#941 – Lumakini doodle

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I was watching Lunakiri streaming on picarto and her SFW account name on that place is “ArtByAmberLynne“. What surprised me was when another person joined the stream with the name “ArtByKenopsiae” so now I wonder how many artists are using the “ArtBy” on their name. Do you know any guys? °o°
Also I need find more artists now, artist universe is a thing that change really quickly and it’s not fun at all but you can be sure Mothclip isn’t the only who disappeared. I still know some gorgeous and amazing artists but also interesting to find new people and style to show… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


And today another illustration from Mazzacho still enjoying some long and so much deserved holidays actually in a trip to France with his family, I wish him so much fun even if I must admit I’m a bit sad to know he’s actually visiting my country but I wont get a chance meet him. Back to hard this piece was made during a quick sketch session from Mazzacho‘s livestream on picarto after I presented him the Lumakini concept for Rosalina, his version is a bit different than the real Lumakini design I love so much but Rosalina in a sexy bikini and high heels, how don’t be addicted… °w°
The process was full of surprises, a first pose came, then a second that I though would be the final one and finally Mazzacho worked on both poses and now we have two gorgeous Rosalina pinup pieces. I really love both poses being so cute and sensual each one showing a part of the perfect princess body, first for a general body shave with perfect curves and sexy bikini then second a bit more seductive with some booty and high heels. No doubts Rosalina would get so much attention at the beach and I’ll sure manage to be here enjoying the magnificent parade she’ll offer walking on the place ^__^

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