706 – Who's the best at stripper show?

March come soon with a new patreon raffle and only a few days left to join and get a chance with it. I already know the artist as announced previously but I have to tell that you can’t ask for penetration or sex scenes. Anyway don’t mean it can’t have a mix into cuteness and sexiness than I don’t know no one can resist about.. °w°
Also for those who know about Super Sonico, she will celebrate her 10th anniversary in 2018 (she’s older than Rosalina in fact). There is official artwork and a figure that will come with her wearing a lingerie wedding dress that you can see on the left. That piece turn so marvelous and freaking sexy, wish I can buy the figure but no money for at last I’ll manage get Sonico and Rosalina with sexy wedding dress… Need to find the artist now but I’m sure you’ll enjoy,oh yeah… \(^o^)/


And talking about raffle, here is the February patreon raffle reward made by Lunakiri featuring Rosalina and Kainé from NieR series. The idea was Rosalina and Kainé as pole dance slowly undressing. Kainé outfit already looks like so sexy lingerie piece so no way change this one and I asked Lunakiri to give some sexy clothes to Rosalina and it goes with a corset that keep breasts visible for even more sexy and perfect curves… ^^
It’s looking at Lunakiri‘s illustration that I was surprised about Kainé outfit, the bra is open at the bottom and that is so sexy but we don’t see nipples, looking at original refs there is no error on this illustration and I guess Kainé must have really small areolas. I was curious how cosplayers manage that particularity of the outfit; some don’t open that part and other but a skin color fabric under to hide it (that is totally cheat for all perverts). Now when I look at the illustration again, I wonder if have be better if Lunakiri made areolas visible but took me two weeks to think about that details so I know no one will notice it. XD
Both looks so cute and teasing, Kainé removing the ribbon from her suit and Rosalina showing us a so sexy and indecent open crotch pantie, must tell my fav part in Rosalina dress is the ribbon on thigh-high Lunakiri drew. Now who can resist fondle those breasts and get my hand slowly move on the bottom gently teasing her until she get wet and then goes deeper with one finger then then a second… Each one can imagine how will goes the show and in all cases Lunakiri gave us all we need to make it epic… °w°
Have to admit Lunakiri considered this illustration as boring when involve multiple characters that don’t interact kinda remaining as cheating with two separated illustrations in one. I can’t deny I understand her opinion and also love when some yuri actions bit sensual or more kinky but as lingerie and heels addict that kind of illustration offer a perfect view on both ladies perfect bodies and sexy suits without have one hiding the other cause of the pose or angle. At last keep that in mind if you wish commission Lunakiri, don’t miss add interactions to get something even more powerfull to give her fun working on the illustration…
The NieR series will continue, next coming is Yorha type a no.2 (time for complicated names), Lunakiri have some troubles to manage it for now but I know she’ll do her best and can make something really amazing and exciting. You can discover much more on Lunakiri’s website (here) with lasted illustration and update of the comic ‘Quantum Perversion‘ she update weekly, safe art on Deviantart (here) and exclusive/kinky bonus on patreon (here).

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 20$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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