#554 – Sensual pole dance

Rosalina Nintendo hand pantie masturbation lingerie pin-up sexy pole dance
Actually it’s really hard to find artists to participate to the blog as requests or cheap commission to keep the budget working, I can still get illustration and uplaod the blog for the moment but there is another problem actually. Since I started this new site, all new illustrations (this one included) are solo Rosalina so not the best for a yuri project and no new girls to meet Rosalina.
For sure there is some sweet and kinky duo on the queued but the main objective is to pair Rosalina with characters from other series/universes and in that way, people looking for fanarts with those ladies will discover that gorgeous Rosalina (and be sure not so much know about her)… O_o


Once again, Rosalina is back to the pole dance, after a sexy sketch by Kaztor08 (illustration on the right) it’s the lovely Lunakiri who come once again with a beautifull and pretty sexy Rosalina always so sweet and sensual. Really love how it turned and I hope you enjoy that sweet Rosalina guys, just a little touch of imagination and the show must start… °w°
To be honnest I forgot how this commission started and the main idea but I’m sure I asked Lunakiri Rosalina to have this sweet and kinky hand in panty, love that kinf of masturbation, more intimate and sensual as if a transparent or wet touch make it even more powerfull. Clothes really add a magical touch a a lady and Rosalina is so powerfull with some sweet lingerie (and high heel), for sure Lunakiri did an amazing job on this drawing.
A lovely mix into that naughty/sensual situation and a sweet touch with Rosalina expression, cuteness and saxyness always make a wonderfull combo, Lunakiri is also really amazing with hair, I love her painting style for that part.
So much illustrations from Lunakiri for the blog and be sure more will come especially for Where is my pokemon? project with hre OC Adrian that I love so much (after Rosalina for sure), just need some time to fix the page who was kinda destroyed during the transfer from blogger to this place but will be fixed soon, at last it give more time to Lunakiri to prepare some wonderfull content… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 15$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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