#555 – Sweet Blueberry

Rosalina Nintendo dildo hentai tetisuka
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Another week-end without internet, for sure family is really important but that’s so frustrating don’t be ble to work on the site when motivation and ideas are here. Also about the “artist of te week”, must be “artist of the month” cause a week is really short in fact… O_o


Today a little illustration by Tetisuka, she’s pretty famous over hentaifoundry and so lovely so I hope you already know about her and if not it’s not to late to visit her profile and follow her. After a sweet and kindy duo with Anna and Elsa from Frozen (on the right), a sweet pin-up sketch (see it here) and a little appearance on a yuri orgy piece (on the left, look at the wall). After that we can think “oh my that’s so much but Tetisuka made this illustration to promote her patreon and announce a raffle which made me win a sketch… How powerfull… \(^o^)/
Tetisuka‘s idea for the raffle was really original and linked to that orgy piece on the left “The idea of this raffle is guests coming to the party” and everybody was able to pick a character we want to see join the party, choose what sexual toy she/he would pick and wich of Tetisuka‘s OC the character would like to meet from Cherry, Blueberry or Citrus, the three in the middle of the illustration. For sure I suggested my favorite beautifull and perfect princess Rosalina with a giant dildo (simple but effective) with Blueberry. That OC chubby girl is so sweet and adorable so with a kinky touch the mix into cuteness and sexiness make her gorgeous.
I hope you enjoy this sweet duo, also this one is a simple sketch so be sure Tetisuka have even more amazing illustrations in her gallery (and be sure it’s still bo sweet and kinky). You can also ask her about commissions (just keep an eye until it’s open) and be a patreon for more stuff and raffles, you can also get a monthly sketch for the top tier so don’t hesitate give her your naughty ideas and fetishes. Oh yeah… °w°

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: 0$ (raffle)
Patreon: www.patreon.com/tetisuka
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/tetisuka/profile

Next to come: Sexy and busty (NSFW)

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  1. Suika

    Sweeet !! They are very cute ! :p


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