#859 – Samus ass too perfect to resist

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Reworking on old posts, I saw one I wrote “a little comment is the best thing an artist can expect” and don’t know if I didn’t didn’t know enough about artist or my English that was still bad at this time. What is really pleasant and usefull to artists are nice comment and constructive feedback but the more powerful lever is when they can manage live from their art focusing on what they love and get ton of love and support… ^__^
Also I finally moved to my new place, at some point it happen the moment I start the fridge but honestly it was once I moved the computer… Even more powerfull I have now dual screen… °w°


I’m surprising this illustration by BandiJones is the 15th with Rosalina and Samus made for the project, still far to beat the 35 with Peach but it’s still a lot. I was curious see about all posts to check and if you are curious then you can find all Rosalina and Samus illustrations here. Also this commission was inspired by a Samus illustration made by Krash on the left that I wanted for both pose and shoes then BandiJones what ok with the idea… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Working on the illustration, I guess what gave the most troubles to BandiJones is about Samus heels, he spend so much time to try make the wedge looks great but the shape and angle were pretty complex to draw and put shading. Anyway you can imagine if this come as the only negative point then no big deal at all, maybe I also think he should make pussy a bit more detailed cause Samus one looks a bit off here (but you can’t imagine how that part is hard to draw guys). Anyway there is so perfect curves, hot action and Rosalina being really gorgeous with that perfect ass and sexy heels. Also there was an edit on Samus since I asked if she can have larger breasts after get the first sketch that you can see on the right, edit was done and BandiJones sure did a great then and I hope you like the result guys… ^^
Also posting this illustration I noticed all illustration by BanjiJones (here) show ladies that already meet Rosalina for the project (even with the OC Lysithea) so I must manage in a future to commission him for a crossover with Rosalina that never happened. Also if you are curious you can see how much BandiJones increased his level since the first illustration he did for the project in 2014 on the left, it was do duo with Samus and even if his style evolved you can see love for heels and cunnilingus was already here… XD

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