#942 – Alone summer pleasure

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You can see I rally love the Lumaikini outfit for Rosalina, 2nd illustration in a row based on this suit and I have to admit the next publication will still be Lmakini related. For now summer is a good excuse for Lumakini but when Autumn will come I guess I’ll switch to cowgirl and chaps at this time °w°


Here come a new illustration I got as request during Garlberts‘s livestream sketch session so same spirit as Mazzacho‘s one on the left. Once again I was able get a quick illustration so requested Rosalina as always and I wasn’t able hide my love and enthusiasm for the Lumakini suit, Garlberts was fine with the idea and then go sketch something with the freedom for pose and scene.Considering the result, I’ll never complain about his decision… ^^
If I remember right, everything started when Garlberts opened 5 request slots to work on during the week (and that he finally ended in 2 days), it was so nice the be present at the moment he was streaming while working on Rosalina even being at work, kinda dangerous but it makes life more fun and spicy. Also talking about spicy I Love how Rosalina looks so ravishing and erotic with her hand slowly moving inside the panties, looking at us and tongue out she really know how attractive she is with that suit and get an powerfull teasing power… Thanks so much for this magnificent piece Garlberts… \(^o^)/

Artist: Garlberts / Request
Discord: www.discord.gg/3SpxFxt
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Garlberts
Twitter: www.twitter.com/GaralbartNSFW
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