#552 – Sweet transparent pantie

Rosalina Nintendo transparent pantie see-through lingerie pin-up sexy
Working on the the project at home and at work (being really careful) I had to be able keep my folders on both places. At first I used dropbox to share my folder cause the compagny want to secure date they started to block that kind of software with the proxy so wasn’t able to use dropbox. After that I moved to OneDrive who had the same problem and this week it’s the turn of google drive to be blocked. For now must use USB key but I forget it half of the time so not really helpfull… T_T
Still so much to do for the blog, there is still 50 pieces to include to the Wishlist and also must continue the Gallery to list the entire collection but that will need so much time… Also must go back to find artists and illustration to give you more of that so beautifull and powerfull princess… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


After a sweet pixel Rosalina by Lunakiri that you can see here it’s time for a more sexy illustration made by the talented Harlequin86 who accepted my request and gave me the honor take part to the site. You can be sure he have an excellent style and made marvelous pin-up like the Morrigan piece on the right so Rosalina with his style is awesome. A so sweet and adorable Rosalina, so adorable and pure as sexy (one of the best combo ever) and Harlequin86 also included one of my main fetish; transparent pantie… °w°
Rosalina is a beautifull and sensual lady for sure with some kinky ideas and Luma are really different, so pure and innocent they must be surprised see Rosalina like this but don’t have the same reaction at us so as if Rosalina turn kinda pervert and sooo sexy they aren’t affected, a little exhibitionist game for Rosalina who give us a wonderfull show. It’s my feeling looking at this illustration, I don’t really know what Harlequin86 had in mind (was so happy and amazed by this piece that I forget to ask him) but everybody can have is own representation. Just keep an innocent touch, it’s more sweet…
Just a little mistake, you can see that the “15” in Harlequin86‘s signature is reversed because on his main illustration he drew Rosalina with the hair lock in front of her left eye instead of the right. I decided to reverse the illustration before publish it here but it affect the signature (I’m really sorry). Also, feel free to take a look at Harlequin86’s gallery to see the original version is you are curious and all the wonderfull peice he made. Also don’t hesitate to give some comments and love cause Harlequin86 really deserves some support and motivation to continue in that way and amaze us… ^__^

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 15$
Deviantart: www.harlequinsden.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Harlequin86

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