#707 – Gymnastic troubles

I previously talked about themed week and was planning with tentacles for next one but it finally wont happen. One piece was started and the sketch was so promising but the artist had some troubles actually and told me ‘my conscience doesn’t allow me this kind of content anymore‘. So this piece will be cancelled and you can find the sketch as patreon bonus that involve massive tentacles under clothes.
It’s kinda a piece I was dreaming for years as for messy one and once again it wont go. Feel I’m cursed even more with the fact it’s the same artist that was planned to work next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service and this one may never come too for now… Maybe it will change with time and I’ll sure keep you in touch… T_T


After a so adorable and pretty pin-up for christmas 2015, Tetisuka make a new appearance on the project, pin-up again but Rosalina wear her gymnastic suit and seem have some troubles. After all she entered recently on the Mario and Sonic at Olympic games for Rio one and had to train really seriously to reach a great level but as Tetisuka show us, when you start ribbon it looks more like bondage than gymnastic show… XD
Sketchy but already so cute and expressive, love how Tetisuka managed Rosalina adorable face being in this embarrassed situation now we have to decide if we goes help her or abuse a little of the situation and so perfect body. Another detail I love is the ribbon pressing her breast for a soft soft and sensualtouch so I’m a bit sad on other way the medallion looks so flat. Anyway Tetisuka really did a great job on Rosalina suit and as always is so powerfull with expressions… Thanks so much for this lovely piece… \(^o^)/
This illustration is a colored sketch so don’t show Tetisuka full power but already looks amazing. She also recently drew a Rosetta Christopher pin-up from a patreon raffle and since she’s my #2 fav lady I love even more the result. As you see the Rosetta illustration turn a little more explicit but still far to the naughty level Tetisuka can reach so don’t hesitate visit her HentaiFoundry (here) for even more illustrations and support her on patreon (here) for more awesome sweet and kinky content… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: 0$ (raffle)
Tumblr: www.chocolatecomcereja.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/tetisuka
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/tetisuka/profile

Next to come: Romance with a beast (NSFW)

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