still with high heels and cunnilingus that patreon members were already teased about… ^__^

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