#553 – Rosalina's yogapants

Rosalina Nintendo yogapant
As I noticed on Twitter (don’t hesitate to follow me on that side btw), wasn’t here for the week-end so no time to work on the blog and search for new artists as if really need some content to keep the site active. When my laptop die, I bought a new pc but didn’t wanted laptop to have more power and something I can repair upgrade. Just that can’t move that new one with me so with all family obligations it’s kinda a problem… O_o
Also guys I wonder about create a patreon with earlier access to illustrations before they come on the site, get HD versions of illustrations and enter raffles to put your favorite girl/fetishes with Rosalina. Would you be interested?


After some damn sexy tranparent panties (see it here), here is a new clothe fetish that is considered as eveil for some artists (don’t know why), time for Rosalina to wear some yogapant and must admit it looks pretty good. It’s a huge thanks to Highzenberg for his kindness and this sweet illustration. Not the first time I see Rosalina wearing more casual clothes and it looks pretty nice on that beautifull princess and now she’s ready for training, starting with a little footing around the observatory and after that more exercises to be the best on smash bros. Just be careful at this cute face Highzenberg gave her but she’s a true fighter (so beautifull and sexy as strong, how dangerous)… °w°
Not the first time Highzenberg give me the honor to take part to the project, he also drew her so sexy with some spanking fun in front of the mirror to enjoy the with of her sweet ass that you can see on the right (just click on it or here to see the full post). Not so explicit but still so sexy with this yoga pant, this time we can more focus on her so lovely and adorable expression, it make a powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness. Must admit I throught Highzenberg drew some kind of bodypaint, especially for the top but love how it look, don’t naked but we can see each curves of that so sweet and sensual body… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Once again thanks so much for that powerfull piece Highzenberg and sorry for the delay to publish it, but admit create this site make me lost so much time but for now everybody can enjoy that awesome Rosalina. Also love how he included the link of the blog on the yoga pant itself, it make it as nice decoration and compared to the classic watermark on a corner not easy to remove it. I’m sure you love Highzenberg‘s style guys but there is even more epic and powerfull pieces on his gallery so must be stupid miss it, feel free to take a look and enjoy.

Artist: Highzenberg / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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  1. Suika

    She’s AWESOME !

    1. Harmonie_Rosalina (Post author)

      Sure, really love that illustration but missed to say that the hair lock is on the wrong side (once again), just can flip the illustration cause or the watermark but still love it so much… °w°


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