#940 – Curious Luma and special remote

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Besides the Rosalina illustration I post here, artists can have (surprising) projects based on other supports, as example there is Lunakiri wanting to make all 251 first pokemon in clay (if I’m right) searching how fund this huge series. More surprising should be MegumiPan616 who got huge interest for the bad dragon demon dick (on the left) and want offer photos/vids naked or cosplay to fund it.
Back to art, I got news from Maraichux who is enjoying a lot his experience as father and also told me it’s “time to get back to commission work, because I need to draw to have a little time for me“. So if you like his art and wish commission him a drawing then time to go get a slot. °w°


Today a sketchy piece from Tetisuka I found in my archives, never expected my folders can hide some secrets and now I’m sure their will be others in the future so I’ll stay attentive exploring the old ones. I promised myself never involve Lumas in NSFW illustration to keep them pure and this scene was Tetisuka‘s idea and I like the way she figured the Luma to look like a curious and innocent child finding stuff in her mother wardrobe she’ll get troubles to explain what it’s use for… XD
Rosalina expression is also really adorable being surprised that her toy speed quickly increase while she was relaxing, you can imagine at this the she goes confused being embarrassed and feeling the intensity of her toy in her pussy, sure not easy to properly react to that situation. It’s a little treasure I’m so happy I found again and can see the light, anyway as you can see this drawing is now getting old (from 2014) and Tetisuka never stopped draw amazing pieces until now so there’s to of fresh and even pore powerfull stuff to discover (even if no one can beat Rosalina spirit to me)… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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