#861 – Getting moans from Kelly

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This post was like cause a colleague who hidden my usb key as “joke, not really my kind of fun regarding how important and sensitive is the stuff inside. Lot of work about the blog and upcoming posts but can’t really tell them what inside cause I’m not pay to manage this project at work… ^^’
At last I got it back so way better than get all my data lost, anyway I should see if there is a software to synch the data on pc when plug the usb-key to prepare the day it goes really lost or broken, any suggestions?


Here come a new illustration drew by lancelink who paired Rosalina with Kelly from Star vs. the Forces of Evil in traditional art style. I sure heard about Star series but haven’t watched it for now unfortunately so I didn’t knew about Kelly that have a really cool and fun design and I’m now even more curious to watch the series to see about her personality. Also with lancelink‘s style both ladies have a pure and innocent look so this sexy scene really increase that powerfull mix between cuteness and sexiness. I really like Rosalina face with that cute expression and blushing touch that is not sure if go further is good idea but hard resist to Kelly’s sweet body… °w°
Also discovering about lancelink‘s illustration, I was curious cause wasn’t sure if Kelly had glasses or was the way looks her eyes. Had to make so searches about the character (her boyfriend looks funny btw) and answer is Kelly have no glasses but it’s lancelink that gave me the answer about this illustration saying “took me a while to figure it out from watching the series clips, but you are right at first impression. Kelly does wear glasses, which to me makes her all the more desirable“, I guess we both share a common fetish… ^__^
A huge thanks but even more important big hug to lancelink who had a friend then his dad who passed away last month so really the time give him some support and love. And then don’t miss discovered about his art that had a big change moving to life photos with cars, planes and peoples to an art being more teasing and sexy ladies then according his last illustration I guess it could go more kinky than just sexy… °o°

Artist: Lancelink / Request
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