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#940 – Curious Luma and special remote

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PATREON BONUS: Hypno princess and corrupted trainer (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

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Besides the Rosalina illustration I post here, artists can have (surprising) projects based on other supports, as example there is Lunakiri wanting to make all 251 first pokemon in clay (if I’m right) searching how fund this huge series. More surprising should be MegumiPan616 who got huge interest for the bad dragon demon dick (on the left) and want offer photos/vids naked or cosplay to fund it.
Back to art, I got news from Maraichux who is enjoying a lot his experience as father and also told me it’s “time to get back to commission work, because I need to draw to have a little time for me“. So if you like his art and wish commission him a drawing then time to go get a slot. °w°


Today a sketchy piece from Tetisuka I found in my archives, never expected my folders can hide some secrets and now I’m sure their will be others in the future so I’ll stay attentive exploring the old ones. I promised myself never involve Lumas in NSFW illustration to keep them pure and this scene was Tetisuka‘s idea and I like the way she figured the Luma to look like a curious and innocent child finding stuff in her mother wardrobe she’ll get troubles to explain what it’s use for… XD
Rosalina expression is also really adorable being surprised that her toy speed quickly increase while she was relaxing, you can imagine at this the she goes confused being embarrassed and feeling the intensity of her toy in her pussy, sure not easy to properly react to that situation. It’s a little treasure I’m so happy I found again and can see the light, anyway as you can see this drawing is now getting old (from 2014) and Tetisuka never stopped draw amazing pieces until now so there’s to of fresh and even pore powerfull stuff to discover (even if no one can beat Rosalina spirit to me)… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#707 – Gymnastic troubles

I previously talked about themed week and was planning with tentacles for next one but it finally wont happen. One piece was started and the sketch was so promising but the artist had some troubles actually and told me ‘my conscience doesn’t allow me this kind of content anymore‘. So this piece will be cancelled and you can find the sketch as patreon bonus that involve massive tentacles under clothes.
It’s kinda a piece I was dreaming for years as for messy one and once again it wont go. Feel I’m cursed even more with the fact it’s the same artist that was planned to work next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service and this one may never come too for now… Maybe it will change with time and I’ll sure keep you in touch… T_T


After a so adorable and pretty pin-up for christmas 2015, Tetisuka make a new appearance on the project, pin-up again but Rosalina wear her gymnastic suit and seem have some troubles. After all she entered recently on the Mario and Sonic at Olympic games for Rio one and had to train really seriously to reach a great level but as Tetisuka show us, when you start ribbon it looks more like bondage than gymnastic show… XD
Sketchy but already so cute and expressive, love how Tetisuka managed Rosalina adorable face being in this embarrassed situation now we have to decide if we goes help her or abuse a little of the situation and so perfect body. Another detail I love is the ribbon pressing her breast for a soft soft and sensualtouch so I’m a bit sad on other way the medallion looks so flat. Anyway Tetisuka really did a great job on Rosalina suit and as always is so powerfull with expressions… Thanks so much for this lovely piece… \(^o^)/
This illustration is a colored sketch so don’t show Tetisuka full power but already looks amazing. She also recently drew a Rosetta Christopher pin-up from a patreon raffle and since she’s my #2 fav lady I love even more the result. As you see the Rosetta illustration turn a little more explicit but still far to the naughty level Tetisuka can reach so don’t hesitate visit her HentaiFoundry (here) for even more illustrations and support her on patreon (here) for more awesome sweet and kinky content… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: 0$ (raffle)
Tumblr: www.chocolatecomcereja.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/tetisuka
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/tetisuka/profile

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Kawaii, sexy and kinky for Christmas 2015


New year is close but for now it’s time for santa, present and family times. Here is three illustrations to celebrate this day. A kinky touch by Lunakiri, sweet and sexy by Tetisuka and so Kawaii one by Ryev Alki… I hope all of you will enjoy this combo, those artists sure did an awesome job and the result is so powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Rosalina Nintendo sexy lingerie christmas santa presentLet start with a so sexy pin-up by Tetisuka. She’s really so kind as talented and as if I’m at a lower tier she deserve to be supported on patreon, also a day I received a mail saying I wont the monthly raffle and can ask for a watercolor pin-up. For sure it had to be Rosalina and also a wonderfull opportunity to get something for Christmas.
I asked Tetisuka to draw Rosalina in a huge present box dressed dressed with a suit is one I found on internet and really love, that mix into Christmas costume and lingerie was awesome and it looks even more powerfull on Rosalina. She looks so sweet and adorable as sexy, love that combo. Also like those presents on the background be sure Christmas will be so hot.
Thanks so much for your kindness Tetisuka. The wait you draw ladies so sweet and lovely as sexy (or even more pervert sometimes) is always so amazing. Also guys feel free to visit her HentaiFoundry for more incredible illustrations or support her on patreon… °w°
You’ll be able to get the HD version on Tetisuka’s patreon or on RosalinaxGirl patreon too.


Rosalina Nintendo sexy christmas demon tailA new character that meet Rosalina and will see how she’s so lovely and sweet princess. Lunakiri worked hard to finish this duo in time for Christmas featuring Rosalina and theFloppyBunny‘s OC: Cresil. I got some awesome Rosalina illustrations from Bun like the Rosalina bondage piece here. More will come as commissions or YCH auction but her prices sounds like rape for theFloppyBunny… O_o
Wanted to give her something back and noticed a journal theFloppyBunny made on deviantart asking that for Christmas she wanted any of her 3 OC with anything Christmas related and it was a good opportunity offer her something an get an original combo. Without artistic skills I have to thanks Lunakiri who accepted help me and she chosen to pair Rosalina and Cresil. Work on this illustration was kinda a challenge for pose and character sizes but the result is so lovely. Thanks for your hard work Luna and I hope you love the result Bun. Merry Christmas to you two… \(^o^)/


Rosalina Nintendo Animal Crossing Isabelle christmas kissI wanted a soft and lovely piece for various content and cause Rosalina can be really adorable and not just so damn sexy. It’s Ryev Alki that I chosen for this illustration, he have a marvelous style, made so cute characters and his previous Rosalina always have that pure and innocent touch that turn her ravishing. Was also a long time I wanted a duo with Isabelle from Animal crossing who turn the game so adorable and Ryev Alki accepted my idea with this duo… Was so powerfull… °w°
This illustration is Ryev Alki patreon reward, he have a powerfull account and you can get a personal drawing drawing as reward like a commission. For this one the idea was Rosalina giving a hand to Isabelle to decorate her town that finally used a Christmas garland to catch her lovely friend and give her a sweet kiss under mistletoe. The result turned so sweet and adorable exactly as I imagined it. Feel bad that I had to make Ryev Alki to rush on it but like the result I’m so happy be able to show it.

#555 – Sweet Blueberry

Rosalina Nintendo dildo hentai tetisuka
There is a little plugging that you can subscribe and receive a notification per mail each time there is a new post on the blog, no way to spam so must be only two mail each week but like this you can’t miss new publications. You can find it on the right widgets to subcribe to mail notification and just drop a commetn if you want to be removed from the list. Also, for more general infos I post them on twitter so feel free to keep an eye on that side too.
Another week-end without internet, for sure family is really important but that’s so frustrating don’t be ble to work on the site when motivation and ideas are here. Also about the “artist of te week”, must be “artist of the month” cause a week is really short in fact… O_o


Today a little illustration by Tetisuka, she’s pretty famous over hentaifoundry and so lovely so I hope you already know about her and if not it’s not to late to visit her profile and follow her. After a sweet and kindy duo with Anna and Elsa from Frozen (on the right), a sweet pin-up sketch (see it here) and a little appearance on a yuri orgy piece (on the left, look at the wall). After that we can think “oh my that’s so much but Tetisuka made this illustration to promote her patreon and announce a raffle which made me win a sketch… How powerfull… \(^o^)/
Tetisuka‘s idea for the raffle was really original and linked to that orgy piece on the left “The idea of this raffle is guests coming to the party” and everybody was able to pick a character we want to see join the party, choose what sexual toy she/he would pick and wich of Tetisuka‘s OC the character would like to meet from Cherry, Blueberry or Citrus, the three in the middle of the illustration. For sure I suggested my favorite beautifull and perfect princess Rosalina with a giant dildo (simple but effective) with Blueberry. That OC chubby girl is so sweet and adorable so with a kinky touch the mix into cuteness and sexiness make her gorgeous.
I hope you enjoy this sweet duo, also this one is a simple sketch so be sure Tetisuka have even more amazing illustrations in her gallery (and be sure it’s still bo sweet and kinky). You can also ask her about commissions (just keep an eye until it’s open) and be a patreon for more stuff and raffles, you can also get a monthly sketch for the top tier so don’t hesitate give her your naughty ideas and fetishes. Oh yeah… °w°

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: 0$ (raffle)
Patreon: www.patreon.com/tetisuka
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/tetisuka/profile

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