#860 – Quiet and sexy goddesses

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So no one to notice and tell me there was a mistake on the previous publication title since I wrote “Samus ass to perfect” instead of “Samus ass too perfect“. I noticed it while linking the previous post at the top of this one but wonder if people noticed anyway it’s now fixed… ^^
And big event the blog budget finally ended being negative this week, it turned red on July 7th but for now it’s still a fragile positive so I must be careful and don’t get back quickly in negative for a stupid fetish of mine ^^’


Today a new artist with curious name (I should ask what it mean btw), the-4got10-one join the project with a ravishing and sensual illustration with Rosalina and Palutena from Kid Icarus series, I discovered this blue hair goddess on the 3DS game that is really awesome. FROM WHAT ILLUSTRATION YOU FOUND HIM and really liked his style then asked if he would be interested join the project, first the-4got10-one told me he was busy with school and personal stuff then contacted me a few days later to know if was still possible to take part to the project. Of course I’ll never refuse and artist to join… ^__^
At first the-4got10-one had to redo from scratch after his file goes corrupted but wasn’t enough to stop him and then he finally came with a ravishing illustration where Rosalina keep a really adorable and innocent look then Palutena expression make her a bit more stronger and confident lady. It works even more when you know both ladies stories and universe, Rosalina is the adoptive mother and protector of Luma race so more sweet when Palutena support Pit during his fight being pretty much into the battle herself turning her more strong and dynamic goddess. Anyway both together make a so powerfull duo, thanks so much the-4got10-one… \(^o^)/
In fact the-4got10-one wanted pick a girl that never meet Rosalina but checked the wishlist on SFW page that don’t have all girls you can find on the NSFW side. Fact is I already got two NSFW illustratiosn with Palutena but no SFW one and that’s the reason she don’t appear on the SFW wishlist, also since the-4got10-one‘s illustration is really sexy it can’t count for the SFW page. I really need find a way fix it but don’t want put too much links between SFW and NSFW page to keep them independent and especially the SFW page more safe to visit, maybe if you have some advices guys… °o°
A powerfull illustration then would be not fun stop here so the-4got10-one join the featured artists page and is also the chosen artist for patreon raffle on September, this one anyway will have a rule that is pick a girl Rosalina never meet but considering all existing character it’s not big deal. Also you also can get the-4got10-one draw your dream illustration since he’s open for commissions so just drop him a not on deviantart or sent a mail at the address listed bellow, if you draw something really sexy and pretty he’s the perfect artist to work with… ^^

Artist: the-4got10-one / Gift
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  1. ShirPout(the-4got10-one)

    I am really faltered for those kind words 🙂 I really don’t know how to express it XD
    but I really am thankful for all of this, I’ll continue to post more illustration here ^_^


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